Xavier got a look at the crowd from backstage. Packed! They had to be over capacity. Switchbacks was doing better then good, it was the new ‘hot’ spot in the city. The Friday and Saturday night shows brought the people in, the strippers joining in the after-show kept them there. It was a good combination for the club and brought in a mixed crowd. Xavier’s newest routine was so popular Zeph was having him perform it both nights. He had first heard the track on a download from the internet; the band, Whipsnade was from the UK, they had split a few years back but the sound was still raw and sexual enough to put the routine straight into his head. In addition the singer was hot enough to make him think of sex even without the bonus of his music. The combined sensuality of the song and the dance Xav had created was a perfect counterpoint to the high energy and sex appeal of the main show.

The lights went down and Xavier moved out onto the stage. Usually a few layers of clothes were part of every routine, the peeling down was a slow building up to the climax. For this song though, the clothes, or removal of them, was almost inconsequential. The whole dance was a tease. The long-sleeve black fishnet shirt showed more than it hid, and the ‘painted-on’ leather pants were laced up the sides loosely enough to show a line of skin from hip to ankle.The first chords of the song slid out over the crowd and Xavier moved with the music like honey poured from a jar. The clothes came off, the money came in and, not for the first time, Xav was very happy he’d found that video of Whipsnade.

“You just gotta see this, man. You’ll flip!” Former international porn superstar, now director and agent, Barclay Johnson Francis had a grin on his dark, handsome face that lit up the gloom of the rain-washed street. His lean, ebony-haired companion had allowed himself to be led down this narrow, ill-lit passageway, assured that the Lexus was too wide and there was no-where to turn around at the bottom. He had been in more dangerous cities than San Francisco, he supposed. And if there had been any trouble, he was more than capable of getting himself out of it these days; even ‘before’ any potential assailant set eyes on his companion. Clay had always been a big guy but now he was a wall of solid muscle. Somehow his casual suit jacket and pants still seemed elegant on him and he moved with a dancer’s grace in spite of his bulk. He wore his hair close cropped and bleached blond these days. Rayne Wylde had no complaints. He was used to turning heads but they got double the attention tonight. Clay was well known in San Francisco’s gay quarter and clearly his companion for the evening was causing a bit of a stir. Even though Rayne’s band had never been huge in the States, people in this part of the city knew who he was. A little huddle of them followed the big black actor and the svelte, raven-haired, English singer down towards the entrance to the club that was their destination for the night.

The doorstaff were coolly efficient and they were ushered in without having to wait and shown at once to a table in a booth that was already crowded, with a good view of the stage. They were set up for an imminent performance. Rayne had caught a glimpse of dancers on the raised platforms as they came in and now he managed a slightly disparaging laugh as Clay settled in the seat opposite.

“Cage dancing?” he queried dryly. “I thought you were trying to shock me, babe. You’ll have to try harder than that.”

Clay said nothing but his grin grew wider as the MC made introductions and the music began to swirl through the darkness of the club, silencing the chattering audience and drawing their eyes steadily back to the stage. A few still glanced up towards the table where he and Clay were sitting and Rayne suddenly realised why. It had taken his travel-fogged mind a little while to realise why the music was familiar.

“That’s…” he began, lifting an imperious finger towards the stage.

“Shhh…” Clay reached out and caught his hand, drawing it back down to the table, focusing him. “I told you you’d freak, man!”

Down below them on the stage, a lean figure melted from the shadows, pretty much as he always used to do himself. Dark Paths had been a traditional Whipsnade show-opener and as Rayne settled back in his seat to watch the kid dance he figured that it still sounded pretty good nearly ten years since he’d written it. And the visual accompaniment was quite a treat as well.


There was something weird about the vibe of the crowd tonight. Xavier could feel it creep along his skin as he danced, something expectant, anticipatory; an excited atmosphere that was two notches above normal. The set was coming to an end, he was down to the doeskin coloured thong that matched his skin so perfectly it might as well have not been there. Xavier was already moving toward the back of the dais when a girl from the audience managed to get up on stage with a boost from her friends. 

Security was good but she was fast and she reached Xavier before they reached her. There were any number of choices Xavier could have picked, but he was a pro and he never passed an opportunity to play to the crowd. He let her put her arms around his neck. With a half turn he bent her back toward the crowd far enough that her hair nearly touched the floor and everyone got a great shot of the cleavage on display. With a comic leer he pantomimed a lick between the valley of those pert little tits and heard the noise level go up a couple decibels with shrieks and whoops. 

Security finally got their asses over to him and pulled the girl off. It would have been perfect except she didn’t want to let go. She’d gotten her hands wrapped around his forearms and when they pried her fingers off her nails left little half moon impressions, a couple of them so deep she actually drew blood. 

Xavier’s smile stayed in place though until he was safely out of view backstage. 

“Jesus Christ, Rodney!” he bitched at the security guy that had stayed with him while the other hauled the girl out. “Could you move your ass any fuckin’ slower?” 

“Hey, don’t blame me, you’re the one let her get her claws in you.” Rod said blandly. 

“I’m gonna need a goddamn tetanus shot or something.” Xav examined the twin trickles of blood running down his arm as he walked to the dressing room. 


In the end, Rayne watched mesmerised with his elbows propped on the rail around the booth and his long fingered hands folded under his chin as if in prayer as the pale, sinuous boy writhed and disrobed on the stage below. His ice-green, unblinking gaze followed every slow undulation of muscle and flesh with silent, fascinated appreciation. Clay watched the singer in turn, a quiet chuckle escaping his lips. His young friend was every bit as engrossed as Clay had imagined he might be. It was a pity that PJ was not up to this. The Irishman would have enjoyed the sight of the young dancer giving his all, almost literally, on the stage. 

When the girl scrambled up from the crowd and lunged for the sexy little stripper, Clay laughed appreciatively and shook his head. Rayne licked his lips ever so slowly as he watched the boy bend her back down towards the stage. He was forced to draw his lips between his teeth to hide the extension of his fangs as the dancer leaned forward over her in a suggestive pose, apparently running his tongue into her exposed cleavage. The boy’s hair tumbled forward over her neck, hiding his real intent but he pressed her back so far that her nipples escaped the confines of her tight, tiny strapless top. Rayne caught his breath, not sure what he wanted most, the girl or the boy. The young man on the stage was coiled over her so that his spine arched and the watching Vampire could count every vertebra of his back, all the way down between the firm globes of his delicious arse. The thought of stroking gently with his tongue into that smooth, waxed cleft, then turning to suck on the girl’s prominent tits almost caused his cock to jump out of the waistband of his low-cut pants. 

When she drove her nails into the soft flesh of his arms he had to look away. He was close enough to smell fresh blood, even above the sweat and perfume of the crowd. It was a scent that called to his damned soul. The flavour of life! 

“Hot stuff, yeah?” Clay called out to him over the fading strains of the music on the club’s PA and the shrieks and whistles of the audience. 

Rayne nodded his head rapidly, unable to deny it. He had come here tonight not thinking of where his next meal would come from. Now the lure of blood was reeling him in. 

“Wanna go back-stage and press some flesh?” Clay asked and his companion turned his head, looking at him rather strangely. The unblinking emerald gaze was almost hungry. 

“You can get us in there?” Rayne asked huskily. 

“If you want,” Clay laughed more awkwardly. “And you look like you want! Hey, I know a guy who knows a guy who works for the cats that run this joint. I’m sure I can get us back there.” 

“What’s his name?” Rayne asked, his face devoid of expression. He was looking back down at the now-empty stage again. 

“The guys call him Xav,” Clay answered, pushing himself to his feet. “So, d’you wanna go down and say hi?” 

Rayne Wylde rose with him, and his feral smile was answer enough. 


Xavier washed the little cuts on his arm in the sink at the back of the dressing room. The bleeding had already pretty much stopped. Part of him still wanted to be pissy about it, but he couldn’t help laughing when Rodney observed, “Well, you know that little hell-cat would leave scars down your back.” 

A knock on the door pulled Rodney away while Xav dried off with paper towels. He went to get dressed, only half-hearing the conversation going on at the door. He’d managed to wriggle into the leather pants just before Rod let whoever it was in. Christ, didn’t that asshole know his job was to keep the crowd out where they belonged? He shot Rod a look over his shoulder that ‘said’ he was an asshole, but when he turned around his stage face was back in place, hands on his hips, the lacing of his fly only halfway done. The pose oozed sex and the look suggested you just might have a chance. 

His eyes were drawn to the big guy first, which was pure preservation. You didn’t let a mountain walk in without at least checking it out. His eyes lingered a little longer just because he was so striking with his dark skin and blond head, even though he was older than Xavier normally liked them. Then he looked at the guy that had come in with him, and froze. His jaw didn’t exactly drop but his expression went from friendly tease to something approaching shocked surprise. He knew exactly who was standing in front of him; was intimately familiar with that cool, lime-green gaze from the internet video to Dark Paths. 

“Holy shit!” Xavier exhaled, with his typical eloquence and a charming grin to match. 

The pale gaze never wavered for a moment but the sensuous, full-lipped mouth below it curved in a slight, appreciative smile at the younger man’s impulsive exclamation. 

“Unholy Shit, even!” Rayne Wylde remarked in a quiet, smoky tone that was unexpectedly lower in timbre than his singing voice. “You know, didn’t have to get dressed specially; although the look suits you.” 

The singer, in turn, was wearing a fitted black shirt with a hemline that stopped short of his waistband and had the long fingers of both hands tucked into the front pockets of his tight jeans, braced over the eye-catching swell of his crotch. Rayne was not as tall as Xav had imagined he might be from the video, probably only about 5’7″, although he made up for the lack of height by way of his other attributes. His expression gave nothing away but he had a strikingly attractive face, a good complexion that didn’t need stage make-up, although he ‘was’ wearing a few strokes of kohl and a shimmer of lip-gloss. He exuded a peculiar confidence that made onlookers take a step back. Somehow his slight stature was easy to overlook in the aura of self-assurance that enveloped him.

Long-lashed blue eyes slid over Rayne in a brief caress. The Englishman’s voice was still sexy as hell, even more so with the edgy accent that you couldn’t fully hear when he was singing. Xavier’s plans for the evening abruptly changed. 

“I was just getting ready to leave…” 

“What?!” Rodney butted in. 

Xavier rather reluctantly took his eyes off Rayne to glance at Rod. “Yeah, well, the trauma of being mauled by the harpy and all that.” He waved his hand dismissively toward the hapless security guard and finished lacing up the front of his pants. 

Rod rolled his eyes. “Right. What about the second set?” 

“Cal can fill in.” 

“Are you going to tell Zeph?” 

Xavier grabbed the fishnet shirt and shimmied into it. “Nope, you are. You’re the one that fucked up after all.” 

“Aw fer christsakes Xav, he’s gonna be pissed.” 

“He’ll get over it. Not every day inspiration shows up in person.” Xavier looked back at Rayne as he quickly crammed his feet into his boots. “Want to go get a drink somewhere not quite so crowded?” he invited. 

Rodney was rolling his eyes again. “I can’t even believe you. You’re such a little dick.” 

Xavier was already walking toward Rayne and his enormous friend. “Not what your girlfriend was sayin’ last night!” he shot back over his shoulder, and then his attention was all for Rayne again. “C’mon. If we go out the back we can avoid most of the droolers.” 


“Are you gonna get some shit off your boss for this?” Rayne asked, with more than a hint of humour in his quiet voice as he kept pace with Xavier in the passage behind the club. It was dark out here but he barely seemed to notice. His eyes hardly left the lean body of the young dancer, his fingertips maintained a gentle contact with Xavier’s arm, just about where the girl from the audience had clawed him. Clay followed a bare pace behind them, shaking his head at the turn of events. 

Xavier gave a low chuckle, “I make him too much money for him to give me any real shit.” He glanced sidelong at Rayne. It was all just a little surreal, like a fantasy come to life. He looked almost the same as he did in the video and Xavier felt a little stab of heat at the memory of just ‘how’ inspiring he’d found it. He leaned in a little, so he was closer to Rayne’s ear, “Did you like the show?” 

There, that was subtler than ‘can I fuck you stupid when we get to your car?’

The singer carried on stroking the backs of his fingers possessively up and down Xavier’s slender arm as they reached the end of the passage and stepped out into the light where a sleek black Lexus convertible was still waiting for them. 

“You were fuckin’ hot out there,” he answered in that soft, even voice that still made so many Whipsnade fans shiver when they heard it. “You could have had any woman you wanted from that crowd tonight.” 

“He’s playing it cool, baby. He couldn’t take his eyes off you,” Clay laughed suggestively. 

If Rayne Wylde was irritated by the attempt to undermine his casual manner, he did not show it. A small smile played about his lips and he kept his gaze on Xavier’s arm, on the small patch of drying blood in the mesh of his shirtsleeve. 

“I hope you’ve got permission from my publishing company to use Dark Paths,” the singer said lazily, diverting the conversation as Clay opened the back doors of the immaculate convertible. “They’ll come down on your head like a ton of bricks if they think you’ve skimmed them out of performance dues.” 

Xav smiled at the comment. Hard to tell if he was only teasing or if there was an undercurrent of peevishness in the tone. 

“The club handles all the licensing requirements,” he answered as he slid in next to Rayne. “They provide the entertainment, I’m just part of the decoration.” He was busy trying to figure out Clay at the moment. He had pegged the guy as a possible bodyguard. A little well dressed for hired muscle but clothes didn’t necessarily mean anything. Now he was reassessing that. Clay had climbed straight in the back with them and wasn’t putting out that whole intimidation vibe for another thing, he looked too amused to be on a job. So, what was he? Just a friend… or more? 

There was any number of inane questions floating around in Xavier’s head. What was Rayne doing here? Had he heard about show or was it pure coincidence? How long was he in town for? Could he get a better look at the package he’d checked out discreetly in the dressing room? 

What he said was, “I found a video of a concert where you were singing that song. The music was so sensual I had a routine for it almost before the song ended. And the lyrics are just raunchy enough for the crowd to eat it up.”

This time the smile was more genuine, as Rayne Wylde settled beside him on the back seat with his elbow on the headrest so that his right hand draped down idly within touching distance of the young dancer’s exposed nape. He caressed the exposed skin there as their driver gunned the engine and the car pulled smoothly away into the night. 


Since leaving the club Rayne had maintained a light, physical contact with Xavier. He found it oddly comforting. Maybe it was the blood? He had grown to understand that he experienced shared emotions and even physical sensations with those who let him take their blood. A little shiver ran through him. If he was bonding with Xavier even before he had tasted the boy… he hardly dared to imagine the mind-blowing potential of making out with the sexy little dancer. And he was sure that he was not reading those signs incorrectly. 

Xavier wanted him. And from the way he had been checking Clay out as they got into the car he was possibly up for a threesome. That idea had potential. He figured that the boy was too young to remember Clay’s heyday in porn movies, although to many of Frisco’s older gay men the handsome, black stud was an icon. Certainly everyone over thirty that they had met tonight knew him by name and a few of the youngsters did too. 

“We used to start a lot of the shows with Dark Paths,” Rayne murmured now, leaning close and keeping his voice low so that Xavier had to move towards him to hear his words. “It always did it for me! When we laid the first tracks down for it I remember thinking that I’d probably never write a better song. You did it justice tonight, sweetheart. It’s not got me hard like that for years!” 


Heat suddenly pooled in Xavier’s middle. The little touches and brushes of Rayne’s fingers tingled along his skin. 

“Glad you liked the appetiser.” His voice was already getting that husky timbre around the edges. This was nuts! He had met Rayne all of ten minutes ago but he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off him for more than a couple seconds in that time span. 

“Can I kiss you now?”

Without turning his head the singer let his pale eyes flicker briefly to meet Clay’s and the huge black guy uttered a booming laugh and shook his head. 

“Jesus, Wylde! I don’t know how you do it but that’s mighty impressive all the same! Even PJ couldn’t pull them in that fast!” he chuckled. 

Rayne’s gaze was back on Xavier’s expectant face now and he shifted slightly so that he could run his fingers through the fine downy hair at the back of the younger man’s neck, cradling Xavier’s head in his gentle hand. The other hand came up to cup the dancer’s face, stroking the smooth heat of his cheek. 

“Do you ‘want’ to kiss me then?” he asked teasingly, looking Xavier straight in the eyes. 

“Oh yeah…” Xavier grinned back. Who was pulling in who was debatable, Xavier thought, but he let it go, mostly because those soft, tantalising lips were only inches away now. So, he wasn’t being all that subtle. He could play coy too when he wanted, but right now he was still riding the crest of sexual energy from the show and Rayne in person was even sexier than in the video. 

The cool fingers that stroked his cheek and slid into his hair sent a little shiver down Xavier’s spine. He closed the distance between them with a tender, sweet brush of lips on lips and slid his hand up the outside of Rayne’s thigh to just above his hip. The heat of his fingers came to rest on the exposed skin at the top of his low riders. The singer’s skin was surprisingly cold there and he stroked more possessively. The one little kiss was like a cool drink of water and Xav just had to have more. His open mouth nudged gently and the tip of his tongue slid teasingly along the crease of Rayne’s lips. 


Xavier’s lips were warm and delicious and his tongue a small, writhing serpent moving between Rayne’s teeth as he opened his mouth ever so slightly, allowing the boy access. Xavier’s hand was like a brand on his hip and the Vampire was aware only of a sense of tumbling into the fire as he let his own lips mesh sweetly with the lithe young dancer’s. He let his studded tongue dart into Xavier’s hot mouth, tasting him fleetingly before the predictable reaction of his fangs to the proximity of hot blood saw him pull away, sliding his hands down to Xavier’s shoulders and inside his shirt. His head was bent, his face burrowing into the hollow of the boy’s neck and shoulder, kissing him slowly and precisely along the line of his clavicle and pushing the gauzy shirt back down his arms, baring his upper torso and the firm, dancer’s muscles of his biceps. 

“Jeez guys! Get a room or scoot over and let me join in!” Clay laughed, a distinctly mortal hunger sounding in his deep voice now as he moved along the back seat to join them. 

Xavier scooted over, slightly. His head tipped back in response to Rayne’s nuzzling, exposing the long line of his throat. He looked at Clay with half closed, come-hither eyes to let him know he wasn’t opposed to him being there. 

“How about both? We’ll get a room and you can join in?” He smiled, and slid one leg over Clay’s knee. He was trying to get his wrists untangled from his shirt when the soft mouth grazing over his throat nipped him, not real hard but hard enough to make him give a little gasp. 

“I got a better idea,” Clay rumbled, slipping his arms around the younger man from behind and nuzzling the back of his neck so that the words quivered through flesh and bone there. “Why don’t we all head back to mine?” 

“Since that’s where you told Valentino to take us when we got back in the car,” Rayne chuckled, his voice muted by the proximity of Xavier’s throat where he was trying to kiss and lick the boy without biting him too hard. “You are a bad man, Mr Francis!” 

Xavier felt a tiny drop of bitterness at the assumption but he knew it was absurd. He was a stripper they picked up and was acting like a slut on top of it, of course there were going to be assumptions. Hard to not behave like a degenerate though when he’d been hot for the singer since finding that video. And now here Rayne was, peeling Xavier’s clothes off and, well, he wasn’t acting like he wanted to bother with drinks and conversation either. 

It was a little weird though, this automatic attraction, instant lust. It had been a very long time since he’d just gone off with someone he didn’t know. It was like there was already a connection, and that was an insanely stupid thought, but he couldn’t shake it. He would happily fall into bed with Rayne and do whatever he wanted. 

Rayne’s hand slid down Xavier’s chest and heat and desire pulsed through him as if being drawn up to the surface by the simple touch. They hadn’t even gotten below the waist yet and it was already like some circuit was made, like he was being pulled under… fed off of. Where that crazy thought came from he had no idea but the next stroke across his skin brought on that sucking drowning feeling even harder and drove a little moan to his lips. A shudder ran down Xav’s body and he was suddenly stone-hard behind the laced leather of his pants. 


Rayne closed his eyes, resting his forehead against Xavier’s heaving torso and running his hands gently within the loose folds of the young man’s shirt. He sensed a curious conflict of passions in the dancer who seemed to blossom then withdraw as if conscious that things were going too fast. Rayne was aware of it too, but from the moment he had sensed Xavier’s essence through his blood he had known that there was desire in the young man; desire for him. Rayne had given this very little thought initially. He was used to it. For most of his adult life girls and boys had thrown themselves at him. And for most of his early teens, older men had thrown themselves upon him, whether he wanted that or not. It was the awareness of that latter factor that checked him now. Suddenly he realised what it was that he could sense in Xavier; the thing that made him nervous. It was an echo of that same emotion he was so often prey to; a sensation that he was travelling too quickly; going too far, too soon. He sat up with a start and rested both hands on the boy’s heaving chest, pushing him back, not roughly but firmly enough that all three of them moved apart, conscious of it. 

Xavier looked a bit like the nice, warm, cozy blanket he’d been sleeping under had just been ripped off. 

“Wha…What’s wrong?” 

Rayne was blinking at him slowly as if he too had woken from a perplexing dream. He tilted his head for a moment, shaking it slightly then murmured; “You don’t ‘have’ to do this, you know. I mean…” he licked his lips rapidly, that same strange hunger flickering in his eyes. “I mean… I would understand it…” 

It took Xavier a few moments to absorb what Rayne said and then he still did not seem certain where it was coming from. He clearly appreciated the gesture though. The boy made his own choices now but Rayne could feel that it had not been all that long since the choices were made for him. That was probably why he did not make a joke, or try to laugh it off. 

Xavier smiled; “I know. I didn’t ‘have’ to leave the club, or get in the car with you either.” The slight bit of tension in the young dancer’s shoulders seemed to ease. He probably had not even realised it was there. “And I kissed you first, right?” Xavier relaxed into the seat, some of the urgency – the hurry-hurry-hurry feeling – draining away, if not the desire, or the hard on. “Didn’t mean to rush you though,” he added, a tad apologetically. 

Rayne’s expression also relaxed slightly. It altered his whole face, which softened seductively around the faint smile that was playing at the corners of his mouth. “I’m not terribly good at this kind of thing, believe it or not,” the singer murmured self-deprecatingly. 

“Scratch that!” Clay laughed, peering around Xavier’s head at the singer. “He’s a human fuck-magnet, kid!” 

Rayne shook his head, although the tolerant smile lingered; “I ‘meant’ communication,” he said almost languidly. “I passed ‘Shagging’ with straight ‘A’s!” He winked at Xavier to demonstrate that he was not taking himself ‘that’ seriously and ran his hands over the boy’s bared arms once more. 

Xavier chuckled, but it was more because the only time he heard anyone use the word ‘shagging’ was in movies. Clay still had an arm around his shoulders and leaned back into him comfortably. The heat was still there, just turned down to a slow simmer now. He got to ask all those inane little questions he’d thought of as the car wound through the streets, and he’d answered a few as well. Conversation may not have been Rayne’s strong point but he did all right when coaxed along and Xavier was good at that when he wasn’t focused exclusively on getting in someone’s pants. 


By the time they were pulling up to a house not too far from the bay the atmosphere was much more laid back. The house (and house was perhaps a moderate estimate for it was more of a small mansion, up on a terrace off the road that curled up above the Bay Bridge) was brightly illuminated when the Lexus pulled up the driveway and stopped alongside the front entrance. 

“Home sweet home!” Clay chuckled ushering his young guests up the short flight of white steps and through a set of elegant glass panelled double doors into a long hallway with white marble tiles on the floor and a flight of crimson carpeted stairs rising to the next level. 

“You didn’t tell me you’d bought the fuckin’ Grand Hotel!” Rayne commented sarcastically, putting an arm around Xavier as they stepped inside, resting his hand in the small of the younger man’s back where he could feel the warmth of Xavier’s bare skin against his palm. 

“PJ likes his space,” Clay rumbled, hanging his jacket on an elaborate bronze hook in the hallway. “We have nine bedrooms. Which one would you like to play in ladies?” 

Xavier arched a brow but couldn’t help the little grin tugging at his lips. Clay’s good humor with just about everything was infectious. 

“Who’s PJ?” he enquired casually.

“Jesus… how old is this kid?” Clay laughed, but Rayne was already shaking his head, taking control of the situation. 

“He’s a good friend, that’s all. This is his playground. You’ll probably get to meet him later”

“I don’t suppose this place comes with a shower I could use?” Xavier asked, not worried but a little wary of just how many guys he was expected to please here. He was not generally overly fastidious but the sweat he’d worked up on stage had dried on his skin, and he always liked to get out of the carefully applied make up and hair products as soon as he could, following a show.

“Walk this way, young man,” the big black guy chuckled, setting off across the hallway towards the centrally positioned stairwell. 

Xav followed Clay up the stairs and into a bedroom suite, nicely appointed with an enormous bed and dark, heavy, expensive-looking furniture. He shed his clothes as he crossed the room, letting things fall where they would and somehow even managing to make peeling off the leather pants look graceful. 

He passed Clay on the way through the bathroom doorway and gave him a little wink. Xavier had zero body modesty, as comfortable in his own skin as anything else. He left the door open and went to the glass and marble shower in the corner, adjusted the water temperature, and then stepped under the hot spray.

Nice, to just let the hot water beat on the back of his neck for a few moments.


In the bedroom, Clay exchanged a questioning look with his smaller companion. The big black actor was already peeling off his jacket and shirt, casting hungry looks towards the steam pouring out of the shower. 

“He’s a sweetheart,” Rayne said evenly. “I’m glad you took me down there tonight. So young though.” 

“Thought you liked them that way,” Clay winked at him. 

“I do.” Rayne wriggled out of his coat and unfastened the buttons of his fitted black shirt contemplatively. He cast his eyes up to the ceiling now, following the classic faux-Grecian lines of the coving and the lighting rose. “Are you going to tell him about the cameras?” he asked with a knowing smile. 

“What he doesn’t know, ain’t gonna hurt him,” Clay rumbled, dropping his pants to the ground and following Xavier into the shower room. Rayne Wylde rolled his eyes and shook his dark head. He wandered idly after his friend, still unbuttoning his jeans, too conscious of his own hunger to worry about PJ’s hidden cameras. 

Xavier turned under the water when he felt the bit of cooler air swirl in the steam around him as the shower door was opened. With his dark blond hair wet and pushed back from his face and most of the make up gone except for a couple faint traces near his lashes he’d gone rather dramatically from stripper to surfer boy. With the hint of a tan (all over of course) and his even white smile he would have fit right in on some glossy-paged beach mag. His age estimation also dropped a few years and he hadn’t looked that old to begin with. 

His smile widened as he took in both Rayne and Clay’s curious expressions. 

“Twenty-two.” He answered the unspoken question with a little chuckle. 

Barclay looked sceptical but Rayne flashed a feral grin that bared just a brief glint of his wicked dog teeth. 

“You thought exactly the same thing with me the first time, remember?” he said, nudging Clay’s arm. “None of you would believe I was twenty years old. Everybody thought poor old Ant had abducted me or something.” He palmed a good splodge of liquid soap and began to apply it liberally to Xavier’s naked back without waiting for an invitation. Within moments his hands were all over the young dancer’s lean, warm body, stroking and exploring him smoothly. Clay moved to face the younger man and soon he had four curious hands wandering intimately all over his naked body. 

Xav leaned back against Rayne, his hands sliding back so he could let his fingertips trace the outside of his thighs. Other then a small patch of gold curls trimmed close to the skin around the base of Xav’s manhood everything else was smooth as a baby’s butt. The soap made their wet bodies slippery against one another. 

The only part of him that didn’t look boyish was now standing to attention from the small, close trimmed patch of dark gold between his legs. His head tipped back when a slippery hand finally slid down his torso and caressed along his shaft. The slight undulation of his body pressed Xav’s backside enticingly against Rayne and rolled him forward into the stroking hand in a smooth motion.

Rayne curled around him from behind, a possessive/protective gesture that wrapped Xavier in his slim, pale arms and allowed him to press his face into the hollow of the boy’s neck, kissing him there softly and slowly. His hands conjured sensuous magic from the glistening wand protruding from the dancer’s rocking hips. At the same time Clay’s strong, dark fingers moved between Xav’s legs, stroking the sleekness of his slender thighs as he touched his lips to the younger man’s torso, drawing gently on the blond lad’s nipples with his mouth and tongue. Standing this close to him was like basking in a flame. Behind him, Rayne Wylde was as cool as marble, moving against him in perfect synchronicity so that Xavier was able to feel the unmistakable signal of his arousal rubbing more urgently between the curves of his wet, soapy cheeks. He could also feel that Rayne was clean-shaven all over; his nude body as smooth and supple as new suede.

Xavier hissed in a little breath as a myriad of sensations collided in him. His hands came up to Clay’s shoulders to steady himself for a moment and then he couldn’t resist sliding them down the sculpted pectorals, fanning his fingers over the dark nipples before travelling lower. 

Xav knew more than a couple of well-muscled studs and Clay could certainly hang in their league. His hands travelled down well packed abs then he circled one hand around the thickening length of cock in front of him and rubbed more firmly against the one pressing up behind. The desire to lick the rivulets of water running down that soft brown skin was too much and he bent his head to trace his tongue down the path his hands had just made. 

That was definitely more then a mouthful Xav had in his hand and his mouth watered for a taste. An electric quiver went through him at the thought and with a soft sigh he slipped to his knees. The flat of his tongue undulated up the underside of the big dark shaft as sweetly as his body had undulated between them. His hands resting on Clay’s muscular thighs, a purr of pleasure hummed from his lips against the head of Clay’s cock as he teased there. 

“Ahhhhh…. sheeeeeiiiit!” Clay groaned delightedly, stroking his fingers through the younger man’s wet, blond hair and working that impressive length of muscle over Xavier’s pretty face. Hot lips and tongue worked over Clay’s impressive shaft, teasing until he had him slick, nice and wet, and fully erect. His lush lips parted around the smooth dark head and slid down further at the encouraging moan from above. 

Rayne moved to his knees behind the dancer and carried on kissing him hungrily. It was easier to run his lips over the boy’s slender neck and his tanned shoulders in this position and he bent his head to kiss the tiny crescent wounds in Xavier’s upper arms, which were running with a little blood again under the hot water. His studded tongue caressed them one at a time, tasting and healing Xav simultaneously. 

The sudden drowning feeling was back, sucking Xavier under as surely as he sucked down the thick cock in his mouth. His eyes fluttered shut and a moan vibrated through his chest. He didn’t know what the hell it was; the way Rayne touched him set his blood pounding and he couldn’t think straight. 


The passion Rayne imbibed with the boy’s body fluids almost blew him away. He could taste wariness and the shadow of past abuse in that brief sip from his companion’s body. It was like catching the flicker of words on a page as he skimmed through a book; he saw fragments and nothing more. At the same time he was reading a powerful appetite for sex in the boy. He understood it, because he shared the same conflicts in his heart and his black soul. 

Rayne knew he would have to tread carefully; he needed Xavier and Xavier seemed to want him just as much but he was wary of hurting the kid. The tantalising performance on stage had roused his hunger but now he wanted more. Much more! He just hoped that Xavier wanted it too. From the ravenous way he was lapping on Barclay’s big black cock, he certainly seemed to. 

The singer eased away from him again but maintained the contact of his hands on Xavier’s body this time. As their lovely young mate tenderly worshipped Clay’s magnificent phallus he carried on caressing Xavier’s mouth-wateringly delicious body. Stroking his fingers down to the boy’s firm, curvaceous arse he eased Xavier forward on his knees so that his sexy bottom was raised and accessible. With a little smile on his face he rested his chin on the boy’s shoulder and whispered; “Eleven and a half inches! I bet you can’t swallow it all!” 


Not at this angle, Xav thought but yeah, he could do it. Richard was as thick and almost as long. He didn’t bother coming up for air long enough to say so. Instead he spread his knees a little farther so he was lower and inched his lips an impressive distance down the big tool. Going slow, he pulled back some, taking the time to work him up and down several times before he relaxed his throat and slid his lips down to the base. 

“Aaaahhhhh! Uuuuhhhhhh!” Clay moaned long and hard as he felt the boy’s soft lips touch down in his crotch and the heat and wetness of Xavier’s mouth and gullet around his prominent shaft. He leaned back against the wall, stroking his hands rhythmically through Xavier’s hair as he pumped his tool into the young dancer’s receptive mouth. 

“Mmmmmhhhh, you are ‘good’,” Rayne breathed in his ear, then began to kiss his slow way down the boy’s naked back, caressing his flanks and his hips, running his long cool fingers slowly over Xavier’s thighs as his mouth moved down over each vertebra, slowly and surely, taking his time. When he reached Xavier’s narrow hips he lingered a little longer, kissing and suckling on the soft skin at the very top of the cleft between his young mate’s naked cheeks. At the same time his hands moved like a spill of silk over Xavier’s lean, yet powerful thighs. 

Xavier’s thighs quivered under Rayne’s caresses. He had to pull back some from Clay, couldn’t keep him in his throat indefinitely, and besides, he was rushing again. Bad habit, and one he tended to revert to when he was either really turned on, with someone new, or in this case both. Most of his teen years had been spent on his knees or with his legs spread trying to get whoever was fucking him off as quickly as possible. He had since learned some of the finer point of taking one’s time, but old habits died hard. 

He slowed the frantic pace of his mouth, sliding back and forth with more leisure while he brought a hand up to fondle the heavy balls hanging between Clay’s thighs. He moaned huskily around the mouthful when Rayne lipped and licked at the base of his spine and he hollowed his back a little more, the curve of his backside lifting enticingly. 

“Mmmmhhh… you’re beautiful,” Rayne murmured into the supple roundness of his naked arse, his quiet, husky voice shivering against Xavier’s skin as those long, clever fingers kneaded his cheeks. His studded tongue drew a slow line between the younger man’s buttocks from his sensitive scrotum to the very tip of his backbone. It lingered playfully on the tight pink pucker of his ring, where the singer applied his lips deftly, sucking and kissing him, taking his time. He wriggled the little silver stud in the dimple of Xav’s arsehole, then licked his way higher. 

Clay stroked the boy’s face and his wet hair, chuckling appreciatively as he watched them play. He gently bounced the plump head of his fat cock on Xavier’s lips and growled; “We’re gonna turn into prunes if we stay under here. How’s about we take this show into the bedroom, honey?” 

Xavier snaked his tongue out to get one more taste before Clay reached over and turned the water off. He supposed the big guy was right, but he barely had enough blood left in his brain to form articulate speech much less rational thought. He stood, graceful as a cat and followed them both out of the shower. 

A quick dry off and a lot more caressing and petting later the bathroom was left behind in favour of the enormous bed the three fell into. Xavier had gotten distracted with Clay’s lovely dark body in the shower but he now had the opportunity to run his fingers over Rayne’s lithe frame. The one kiss in the car was just not enough. His warm hands caressed cool skin and his lips sought Rayne’s with that same tender sweet fire. 

The singer curled around him, responding to that kiss now; letting his searching tongue snake into the younger man’s mouth as eagerly as it had explored his nether regions. His slender arms moved around Xavier’s body, hands gliding up above his shoulders and looping lightly around the back of his neck as their lips moved together in wordless communion. Even now, after the heat of the shower, he was cool to the touch. Not cold, but definitely cooler than either Xavier or Clay. When their lips parted briefly he looked into the dancer’s eyes without blinking, his gaze solemn and fathomless; pupils wide and dark. 

“You taste wonderful,” he whispered. 

Xavier smiled and touched his lips to Rayne’s again. “And you are sexy as hell.” 

The hand caressing Rayne’s hip moved inward, the heat of his fingers curled lightly around his shaft to stroke him. He was going to drown in those green eyes. Everything else seemed to fade away for a moment and he had the feeling he was simply the fly caught in the web, but he didn’t care a bit. 

“Do you want another taste?” he asked, with all kinds of suggestion in his voice, while brushing soft kisses along the side of Rayne’s jaw.


“You don’t know what you’re asking for?” Rayne exhaled, closing his eyes and nuzzling Xavier’s damp, blond hair. He felt his fangs extend behind his lips and knew he would give anything for a few brief, delicious mouthfuls of this boy’s blood. 


Xavier knew what he was asking for but, of course, not what Rayne really needed, or how much temptation he was putting in front of the vampire. He did however pick up on the serious note that had entered Rayne’s tone and he pulled back a little so he could look up at him. He couldn’t help noticing the pinpoints dimpling his lower lip now. 

His first thought was not shock, he knew a lot of freaky people that went for the whole vampire thing, but he was a little startled. He’d been kissing him just a moment before and he would have noticed the fangs. 

“Whoa, how’d you do that?” 

Rayne felt him shift and those acid-green eyes opened at once, swallowing Xavier whole. He consciously relaxed his lips and ran a defensive tongue tip over his teeth, his gaze flickering to Clay who had gone to fetch some champagne whilst they were joined at the mouth, and back to the dancer’s startled gaze. Clay was also looking curiously at him now and Rayne shrugged his shoulders and murmured; “They cost me a fortune! Looks good on stage though!” He flashed a demonstrative smile that showed rather more fang than most men were physically comfortable with. 

Xavier was sure, absolutely sure they hadn’t been there before, but… what other explanation? The sharp smile was unsettling, but his neither regions didn’t seem to mind at all. His hand had stilled but his fingers were still wrapped around Rayne’s prick and he gave a few slow sensual strokes now. 

“So does that mean you’re more interested in biting me than fucking me?” He teased.

Rayne looked up at him with a more seductive smile this time. His hand snaked up over Xavier’s shoulder and long fingers curled around the back of his neck, pulling him lower. 

“Why don’t you come down here and find out?” he grinned. “I promise not to hurt you. Cross my heart!” 

Clay moved around behind them, resuming where Rayne had left off in the shower, his tongue lapping greedily between the blond’s perky, golden cheeks. When he lifted his head it was to look curiously at Rayne Wylde though, as if he was seeing something that had not previously occurred to him. 

Xavier’s kiss was no less full of fire then it had been. He slid his leg over and straddled Rayne’s hips, both so he could rub against him and give Clay better access. He couldn’t resist teasing his tongue carefully along one of those extended canines. Clay chose that moment to slid a finger into his tight back channel scattering Xavier’s senses. He thrust his hips and his tongue at the same time, slicing his tongue on the razor sharp point without even realising it.


Rayne knew it and his eyes widened instantly, the pupils dilating until they almost engulfed the fierce green of the irises. A long shudder of pleasure ran through his body as he pressed his lips to Xavier’s mouth and sucked on his bloody tongue. 

This time when he tasted the boy he didn’t get just a trickle of memories with the coppery flow, he was suddenly inside Xavier’s head. Sharp and vivid came a little flood of history. His arms were laced into a tight sheath from wrists to elbows, leather belts cinched in tight rings down his body as he was bent over and thoroughly fucked front and back and a pretty thing with pert little tits sucked him off. The intensity of pleasure was almost unbearable.

‘Flip…’ and that memory was gone, replaced in his mind by a sense of sand and salt in the air, and cool concrete under his naked body as he got the living shit kicked out of him. He barely had time to catch his breath as a booted toe found the softer flesh between his thighs when… ‘Flip…’ a breathtakingly beautiful blond woman writhed on silk sheets under his skilled tongue. He registered the clean, sharp taste of her cunt for less than a nano second, not even enough time to physically enjoy the feel of her smooth pussy against his mouth, though the experience was no less real for that. ‘Flip…’ a boy with dark, mahogany brown eyes watched dispassionately as four older men brutally used him. ‘Flip…’ and he was suddenly much younger, although he had no idea how he knew it; out of his tiny skull on the gods alone knew what and spread naked on a pool table while cameras filmed him getting fucked by a line up of guys.

That last experience was almost too close to reality. Rayne slumped back on the silken pillows and the memories faded as Clay wriggled another finger into the boy and Xavier moaned sweetly into Rayne’s open mouth. Rayne whispered his name, running a hand through Xavier’s blond hair and reaching down with the other hand to guide his erect sex between the boy’s slim thighs. He wanted this kid so badly. If Xavier even flinched he would take it as a bad sign, but already he was beginning to believe that the young dancer was more of a kindred spirit than he had ever dared to hope for. 

“I wanna take you before he does,” he exhaled, nodding towards Clay who only grinned like Baron Samedi and worked his fingers more vigorously in the boy’s arsehole. “You’ll be fit for nothing afterwards!”


Xav looked at him with eyes dilated with desire; he felt nearly drunk with it. Tilting his hips a bit he felt Clay withdraw his fingers and the smooth head of Rayne’s cock pressed up against his tight ring. Clay had stretched him a good bit and the lube eased the way, making him reckless. He pushed back, impatient for the feel of that lovely, hard cock inside him.

The head sliding into his heat made him huff a breath as he teetered between the pleasure and hurt of it, revelling in both. 

“Mmmhh-uuh,… god…” he breathed and pushed back to take more of him.


Rayne made a long, low, groaning sound deep in his throat and turned his head to the side, letting his dark hair screen his face momentarily so that his lips could part around a soundless ‘O’ of pleasure. He knew that there was no pulling back. His fangs were fully extended and he was hungry for more than just the boy’s naked flesh. But that would do for now. He lay back, letting Xavier ride him. Strong, long-fingered hands gripped the dancer’s lean hips and pushed down hard as he bucked upward into his young mate’s hot, receptive body, feeling the tight muscles of his willing arse clench around him like iron bands wrapped in warm, wet silk. 

“Oh yeah!” Clay rumbled in an appreciative tone, stroking the blond’s firm cheeks encouragingly and moving around to kneel beside Xavier and Rayne, running his massive, black tool over both their bodies as he watched them fuck. “That is hot!” 

Xavier played the coquette for him, batting his long lashes and undulating his body seductively. Leaning back a little more he ground against Rayne, pushing him just that little bit deeper and making him moan. He bent his head to Rayne’s chest so he could take a nipple into his mouth sucking on it hard. The singer contorted violently under him, bucking upward like a wild horse between his legs. The noise that was drawn out of him was low and hungry; the growl of a desperate animal. He kept his face turned to the side and his eyes closed. Clay ran a hand through Rayne’s lank, wet hair and he rubbed his head into that touch with feline grace. The rumble in his throat became a husky purr of satisfaction as his hips moved rhythmically in the arrowhead of his lover’s thighs. As the bigger man’s caressing fingers swept the tumble of hair from his pale face he drew his lips between his teeth again, conscious of the involuntary extension of his dog teeth. A trickle of thin, watery blood ran from the corner of his mouth where he nicked himself badly. 

Xavier flowed with his rhythm and saw none of this. He released the one nipple so he could tease the other, flicking his talented tongue over the little bud. When he let that one go and leaned back Clay ran a hand down the smooth planes of his chest and stomach before wrapping his thick fingers around Xav’s erect sex. A ragged moan lifted from Xavier’s throat as Clay pumped his cock at the same moment Rayne thrust into him. The tip of his straining dick oozed little drops of pre-cum as the pleasure built.

He looked down through half lidded eyes at Rayne again and noticed the thin trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. Xav reached down and ran his thumb along Rayne’s bottom lip gently. 

“Did you hurt yourself?” he asked, low and husky. 

By way of response, the singer swept his studded tongue out around Xavier’s thumb, circling and sucking it; conscious of the taste of his own spilt blood on the young man’s skin. He ran his hands tenderly up Xavier’s thighs to his lean hips and over his slender waist, cupping his ribs and easing the flats of his palms over Xavier’s chest, rubbing the boy’s erect nipples with the heels of his hands. In silence, with his eyes still closed he took Xavier’s thumb all the way into his mouth, right down past the big knuckle at the base, sucking gently; a wordless promise of his talents and his intent. His long dog teeth nipped at the flesh of his mate’s warm hand as he suckled. 


Xavier felt a tingle run up his spine making him shiver as he felt the pin pricks on the fleshy part of his thumb. Rayne must be pretty serious about the vampire thing. Well, he’d done kinkier things, and it didn’t really hurt. He wiggled his thumb a little against his agile tongue in imitation of the undulations of his hips. 


Another little flood of confused memories came with the blood; Rayne found himself flat on his back in a strange room, acutely aware of his own need and the turbulent emotions of his young lover. Confusingly, he could hear that song again – the number he had watched Xavier strip to earlier in the evening – only this time the tables were turned and he was watching himself through Xavier’s eyes. Rayne shuddered uncontrollably. Dark Paths had always been an emotive track to perform. He never failed to become aroused when he heard the pulsing intro to that song played live, but this was the first time he had ever experienced it through another man’s body as that man masturbated hungrily over him. His pale eyes sprang open and locked with Xavier’s and for a brief instant he shared a memory with the boy, a moment of sweet, urgent, orgasmic pleasure. It robbed him of reason. He surged upward into Xavier’s lean body, caught in the web of his lover’s ecstatic recollection, helpless to fight the savage tide of release that the memory triggered in him. His head was thrown back into the nest of pillows and his lips parted around a frantic cry of passion and surrender. 

“Sweet Jesus!” Clay exhaled fearfully at the sight of the inch long dog teeth revealed by his climactic utterance. 

Xavier had no time to think or anything. He was caught up in the stroking grip Clay had him in and done in by the sudden frantic thrusts between his legs. “…oh… fuck….” His lean muscled body tightened and he gave a wordless cry as the warm jets of pearl white shot from him, across Rayne’s stomach, the first strong spurts making it up to his chest.

He leaned forward, hands braced on either side of Rayne’s shoulders, head hung and sides heaving like a sprinter’s.

The singer’s lean, white arms snaked up around his neck, pulling him down into a deliciously lethal embrace. Rayne was still shuddering as he began to lick Xavier’s sweat jewelled neck, running the silver stud in his tongue lightly over the supple flesh; breathing him in; tasting him. He kissed lower, licking the pearls of semen from his mate’s hot skin and letting his tongue shiver over the boy’s erect nipples. 

“Uhhh…nnnnuuhhhhh!!” he exhaled weakly. “Want you!” 

Xavier made a soft sound and he bent his head to nuzzle at the tender skin under Rayne’s ear. “You have me, babe,” he breathed. “Take what you want.”

Rayne shuddered again, a long, urgent frantic quiver of energy that vibrated through his entire body as he fought the primal instinct that told him to feed and not to stop. He was not ravenous, but the boy tasted so sweet and seemed so unafraid. His memories tinged the honey of his blood with a darkness that made the Vampire beneath him feel less alone somehow. He wanted to lose himself in another person, to feel joined with Xavier on the bed. Wrapping his arms and legs around the boy Rayne rolled and took the young man under him. Xavier’s back hit the soft mattress and a soft breath escaped him. There was a surprising amount of power in those skinny arms and legs and the lean body pinning him. A spike of hot need filled him, centered in his middle and his already stiffening cock. Few things got Xavier going like being pinned down. He looked up at Rayne Wylde with half closed, fuck-me eyes.

“Do it!” he panted rapidly. “Do me now!”

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