It was the rumble of Clay’s husky voice, reminding him that he was not alone with the kid that stopped Rayne biting Xavier then and there. His friend’s powerful hands ran up his arms to his shoulders, massaging him almost cautiously and drawing him back. 

“Take it easy, tiger!” the bigger man urged and he knew from the sudden wary edge to the man’s words that he had seen enough. Rayne felt cold inside. He had known Clay long enough not to fear him but he had no idea how much of a wedge this revelation would drive into their friendship. For the moment he was just grateful that Clay had not over-reacted. Perhaps he owed that much to their history. Whatever it was, the words stayed him briefly and he moved to his knees between them, eyes closed, kissing his way down Xavier’s lean, downy torso into the hot well of his groin. Half-turning he then bestowed his kisses on Barclay’s powerful, sculpted triceps and abs, biting his stiff, dark nipples and letting his tongue trail down that firm, chocolate-dark body, right to the base of his shaft. He stroked Xavier’s upward curving cock in one skilful hand whilst his lips worked over Clay’s magnificent erection, soothing both of their anxieties simultaneously. Rayne felt his fangs recede as he concentrated determinedly on satisfying them both. 

Xavier had managed to stifle the soft whimper at being let go, and it turned into a sigh of pleasure as those long fingers wrapped around him and stroked. The sight of Rayne’s soft lips stretched around Clay’s dark pole was exciting, making him throb in Rayne’s stroking hand. Xavier caressed his arm and Clay’s taut thigh next to him. He lifted up so he could kiss his way along the back of Rayne’s arm and across his shoulder and then inhaled the delicate, minty scent of his hair. His tongue came out to trace the shell of Rayne’s ear while he got a closer look at the way the smaller man slid Clay deeper into his throat.

Xavier’s soft moan vibrated his lips where they touched Rayne’s skin. 

“Mmmm…. I can tell you like that as much as I do,” Xav whispered across his ear. Trailing soft tender fingers down Rayne’s smooth shoulder and supple back he circled a fingertip in the little hollow at the base of his spine. “Will you let me fuck you?” 

Rayne knelt up a little, his jaw slackening enough to release Clay so that his lips slid back to the hood of his glistening shaft. The silver stud in his tongue flickered back and forth just beneath it, making the bigger man groan hungrily as Rayne considered this proposition. From the flashes of recollection he had shared with the boy he had presumed that Xavier would be completely submissive but the urgency of that whispered suggestion told him more than a hundred fragments of memory. He was no blushing virgin and Xavier had a lovely cock. Rayne already had a good idea how it would feel inside him but even so, as he curled his hand around Clay’s pulsating sex and kissed the leaking head, his green eyes slid sideways to meet Xavier’s curious gaze. A little smile curved his lips as he nodded his head. 

“Sure,” he whispered, a small, husky sound that was muffled as he took Clay back into his mouth and his long black lashes shuttered that acid-pale stare once more. 

“Get him ready for me, baby,” Clay rumbled with a broad white smile, stroking Rayne’s silken, black hair, then reaching out to caress Xavier’s cheek. 

Xavier came up on his knees so he could reach Clay’s lips. He kissed and bit his new friend’s bottom lip lightly before moving to make a trail of kisses down Rayne’s back. Such a sweet ass the singer had! He would have been happy with anything tonight, but this was a special treat.

His hands caressed over the smooth skin. He took his time with his kisses and little nips and licks until he couldn’t wait any longer and ran his tongue up and down that delectable crack. His fingers circled Rayne’s hips as he wriggled the hot tip of his tongue into his tight puckered hole. 

The singer quivered again, caught between the two men, engaged in a couple of his favourite activities; giving head and having his ring vigorously rimmed. Xavier’s breath was quick and hot between his cheeks and the boy’s tongue teased and tickled him with so much skill that he relaxed at once, reassured that he was in the hands of an expert. His lips stroked Clay’s slowly pulsing shaft greedily and he ran a hand between the porn star’s muscular thighs, steadily milking his heavy balls whilst rocking his arse gently back into Xavier’s grasp, riding the surge of his lapping tongue. 

“Mmmmmhhhh…” he growled in a low, needy tone, hoping that the sound alone would convey his pleasure. 

It did. And it sent urgent quivers up and down Xav’s back. One hand reached for the little tube of lubricant Clay had used on him earlier and left on the bed. With hardly a pause Xav replaced his wriggling wet tongue with a hot slippery finger. He knew exactly the right way to stretch and tease and curl the pad of first one and then more of his fingertips over the smooth spot inside until he knew that Rayne was more than ready. The singer moved fluidly as he was touched and teased, squirming onto his side, then sinking down on his back beneath them both, spreading himself with the flexibility of an acrobat. His head tilted back so that he could take Clay into his mouth again. Encouragingly he ran the sole of his right foot up and down over Xavier’s flank as the younger man knelt between his thighs.

Xavier eased his rigid cock into the singer’s snug channel steadily, but with no rush. He was always a considerate lover. He bent to kiss and nibble along Rayne’s shoulders and the crook of his throat while he pulled back slowly and then drove forward again. Harder this time, because he felt that was what was desired of him; a shunt at the end of the thrust that sent quivers through them both. He fucked like he danced, smooth and hard and grinding, utterly focused on his partner.

Under him, Rayne exhaled urgently with each thrust, circling his lean hips to press down on his mate’s sex each time he was impaled. Clay gripped his hair, surging between his lips in perfect synchronicity, looking down at Xavier with an appreciative smile on his dark, handsome face. 

“God you feel wonderful…” Xavier whispered over his skin as he stroked in and out of him. He dragged his lips and the tip of his tongue down Rayne’s chest, tasting him and breathing him in before sucking and nibbling the stiff peaks of his nipples. Having come once and got the edge off, he could go all night… usually. But the way Rayne squeezed him and writhed under him and looked so damn sexy, taking Clay’s monster down his throat, was edging him up again already. 

Warm, skilled fingers wrapped around Rayne’s erection and fisted him in time with the hard thrusts of Xavier’s hips. The thick shaft pulsed under Xavier’s strokes, he moved his thumb repeatedly over the sensitive underside of his head, sweeping up over the tip and swirling the slick drops of pre-cum around the ultra soft skin there.

His teeth grazed the taut nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, and then his tongue laved it. His breath was hot over the wet spot he made when he lifted his mouth. What an erotic picture, this beautiful creature under him, his body gripping him so tightly… Xavier’s hand moved a little faster, the deep thrust of his hips quickening. 

“… oohh, baby, I can’t wait to make you come again!” he breathed in a husky timbre. 

Rayne Wylde made a small sound that could have been agreement but could also just have been forced out of him by the urgency of his mates’ thrusting cocks. In Xavier’s hand his erection jumped violently and a spill of pearly pre-cum seeped from the straining slit. His head tipped right back between Clay’s legs so that he could rub his cute little nose against the black stud’s enormous, low-hanging balls. At once the bigger man eased up off him whispering; “Uhhhh… suck ’em for me, honey!” 

Clay knelt over Rayne on the bed, his muscular body and ebony skin glistening with moisture as the singer’s soft, skilful lips drew gently on the looser flesh of his shaven ball sac and his jaws parted wider, swallowing those big hot nuts one at a time.

Rayne lifted both his legs, scissoring them around Xavier’s lean body as the younger man pulsed between his thighs. He pulled Xav into him urgently as he rode on the beautiful dancer’s straining cock and his vigorously pumping hand. A long, low, needy groan escaped him, along with another slow flood of semen. Rayne’s sex twitched violently again in Xavier’s sticky hand and his slender body contracted fiercely around the fabulous member scratching an itch of need, so deep inside him. He cried out again, with less inhibition this time, almost ready to explode for the delicious stroking sensation in his loins. 

The hand touching him so expertly slowed, slid down around his shaft, more like a caress then a stroke now, easing him back from the edge. Xavier’s warm tongue traced lazy teasing circles around his nipples.

Such lovely pale cool flesh wrapped around him, Xavier thought. He had to wonder how Rayne could be so cool when he was burning up. He slowed his rhythm for a minute… two, and then slowly began to build once more, driving harder and faster until they were close. Then he changed pace again. He kept up the tease, bringing them up and easing them down several more times and he found to his delight that after a time he’d warmed his lover up quite well. 

He could keep this going; he was after all trained by some of the best, and he loved to give pleasure, but the sexy little moans and soft sounds of delight emitted by his lover had gone from needy to nearly frustrated. Xav knew the steel-hard pole in his pumping fist was aching for release… not to mention that his own need was getting almost unbearable. 

This time when he built the pace to a heated, frantic frenzy he didn’t back down. He spread his knees, changing his angle to drive that much deeper into Rayne. He warped one arm around Rayne tightly, pulling him in with each thrust. Bending his head and bowing his body, his lips sucked at the tender skin of Rayne’s throat as his hips bucked and a light sheen of sweat turned his tanned skin to honey gold. 

“…Mmmrrrrrrraaaaaaaah!!” The scream was muffled into the side of Rayne’s throat as Xavier spilled his hot young seed into the tight sheath gripping him. 

“Rrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh… yeaaaaahhhhh!” Clay roared, exploding into the singer’s mouth, unable to hold back any longer. 

Rayne tried to find words as Clay pulled out of his cream-filled maw but discovered he’d forgotten how to speak. He swallowed hard instead, fighting to catch every last trickle and spurt of salty goodness from his friend’s clenching balls. He was shuddering uncontrollably as Xavier bent over him, his knees drawn back and his heels pressed into the dancer’s naked back just below his shoulder blades, bracing himself hard as he felt boy’s thrusts quicken inside him again. The young dancer had not lost his erection and he was not slowing this time; nor showing any signs of stopping at all, in fact. His clever tongue was sending delicious tendrils of electricity from Rayne’s erect and painfully sensitive nipples to his bucking groin. Clay had moved around behind the blond and was slowly rubbing against him now, running that big, wet, slippery love muscle up and down between Xavier’s pert cheeks as he watched them bobbing urgently between the singer’s slim thighs. 

Amazingly Clay was showing no signs of wilting either, even though men had been known to drown in less fluid than he had just ejected from that powerful tool.

“Jesusssss!” Rayne growled, his tongue still greedily seeking out every last trickle of cum in and around his mouth as he felt Xavier’s clever hand pulling vigorously on his twitching cock again. The head of the boy’s gorgeous fuck rod was impacting on his sweet spot with every thrust and sending powerful aftershocks through his loins that almost drove him crazy with desire. “Uuuuhhhhhhh… sweet fucking Jeeeesus!” 

He tried hard to keep his jaws together as Xavier curled into him, licking and nuzzling at his neck. Even with his face turned right into the pillow he could still feel the blond all over him, rubbing him and touching him outside and in until he wanted to scream because it felt so good. Xavier smelled so hot and delicious and the pounding of his heart driving the blood through his young body was like a tribal drum beat in Rayne’s head. 

The cum had just been an appetiser, and he knew it. As Xavier stabbed up hard inside him and held his hot cock in there, flooding him again with his invasive heat, Rayne felt his body jolt furiously. He exploded in the boy’s hand sucking in a sharp breath that whistled like a boiling kettle in his throat, a long, sharp, helpless keening note that shook him physically from head to toe. He was out of control and he knew it. The waves just kept coming and he gripped Xavier’s shoulder and his damp blond hair tightly in both hands as the massive sexual quake rocked his senses. Xavier’s face was buried in the hollow of his neck and he did not see the impulsive extension of his mate’s magnificent dogteeth. The first he knew of them was when Rayne Wylde sank them smoothly into his jugular and began to suck ravenously on his slender neck. 

Xavier felt the sharp canines sink into him on a sort of distant level. The endorphins pumping through him after such an explosive climax had him almost high. He hung limply in the Vampire’s tight embrace, if not between his legs. Each draw of that succulent mouth seemed to pulse through him and made the little aftershocks in his still-hard cock throb.

He moaned, melting against Rayne, pliant and submissive; too caught up in the delicious warmth to worry over much about such things as blood loss. The love bite was actually very erotic. He moved his head slightly, stretching the long line of his neck and opening the wound ever so slightly more, sending a hot gush of thick blood into the Vampire’s eager mouth.

Rayne stretched and undulated against Xavier like a lithe little cat rubbing up for attention. He rolled the blond onto his side and moved up over him, trying to contain the fountain of crimson that erupted from the bite. Generally he tried to ascertain with a bedmate if he or she had any issues with blood clotting but it was a bit too late for that now. Clay, who had been vigorously stretching Xavier’s ring again, his view of all this obscured by the curve of the young dancer’s naked back, now protested a little at the shift of position. His murmured objection tailed off as he spotted the steady stream of blood that ran down the blond kid’s bare chest from the point where Rayne was hungrily kissing his neck.

“Holy Jesus!” the big guy whispered in horror. “What in fuck’s name are you doing to him?”

Xavier’s arms slipped from around Rayne’s body, falling bonelessly to the bedspread. He paled under the tan of his skin, and the body that was so hot moments before began to feel cool. A little whimper escaped him as he teetered on the brink between conscious and unconscious. That strange dark pull he felt with Rayne was sucking him under like a tide pool he couldn’t escape. Drowning! He felt like he was drowning in heavy syrup, so sweet he didn’t care. 

Each pump of his strong heart sent a new glut of blood, and a fresh string of memories. It was as if his life was laid out, bared, fanned like the pages of a gritty, tragic book for Rayne. 

The Vampire’s consciousness flashed on a beautiful young woman with pretty blue eyes, the same as her cute, blond son’s. She took him to see the ballet and he loved to watch the dancers; transfixed by their lithe, flexible bodies and the bright colours and exotic plumes of their stage garb. He was torn from that bright spot of happiness into a dark pit of pain and despair. A hard hand held him face down on a mattress; his mother’s boyfriend’s hand. He was a kid, maybe eight years old. He couldn’t see much in the dark room but he could feel the dirty bastard’s hands on him, smell the stale scent of tobacco and beer and sweat. 

That was replaced by another horror. This time he was thirteen, kneeling on the living room floor, panic gripping him. His mother lay unmoving, unresponsive as he tried to bring her ’round. She was cold, not breathing; the belt still tight around her upper arm, a blood-filled syringe hanging limply from the crook of her elbow. This mainline was her last.

There was a swirl of half-remembered faces; social workers, then a foster family. In an attic bedroom an older boy gripped his hair and pumped his cock down his throat. He hated the boy and wanted him desperately at the same time, the throb in his groin a hard guilty ache.

The memories started to speed with his heartbeat. Only tiny snatches coming now in a rushing tumble. Money and drugs coming easy; a great many faceless older men eager to open their wallets and their pants; it all rushed past in a warm tide. Rayne fell back from Xavier, on his knees, catching his breath although he knew it was not even necessary. Some habits were hard to break. His pulse was racing with the young dancer’s as he touched his lips to the bite wound that was already healing on the boy’s neck, stunned by the memories; unsure for a moment if he was seeing Xavier’s past or his own.

Then Clay’s powerful hands were on his shoulders, not consoling but pulling him clear of the kid and virtually throwing him off the bed. Rayne bit his tongue and the insides of his mouth involuntarily as he crashed to the floor and the bigger man sprang up to loom over him. Barclay might not be a young man but he was still no weakling. 

“What the hell did you do to him, you crazy bitch?” he yelled, shaking his head as the slender Englishman reeled on the sumptuous rug at his feet. 

Rayne was struggling to stay calm, though he raged inside at this rough handling as the memories that were not his own still jostled in his head. He knew there was still blood on his face from the bite and tried to wipe it away. 

“He’s gonna be okay,” he slurred, still feeling drunk from the rush of emotionally charged images. “I didn’t hurt him.”

He was used to some transference during a feed but the pictures in his head were rarely this strong. Usually he could block them out if he chose to. Either Xavier was a potent empath or the similarity of his past recollections to Rayne’s own had broken through his emotional shields. He could not be sure without talking to the boy. 

“Go check on him. It’s nothing more than a scratch, I swear!” 

Clay was already turning back to the pale, breathless blond boy on his bed, concern in his dark eyes; his erection rapidly wilting. Behind him Rayne slumped supine on the floor for a moment, closing his eyes and willing his pulse to slow down. 

Xavier vaguely felt the hands on him. Soft, gentle hands, and so warm. The fingers touched his throat and he winced a bit. Must be the biggest hickey ever. He opened his eyes and tried to focus. His pupils were dilated so far they must be dark pools, ringed with blue. Everything looked gray and slightly fuzzy around the edges.

Clay lifted his shoulders and his head lolled drunkenly; his limbs wouldn’t quite obey when he tried to move. 

“‘M-ok…” he managed to mumble out, so maybe Clay would stop trying to wake him. All he wanted to do was sleep. His thoughts were confused. He felt drunk. Did they slip him something? He didn’t think so but… wait. Rayne had bit him. Bit him pretty damn hard. He tried to think about that and put it with the sticky spill of red drying on his throat and chest. Fuck. ‘Was’ he ok? 

He kept trying to get his head clear, but it was too much like hard work and finally he gave up. “Jus lemme sleep.” 

Mercifully the man listened; ceased trying to get Xav up. He pulled the edge of the blanket over him and Xavier instantly curled into a ball under it.


Clay sat by him for a little while, stroking the boy’s hair. To his relief Xavier did not seem to still be bleeding. At least Rayne had spoken the truth there. Perhaps it was no more than a nick in a susceptible spot, but he could not comprehend why the boy was suddenly so listless. He fetched a damp towel from the bathroom and washed the drying blood from his skin, trying gently to get it out of his blond hair. His searching fingers found a couple of small indentations in his skin, still an angry red, but the flesh was reassuringly unbroken.

The older man shook his head at that. If Rayne had not broken the skin, where had all that blood come from? He turned now to look at the slender Englishman, still sprawled on his back on the rug. Rayne Wylde was watching him solemnly, his pale eyes unblinking. A little trail of blood still ran from the corner of his mouth where he had bitten himself as he went down. There was more on his chest and his hands. Xavier had bled profusely over him as he lay beneath the kid. It didn’t make any sense. 

“What the hell ‘are’ you?” Clay whispered huskily. He had never been afraid of anyone before but there was something not quite sane in the gaze that fixed on his face. Suddenly Rayne’s submissive beauty was a lethal thing and he found himself doubting how far he could trust his young friend. “Did you do this to him?” he demanded.

“He’ll be okay,” Rayne exhaled, still gazing at him from that point on the carpet, his slight body rising and falling vigorously as if he had just run two hundred metres full pelt. “He just needs to rest. Maybe if you got him some chocolate?” he suggested almost as an afterthought. “The sugar will do him good. A nice mug of hot chocolate, yeah? The proper stuff!” 

“What did you do to him?” Clay moved from the bed to crouch beside the naked Englishman. He was still wary but also conscious that if Rayne was going to attack him too, he could have done so several times by now.

“I took his blood,” the young man whispered huskily as if this was a rational response. “I took it, Clay. He’s probably in shock.” He lifted a hand to his face, turning his head slightly and catching his breath. “Christ! The stuff I saw! It’d shock anyone!”

“You’re making no sense, Rayne. Why’d you bite him?” Clay asked incredulously. “I mean I know some guys have a kink for biting and being bitten but what the fuck…?”

Slowly, Rayne Wylde rolled onto his side and lay there with his arms wrapped around his head for a little while in silence. At least he mumbled; “I’m not going to hurt you, Clay. I never meant to hurt either of you. He’ll be okay… just… get him the fuckin’ chocolate, all right?”

For a moment Clay did not move, he crouched within reach of the dark-haired man on the bedroom floor, bewildered by this shocking confession. “Why’d you do it, babe?” he whispered at last. “Tell me that at least.” 

“Because I need it,” Rayne answered, his voice strained and irritable. “I need it, Clay. I can’t function without it. Don’t ask me any more just yet. Make sure the kid’s okay.” His hand shot out as Clay moved to rise, catching the bigger man’s wrist in a grip that Barclay could not break, try as hard as he might. “He’s…” the Englishman’s quiet voice failed him briefly as he struggled to sit up, his pale eyes shimmering. “He’s… J-Just be gentle with him, okay. Whatever Paddy told you about me… well he’s had it just as bad. Don’t push him into anything.”

Instead of fighting the fingers around his wrist, Clay rose slowly to his feet, drawing the other man up with him. Rayne was staring back up at him now, pulling him into that unbroken gaze. He felt like a rabbit caught in the glare of a car’s spotlights, unable to tear himself away. 

“What happened to you, honey?” he cajoled, unable to believe that the sweet, fucked-up boy they had sheltered all those summers before, down in the South of France was some kind of psycho. “What made you bite him?”

“I can’t help it,” Rayne answered him with a little shrug. “It’s like being addicted to coke, only ten times as bad. Clay, if I tell you the truth you’ve got to promise that you won’t try to have me committed. Because it ‘will’ sound crazy, I promise you.” 

“You’re some kind of vampire-freak?” Clay asked him disbelievingly. 

“Something like that,” Rayne mumbled, shaking his dark hair as if he was embarrassed. “Sweetheart, go and get the chocolate. I swear on my life, I won’t hurt the kid. But he needs a lift, yeah?” 

Slowly, Clay moved him to the edge of the bed and Rayne sank down there, releasing his arms at once and curling up again as if he was in pain. The bigger man shook his head. “Okay… I’ll get the chocolate, honey. But if I hear screams I’m coming back up here with a hammer and meat skewer. And if he’s hurt when I get here…” 

“He won’t be,” Rayne said atonally. 

“He better not be!” 


“Yeah?” the big man turned in the doorway, his expression still wary. 

“Just fuck off and get that chocolate, right?” 


Rayne rolled onto his back as he listened to the sounds of Clay’s hurried footsteps on the stairs. Of course his old friend might just call the cops and have him locked up but right now that was a risk he was ready to take. He was not about to leave Xavier alone. Stretching out one cold, long-fingered hand he stroked the boy’s damp hair awkwardly. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he whispered almost inaudibly. “I’m so sorry. It’s okay now.” 

Xavier lay quiet and still under Rayne’s fingers, his skin still much too pale. Eventually though his shallow rapid breaths became deeper and more even, and his heart began to slow its racing beat. He opened his eyes as if his thick dark lashes were an effort to lift. 

Fathomless green eyes watched him with… concern? The corner of Xavier’s mouth lifted in a sleepy half smile. “Sorry… didn’t mean to just roll over an’ go to sleep on you.” 

“You get all the rest you need,” Rayne answered him quietly. “Clay’s gone down to fetch a little treat, if he’s not managed to get lost in this fuckin’ great barn of a place!” His lips twitched around an expression that might have been a smile but it was there and gone so quickly that it was hard to say. His gaze moved restlessly over Xavier’s face, drinking it in like an artist about to commit the delicate features before him to canvas. His fingers twined loosely in the younger man’s hair. “Do you feel okay?” he whispered at last, a tad suggestively. 

Xavier didn’t miss the tone, but he no longer felt exactly up for a marathon. Still… he could be tempted. 

“I feel alright.” He lifted his hand to trace his fingers lightly along Rayne’s jaw. It felt like he was trying to lift lead and he chuckled inwardly at himself. So tired he could hardly move, and ‘still’ insatiable. That made him remember; he moved his hand to the side of his throat but didn’t feel any wounds or the stickiness of blood. “Did you bite me?” 

It almost felt like a dream now.

“Just a love bite,” Rayne whispered languidly, rolling onto his side to kiss Xavier’s face, touching little butterfly kisses across his brow and down his cheekbone. “We were so hot and sweaty it probably felt a whole lot worse than it was. Do you forgive me?” He folded his arms across Xavier’s chest and rested his chin on them, peering down at him mischievously. The tip of his studded tongue flickered between his lips briefly, moistening them. 

Never one to miss an opportunity Xavier smiled, “Oh…well, I don’t know. I think you might have to make it up to me.” 

Rayne’s expression was almost feral as he stroked his hands slowly out towards Xavier’s shoulders. He bent his head, drawing the tip of his tongue slowly down the blond boy’s slim torso from his clavicle to his sternum as if it would magically unzip his mate’s body and release the sweetness within. He began to kiss Xavier’s belly searchingly as his fingers wandered back up to tease the younger man’s sensitive nipples, running deliberate rings around the stiff, dark peaks as his lips worked on the softer flesh beneath his lover’s ribs where Xav’s heart was beating ferociously again.

If he had not already fed that might have been too much temptation. As it was, it probably looked dangerous enough because he heard a crash from the doorway as Clay dropped the jug of hot chocolate and the stack of glasses. He did not have the time to sit up and protest before the big man crossed the room with the speed of a hunting cat and grabbed him by the arms, dragging him off the bed. Rayne yelped incoherently at him but wound up on the floor in any case. 

“Are you okay, honey?” Clay demanded, but his concern was entirely focused on the startled Xavier. 

“um… yeah. Are ‘you’ OK?” Xavier asked a bit warily. He’d sort of missed the first time Clay had tossed Rayne across the room like a rag doll. His eyes went to Rayne at once. There was definitely a bit of sparkle in his green orbs, he did a good job of not looking pissed, but Xav could see the hostility simmering there. Not that he could blame him after being unceremoniously dumped on the floor like that. 

Clay was running soothing hands over Xavier like he might break if he was handled too roughly. He was pretty sure the big guy wasn’t going to start tossing him about as well, but he didn’t want to make any sudden moves and find out.

“Er… what’s going on here?” 

Barclay was looking intently at him, as if searching his body for some hidden sign and the big fellow seemed to relax as he realised that his young house guest was unmarked. Almost embarrassed by his astonishing outburst he smoothed Xavier’s hair protectively and fired another suspicious glance at Rayne. The singer had not moved from the floor although he was watching them both with a wary, incredulous half smile on his face. 

He did not seem to be hurt and when Clay looked his way he obliquely remarked; “I promised, didn’t I? You reckon I’m the sort of bastard who breaks his promises?” 

This was getting really weird. Xavier wasn’t hurt, as far as he could tell, but Clay was acting like he’d seen something a lot more worrisome then just a love bite. He was watching Rayne as he touched his neck again but found nothing but a slightly sore spot. When his fingers went over it an odd shiver went down his spine. His features softened slightly with desire and he felt his cock swell. At the same time he had the weirdest sensation of his mouth filling with the coppery taste of blood. He should have been repulsed but it didn’t bother him at all. 

‘What the fuck…?’

He wasn’t sure if he should be afraid of the singer now or not, but he did know he wanted him. Every time his fingers brushed that little sore spot it made him want to lay back and let him have whatever he wanted. The thought should have made him scared but it only made him hot. 

“What promise?” Xavier didn’t like the feeling that he was missing something. 

I promised not to start without him,” Rayne answered with a little grin for Xavier. At the same time Clay growled; “I warned you to keep your fangs out of him. I don’t get this weird shit with you two pretending nothing’s going on here. I know what I saw!” 

“Check him out,” Rayne Wylde said, a little more frostily now, pushing himself to his feet and sauntering around to the edge of the bed. “Is he bleeding?” 

Clay shook his head automatically but his expression did not change. He was still watching the beautiful singer like he was a poisonous snake. 

Xavier wasn’t watching him like that though, his eyes held considerably more heat as he gazed at Rayne. When the singer came to a stop at the edge of the bed Xavier slithered from Clay’s arms like a piece of silk and stretched out on his belly toward the singer, which put him right at hip level. 

His hands caressed a path up the outside of Rayne’s thighs. “You can bite me anytime you want, sweetheart. I don’t mind,” he said as he kissed a line over the curve of his lover’s hip. 

Rayne looked down at him with a smile that could only be described as feral. There was nothing fraternal about it, for sure. 

“There,” the singer murmured to Clay, without looking up at the man. “You heard him. He doesn’t mind.” 

As Xavier stared up into his eyes the dark-haired man’s smile grew broader and his elegantly pointed dog-teeth extended smoothly. It was not a massive difference, only about half an inch, but there was no pretending that it hadn’t happened. 

“Jesus Christ!” Clay exclaimed in an awed tone. 

Xav blinked slowly. A ribbon of fear uncoiled in his middle and he felt the little hairs on the back of his neck raise. The reaction was instinctual, something primal that refused to listen or be controlled by the rational voice in his head that said there was no such thing as vampires. Perhaps if he’d felt it earlier he might have backed off, at least been more cautious. Now… now that little bit of fear only made him more excited. He wanted Rayne even more then he had earlier, the need seemed to thrum in his blood, making him heedless of anything else. 

He slid his hands up to Rayne’s waist, pulling him slightly forward, and licked a warm wet line up the underside of his shaft. 

Cool, long-fingered hands moved almost mechanically to cup his face and the singer’s smile grew more proprietary as he stroked them into Xavier’s tangled blond hair, caressing the boy’s scalp. His green eyes moved up to meet Clay’s anxious, defensive stare. Slowly and appreciatively he licked his lips, and the smile grew wider as Xavier’s clever tongue and warm, quick breathing stimulated him to full readiness. “That feels ‘so’ good,” Rayne exhaled in a low, tremulous voice. 

Xavier hummed his pleasure around his mouthful, his hands urging Rayne closer towards the bed. As Rayne came forward, Xav pushed himself slowly back on his hands and knees, never breaking contact. The position put an enticing temptation right in front of Clay’s face, but Xav was fully occupied with working his suckling lips down to the base of Rayne’s cock. 

He opened his throat and took him in all the way, moving up and down on him rhythmically. An occasional short wave of dizziness rolled over him, easily ignored in the face of his mounting desire. 

“I don’t know what you’re getting so upset about,” Rayne murmured to Barclay in that fragile, husky voice that told the older man his stunning English friend was becoming uncontrollably aroused. Rayne Wylde nodded down towards Xavier who was still greedily gulping him down. ” ‘He’s’ not upset. He seems to quite like it, in fact. Uuuuuhhhh!!” 

The singer shuddered, dropping to his knees on the edge of the bed and twisting a hank of blond hair slowly around his fingers as he began to buck steadily into Xavier’s open mouth, entranced by his earnest, hungry face. He closed his eyes, still getting little emotional aftershocks from the boy, enhanced by this powerful physical connection; the mingling of Xav’s saliva and his semen. When his green eyes opened they were staring back at Clay, wide and unblinking, like firelit jewels in the paleness of his face. 

“Fuck him,” Rayne whispered urgently. “He wants you to mount him and screw his arsehole hard!” 

“Jesus!” Clay exhaled incredulously, shaking his head a little. His cock was stiffening traitorously though, tempted by the firm golden peaches swaying seductively before him.

Xavier’s fingers tightened perceptibly on Rayne’s hips, and he gave a soft moan when Clay’s warm hand touched his cool skin. Little sounds of encouragement vibrated in his throat as that hand stroked over the curve of his backside and up and down his flanks. He shivered as his cheeks were parted and he felt the smooth pressure of that thick, lubricated cock at his opening. A whimper escaped as the head of Clay’s thick phallus pushed slowly past his tight ring, and he had to come up off Rayne when Clay gave him more. 

That was one big boy hammering down his back door. Clay inched forward and Xavier groaned with the burn and stretch, struggling to accommodate him. The mix of pleasure and pain didn’t dampen his hunger any and he wrapped his tongue and lips around Rayne again, just as soon as he could control his muscles. 

Clay reached for the lube once more as the boy’s tight ring gripped him in its hot embrace. He pulled out, ignoring the little whimper of disappointment from the sexy blond. Slowly he squeezed a glob of gel into the boy’s gaping hole, working the cooling wetness into his clenching passage with his sex. He took his time, easing his rod in and out a couple of inches either way, letting the Astroglide do its work. When he lifted his head, Rayne was watching him with half-hooded eyes, his body completely relaxed and his long fingers flexing in Xavier’s damp blond hair as the boy’s mouth drew greedily on his hard cock. The blond’s slim, naked hips rocked back and forth, keeping time. 

“Enjoy it,” Clay growled at the singer. “When I’m done with this little honey, your ass is next!” 

“You won’t have the strength, old man!” Wylde teased huskily. He looked down at Xavier, waiting for the boy’s eyes to meet his own. The words didn’t leave his lips but he thought; ‘Are you okay with this?’ 

Xavier had stopped wondering what was going on. The question that whispered in his head with Rayne’s voice was just one more layer of weirdness he wasn’t going to try and figure out. The only trouble was, he didn’t know how to answer, not with words anyway. Instead Rayne got a soft wave of emotions; fire, heat, wanting, the feel of being impaled on that enormous rod, the salty taste of his own cum on the boy’s tongue, the sweet musk of his scent in Xav’s nose. 

The dark and wounded things lay deep and silent and un-bothersome at the moment. There was only the aching need between his legs and the desire to push Rayne back up and over that edge of pleasure again. ‘Yes, he was perfectly all right with this’. 

The singer kept his hands on Xavier’s blond head. Somehow the slow caressing touch on his skin helped him to feel his young lover’s pleasure and to share it. The boy’s arousal was like an itch deep inside that he ached to scratch. Clay’s slow, deep, bearlike growls of satisfaction rumbled in his chest. Over all of that Xavier’s need trickled like water from a spring, bubbling and teasing inside him until he thought that, had he been a mere human, he would probably have been finding it very hard to breathe right now.

As it was, his fangs were already proving an inconvenience. He didn’t mean to scare anyone but try as he might he could never hold them in check when he was aroused. It was becoming a total pain in the arse! Now he drew his lips between his teeth and bit down hard on them in an effort to make the bloody things retract. His own watery blood appeased them slightly but the pull of Xavier’s lips on his sensitive flesh and the sight of Barclay’s long, thick, mahogany tool sinking deeper between the dancer’s firm golden cheeks with every thrust drove him to the edge of reason. Rayne moaned like a creature in pain and the sanguine fluids trickled from the corners of his mouth until he could only feel disgusted with himself. He turned his face away, feeling no better than an animal. Frustration gnawed at him and would not let go. His fingers tightened in Xavier’s hair and he pulled the young man’s pretty face roughly into his bucking crotch, holding him there as his cock jumped violently in the boy’s mouth and released its worthless seed.

Xavier only just managed not to choke on the load delivered into his throat. He swallowed quickly as Rayne relented and let him come up a little. For a half a second he felt the bed move with gently rolling waves and the salty smell of the ocean filled his head, so oddly disorientating because he’d never been on a boat in his life. A wave of frustration, regret, and pleasure hit him like a fist and he lifted his mouth off of Rayne in a wordless cry; the echo of that pleasure spilling from his mate, firing off his own trigger. His body clenched and shuddered through the orgasm, spilling in creamy ropes onto the covers beneath him.

Clay pulled him close and pushed deep, riding the waves of the blond boy’s climax with a sequence of low, animalistic grunts as Xavier’s tightening body milked him, squeezing and pulling on his sensitive tool until the sounds in his throat became one long groan of guttural pleasure. His balls clenched fiercely, sending hot, erotic fireworks flashing through his body from his crotch and he hosed the sexy youngster’s innards over and over, grinding his hot groin in slow circles against Xavier’s smooth, golden ass. His fingers tugged the young man against him rhythmically and he felt the sexy little dancer grip him, again and again, then release suddenly and sink down into the tumbled bedclothes.

Rayne Wylde bent down over him, kissing the back of his neck and murmuring softly to him. The huskiness of the singer’s voice told Clay that he had already come hard in the boy’s mouth. The big, black porn star felt his heart soften as he watched Rayne stroking Xavier’s lean body. He remembered a time when the singer had been younger than Xav, wide-eyed and somewhat in awe of Barclay and his well-hung friends. That naiveté had been short-lived but so sweet while it lasted. For a moment he saw a mirror of that touching sweetness in the way these two looked at one another. It soothed his heart and eased some of his anxieties.

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