Following on from his humiliation at Lagrado’s hands and boot heels, Rayne was half-walked/half-dragged back to the cell in the basement by two of the Ancient Vampire’s undead lackeys. They snickered like children all the way down to the basement about which of the Elders was most likely to take up the offer to have Rayne as a slave. Their discussion of the potential candidates was couched in terms that left Rayne in no doubt that he’d rather have Steffen as a mate again. 

As they chained him on his pallet, snapping the manacles tightly around his wrists and neck, he was listless and unresisting though. Exhaustion and hunger had muted his rebellious rage.

“Can I have my clothes back?” he asked in a dull monotone when they were done with their task. 

“Not unless the Master thinks you should have them,” one of the Vamps laughed harshly. 

“And given what they’re planning to do to you, I doubt you’ll need them!” the other pointed out in a snide little voice. 

He rolled over and wrapped his arms around his head, curling up small, ignoring their continued lewd remarks about his lean body and how certain Elders would find that nice ass of his irresistible. After a little while they grew bored of his refusal to rise to their baiting and left him alone to concentrate on channelling the remainder of his strength into healing the cuts and bruises Lagrado had left on him during the afternoon. 

If he had thought to get a peaceful night he was bitterly disappointed. Steffen returned for him after a couple of hours spent shivering in the darkness. Frustrated by his pet’s reluctance to put up a fight for him tonight and annoyed at the news that he would soon have to share Rayne’s body with others from outside the coterie, he relieved his tension by kicking, beating and biting the naked Englishman savagely. Then he unzipped his pants and mounted Rayne Wylde, forcing his trembling victim onto his knees, up against the cell wall as Rayne clung to his chains for balance. Rayne bore it silently with his face buried in the crook of one arm, fangs extended and sunk into his own flesh to keep himself from screaming as the bigger, more powerful vampire was thrusting vigorously inside him.

After an ordeal that seemed to go on interminably but probably lasted less than twenty minutes, Steffen grunted his satisfaction and Rayne felt the bastard’s long cock jerk and twitch inside him as he climaxed copiously. The slender Englishman curled up in the corner of his cell once his cruel assailant had withdrawn. Steffen retreated, grumbling that Rayne was no fun now that Cole had broken him.

Just fuckin’ go away, Rayne thought fervently. Fuck off and leave me alone!

To his surprise, Steffen did not try for another jump and once the door of the cell had clanged shut and the echo of the keys in the lock died away, he was left in the pitch darkness to fight the sobs that were rising in his throat. It had been over twenty-four hours now. Surely the others would have taken his advice and got away and he was glad of that, in one respect. On the other hand, it meant that he was alone. That if he was ever to get out of this mess he would have to do something drastic for himself. 

At the moment it seemed impossible. 

Some – older – Vampires were able to turn themselves to mist and drift out through the tiniest of cracks in the walls but he had no idea how to even begin such a transformation. Others could turn themselves into vicious animals at will, but such a change took massive amounts of blood energy and concentration. Rayne had managed to turn himself into a small bird on two separate occasions but the endeavour had left him drained of strength for days afterwards. It was not so much the taking of bird-form but the turning back that was the killer. He had been warned that many young Vampires, inexperienced and trying such a dangerous game alone, had been caught in their shifted form, unable to raise the energy to return to a human shape, and killed by accident, or even by design.

He was weak enough in human form. How easy would he be to crush as an exhausted little bird, trapped in this dark cell? How quickly would death come and how much did he yearn for it?

He had only been two days without feeding, which was tolerable under normal circumstances but his body had been called upon to heal itself time after time since he allowed himself to be taken prisoner. There was only so much that any Vampire could do, deprived of blood and proper rest. The damage Steffen had caused was mending too slowly and he was unable to quell the pain until it did. Rayne shuddered again, cold to the bone and hurting intolerably. He could not even summon sleep to shut it out. True Death would be a merciful release, he decided grimly.


“Jesus! I don’t remember casting for a pimp and a harem boy?” PJ McNamara laughed when he saw Dominic and Xavier get out of the cab as they returned to the motel after their little shopping trip in the city. 

“Thank you very much for that!” Dominic Warren exclaimed. “We’re supposed to look sophisticated, and – in Xav’s case at least – just a little bit alluring. It never hurts to have some eye candy to distract your opponent with. Elian Iannopoulos is rumoured to have a bit of a taste for stunning young men, so whilst he’s drooling over Xavier I can probably talk him into just about anything.”

“You have a pretty high opinion of your negotiating skills, Lord Warren,” Clay remarked sceptically. 

“That’s because I know I’m the best,” Dominic winked at him playfully. “Tell you what Mr Johnson, if I don’t broker a deal to get Wylde out of there tonight, I’ll let you put me over the hood of that Chevy over there and fuck me in the arse until I scream for mercy.”

Clay still looked doubtful. “What if you actually manage it?” he asked, folding his arms. 

Dominic pretended to consider for a moment, then declared: “If I do broker a deal with him… I’ll let you put me over the hood of that Chevy over there and fuck me in the arse until I scream for mercy!”

PJ laughed out loud at this and even Clay was forced to crack a smile. 

“Come on,” Warren said to the big black minder. “I’ll show you how the boy’s toys in my suitcase work before we head out. How’s that?”

Chavez jumped to his feet eager to be included in this lesson but PJ stayed behind on the veranda looking solemnly at Xavier. 

“You okay, hon?” he asked more seriously. “You up to this?”

Xavier shrugged his shoulders eloquently. “No big deal. I just hope we’re not wasting our time.”

As the afternoon wore on into evening, Xavier’s anxiety level crept up as his mood plummeted. It was bad enough that he couldn’t eat. He sat at the table with the rest and simply looked at the food, not seeing it. A hard knot sat in the pit of his belly; cold rage and humiliation, lapping at him like waves from the other end of the chain linking him to Rayne. Something bad was going down.


He looked up and blinked at the faces looking at him, realising that Dominic had said his name more than once. His eyes were wide and the pupils dilated, his breathing a little too fast and shallow, his skin cold and clammy. He couldn’t see what was happening to Rayne but he could feel it, and was edging toward shock because of it. 

“You need to shut it out, like I showed you this afternoon.” Dominic said, kind but firm. He meant to show that he understood but it wasn’t enough to be understood right now. Xavier needed more than that.

He got up without a word and walked out to the front porch. Xav needed the fresh air, and the quiet. Shutting Rayne out felt like betrayal, as if he was abandoning him. Again! But, if he didn’t find a way to deal with this he wasn’t going to be in any shape to go with Dominic and they would be leaving soon. He sat down on a cushioned chair and closed his eyes with a heavy sigh. 

I’m so sorry Rayne, but I have to be able to think straight. Xavier closed his eyes on the threat of tears and then he concentrated on shutting out all the white noise until everything in his head was still and quiet, even the small, cold, frightened presence he knew was coming from Rayne. That was the hardest thing to do.

He thought he had been sitting about five minutes when he heard the door open, and was a little startled to find he was stiff from sitting without moving. A glance at the clock showed him that more like an hour had gone by. He wasn’t any less worried, but at least his head was clear. 

He stood up as everyone came out onto the veranda. It was time to go and meet the Vampire Elder they hoped would help them get Rayne back. He had been waiting for this, even pushing for it, but now he just felt scared. The guy was a Vampire after all. What if he turned out to be a friend of Lagrado’s? What if he just killed them, or handed them over to Cole again?

A car came to collect them, a large, innocuous looking sedan with a human driver, or so Dominic assured him. The older man was not happy about this, preferring to make his own way to the Vampire’s demesne but Iannopoulos was having none of that. He laid down the rules over the phone. Two humans, no weapons and he would give his word of honour that they were free to leave him unharmed. 

All the same, Warren returned to his room before the car got there and came back with an object that looked like an insulin pen and a chased silver crucifix pendant with four tubular arms. The two short cross pieces unscrewed and were hollow. Dominic placed a pair of capsules in each and screwed them back down. Then he pressed a catch on the back of the pendant and the lower part slipped away revealing a four-inch stiletto blade. 

“Long enough to pierce the heart,” he said quietly. “There is wormwood on the tip. Not fatal to Vampires but it can slow them down.”

He looped it over Xavier’s head and let it hang down over his vest. 

“If we’re lucky he’ll just think it’s amusing,” he said with a tight smile. “Look offended if he does, okay? He’ll probably let you keep it just to salve your male pride. Oh… FYI, the caps in the arms of the cross are potassium cyanide. Don’t take one unless the situation is absolutely irretrievable, all right?”

He tucked the pen into his own jacket pocket.

Xavier looked at him like he was nuts, but didn’t say anything. He just followed Dominic down the step to the waiting car. PJ patted his arm on the way down but he could not even meet the older man’s eyes. The whole situation felt too surreal.

Xavier tried not to fidget as they rode in the elevator to the top floor of a newly renovated downtown apartment building. The doors glided silently open into an unoccupied hallway in faceless cream and gold. Two enormous men who could not have looked more like stereotypical bodyguards in their black suits and earpieces guarded the door at the end. The only difference being that these two happened to be Vampires. Xavier could easily tell the difference now, though he wouldn’t have been able to explain how to anyone else. They seemed to shimmer to his eyes, as if they were giving off heat.

The corner penthouse apartment might as well have been wallpapered in thousand dollar bills. It screamed of luxury and money in every well-appointed corner. A far cry from the dirty brick building he’d been kept in at the behest of Cole Lagrado. The floor to ceiling windows on two walls of the immaculate room they were shown into looked out over most of the city. So much for Vampires cowering away from the light. This luxurious sitting room was bathed in it. The man standing before them looking out turned slowly now as they entered. He was tall, at least 6’3″ and quite young looking in spite of pale, immaculately cut hair, that looked like silver in the evening sunlight. The loose, open-necked shirt and leather pants he wore were certainly tailored and fitted him to perfection, although his feet were bare. He looked curiously at Lord Warren for a moment then smiled almost knowingly but his eyes roamed over Xavier rather more slowly. 

Xav did not miss the subtle quickening in the crotch of their host’s tight leathers as he held out his hand in greeting. Nor the fact that he was impressively hung!

“Lord Warren, I have heard a great deal about you. I am interested to know why you would seek me out. And also to know who your delicious young friend is.”

Warren shook his hand quickly and firmly and glanced towards Xav. 

“Elian Iannopoulos, this is Xavier Gavrilov. I think that the three of us may have a mutual interest and I wanted to put a proposal to you.”

“Xavier,” the word dripped from Elian’s lips like honey. His burning gaze consumed Xav now and he extended his fingers towards the young man. “How delightful to meet you. And how stunning you look, I must tell you. Good enough to eat… very, very slowly. One lick at a time.”

Xavier knew the game well and only needed a moment to decide which tack to take. Haughty and aloof, seductive and interested, or coy and innocent. If he pegged this guy right, and he usually did, choice number three would push his buttons the most. He lowered his eyes, dark lashes fanning out on his pale cheeks. He put just the right amount of reluctance into his touch as his hand was taken. Xavier suddenly seemed much younger than his twenty two years. 

He lifted his eyes again slowly; such a vivid and startling shade of blue. “Dominic thought you might help us, Mr. Iannopoulos.” Xavier said, with just the right hint of a plea in his tone. It was a calculated risk, but not a big one. Iannopoulos knew they were here to ask for something. Tipping their hand already wouldn’t be a big deal and Xav looking at him with those big blue eyes set on ‘break-your-heart stunning’ just might help.

“My friends call me Yiannis, Xavier Gavrilov,” Iannopoulos responded smoothly. The handsome Vampire was just about everything that Steffen had not been. He lingered over the handshake, keeping Xavier’s hand in the firm, cool curl of his own strong fingers for just a little longer than was polite but his smile was kind of bewitching. There was a sense of mischief in his light grey eyes and more than a hint of seduction too. Yiannis made no secret of his attraction to the young mortal standing before him. He was hungry for more than blood. “And what do you suppose that I could help you with, child? I mean… I know what I would like to help you with, but I suspect that by the arcane laws of your country you’re far too young for those kinds of things.” 

Dominic cleared his throat slightly and the Vampire looked at him with a smile that said; Be patient, my friend.

“Come, both of you. Sit down. Partake of our hospitality. It is rare that humans seek me out,” he said out loud. “Certainly rare that I am visited by one of your reputation, Lord Warren or one of your companion’s stunning loveliness.”

Xavier tried not to grit his teeth at having to go through polite niceties when all he really wanted to do was get straight to the point. He behaved himself though, sitting next to Dominic like a pretty ornament while drinks were served and a few more pleasantries exchanged. 

This was not at all how he’d envisioned this meeting. It was all so… normal; socivilised! Xav’s impatience was chaffing by the time Dominic finally got around to laying out the particulars. How Rayne, who Dom mysteriously called the Everman’s Fledge, whatever the hell that meant, had inadvertently stepped on toes and gotten himself in a spot of trouble.

Xavier nearly choked. A spot of trouble? No shit! 

Dom told the Vampire about how Cole Lagrado had taken insult and how Rayne was now being detained over a misunderstanding, when he was expected back home. Detained! For god’s sake! It all sounded so calm and reasonable. Xavier wanted to jump to his feet and scream at them to hurry the fuck up. Bad enough that his shielding meant he had no idea what was happening to Rayne.

“Lord Warren, I believe that matters may be more serious than you originally perceived,” Elian responded with a sigh that penetrated Xavier’s frustration and made him fret even more. He stretched out on the lounger across from them, elegant as a reclining panther and sipped from a glass of something that looked like red wine though it clung to the sides of the vessel in a distinctly viscous way. “Lagrado summoned the city Elders to a meeting this afternoon. Well, we were initially told that it was a meeting. When we got there we discovered that it was more of an… informal introduction to your friend, Mr Wylde.” The Elder Vampire smiled and shook his head. “He’s quite something, I’ll say that much. Very feisty, but how long it will be before Lagrado beats that out of him is another question. Whatever the matter, I believe that your friend’s Fledgling is subject to… indefinite detention. Coelho finds him… amusing.”

The little pauses were more than just dramatic tension. His eyes moved to Xavier’s each time he held his breath, watching the boy, drinking in his growing frustration. Dominic made a little hissing sound through his teeth and shook his head. 

“That’s bad,” he mused. “Very bad. If Jabez were to discover what had become of his Fledge, I can imagine that he would cause no end of problems here in San Francisco. I was hoping to resolve matters here without recourse to bloodshed. You heard, I am sure, what became of Khaled Zel-Aahren in London?”

Elian said nothing but his expression suggested that he recognised a threat when he heard one. 

“And you are the Everman’s law-bringer are you, Lord Warren?” he asked mildly, sipping from the glass again. He licked the redness slowly from his lips. “Are yougoing to force Coelho’s hand?”

“I prefer not to resort to force without good cause,” Dominic answered, sitting back in the chair. His pose was outwardly relaxed but there was a little tension in the line of his mouth and the play of his long, nervous fingers along the chair arm. “I was rather hoping that, with your assistance, we might negotiate Wylde’s release.” “Let us cut to the chase, shall we? Before your companion does something rash.” His eyes settled on Xavier again.

Xav stopped fidgeting at once, forcing a relaxed casual pose he did not feel at all. He had let the Elder Vampire poke at him. That was not good. Xavier looked away and he heard Elian’s soft chuckle.

“You want me to assist in negotiating Wylde’s release. This will not be a simple matter, I assure you. Coelho’s pride is involved. It has always has been his weakness. To buy Wylde’s freedom will cost a great deal, and money will not tempt him. So, before we get to that let’s discuss my compensation.” 

Dominic looked meaningfully at his young companion, then said; “Name your price, Elian. I came to San Francisco for Wylde and I intend to leave with him at any cost. Of course,” he added with a knowing little smile. “I have no doubt that the Everman will be immensely grateful for any assistance we are offered. Even to the point of ensuring that our benefactor perhaps gained influence in this city. I think you understand what I mean by that. But if it’s short term-gratification you seek…” He left the sentence unfinished but put his hand very purposefully on Xavier’s bare arm, stroking it briefly before he leaned forward to retrieve his own wine glass. 

Thankfully it just had wine in it.

Xavier shot him a scathing glance, but controlled it quickly. Seemed PJ wasn’t that far off the mark earlier when he commented on their newly acquired attire. Xavier had had his suspicions about this meeting, but he’d been so distracted he hadn’t really thought about anything except trying to help Rayne. From the look in Elian’s eyes he’d probably be trying long and hard tonight.

“The Everman’s gratitude and this tasty morsel for going against Coelho. A tempting offer…” Elian purred with a calculating smile.

“I don’t believe this shit.” Xavier shook his head bitterly. “Don’t fuckin’ talk about me like I’m not sitting right here,” he warned both of them and then levelled a finger at Dominic Warren. “And you’ve got no right to try and bargain me off. I am not your lap dog and I am not your whore, so fuck off!” 

There was silence for three whole heartbeats while both of his companions sat, visibly stunned at the sudden outburst. Then Elian laughed, a genuinely hearty sound. 

“Well, the boy has a spirit after all! And here I thought you brought me just a pretty empty headed plaything. Not that I would have minded.” He smiled at Xavier, his most charming smile. “The deal remains, Mr. Gavrilov, whether you make it or Lord Warren. If you come to me willingly I swear to you that I will prize Rayne Wylde from Coelho’s hands and bring him here before you.”

Xavier regarded him shrewdly, all pretence stripped away. The feigned shy innocence vanished to reveal the smart street-savvy kid that had seen too much and done too much to be anything but slightly jaded. “For how long?” 

Elian’s smile widened, and a brow arched appreciatively. “A month.”

Xavier snorted. “No fuckin’ way. I’ll stay with you tonight, and tomorrow night ifyou get Rayne free and if you don’t hurt him. After that you let us go. No tricks! Both of us get to go free, for good.”

“Very sure of yourself, aren’t you?” Iannopoulos remarked urbanely, ignoring Dominic’s little hiss of protest at Xavier’s outburst.

“I’ve met Cole Lagrado and his friends. If you are even considering going against him it’s not because of me,” Xav sneered, shaking his head. “This Everman dude must be one scary motherfucker if you’re more worried about him than Lagrado. I wouldn’t flatter myself. It’s him you’d be doing this for. I’m just the icing, right?” Xavier stood and walked slowly toward him. Only Xavier didn’t just walk, he glided with a grace and beauty that was almost feline and oozed sensuality with every step. “You can have me anyway you please, as long as you get Rayne out and I can walk away with him in the end. Deal?” 

There was a painful expression on Dominic’s face now. The older man all but put his head in his hands and howled with frustration but Elian’s smile did not waver. In fact he began to laugh softly.

“One scary motherfucker!” he repeated, clearly amused by this. One long finger pointed straight at Xav. “You are feisty, like your mate. Delicious and feisty. I can only begin to imagine what you and Wylde were like as sexmates. Although tonight, and tomorrow night I will get a sweet taste of what you are like in any case. It will not be easy to get your friend out of there, I think that you will have to work very hard tonight to convince me that what I am doing is right, Xavier Gavrilov.” 

The finger circled slowly and without warning the Elder Vampire was on his feet, moving restlessly around Xavier. His hands ran over the young man’s lean body, stroking his face and running down his neck, over his chest. He tapped the crucifix pendant with a beautifully manicured fingernail. 

“What is this? Is it supposed to intimidate me, child?”

Xavier had nearly forgot about it. 

“It was my mother’s,” he lied easily. He leaned back slightly, letting his backside enticingly brush against Elian’s groin. 

Dom, who had been staring at him intently, turned away very fast, putting a hand to his mouth to stifle a laugh. The Vampire enfolded Xavier, pulling him close. His mouth fastened softly over the twin bite marks as if claiming them for his own and he stroked them with his tongue. 

“So, do we have a deal?” he purred in Xavier’s ear as the boy shuddered in his arms. “I will take you tonight until you cannot recall your own name. Tomorrow I will make a play for your foolish mate. And tomorrow night I will make love to both of you in my bed until the sun rises.”

Xavier thought about that, or tried to. It was rather hard to think as heat spiked into him directly from the Vampire’s lips and surged straight to his thickening cock. That wasn’t exactly the deal. He hadn’t promised his seductor Rayne… but… he felt the smooth curve of Elian’s canines slide over his skin, teasing over the bite marks and his knees went weak. 

“Umm… yeah!” Xavier panted a little breathlessly.

Dominic nodded his head too, a look of relief on his face that was mingled with concern for his charge. As Elian’s hand snaked down between the boy’s thighs, deftly exploring the effect his kiss was having, the older man cleared his throat. 

“So… errrm… that’s sorted out then?” he ventured when the Elder fixed him with an almost mischievous stare over Xavier’s shoulder. “You… you’re happy with the… ummm… the arrangement?”

“I’m delighted with the arrangement, Lord Warren,” the Vampire purred, licking Xavier’s neck and pulling his head back gently to kiss his bared throat. “Quite delighted!”

“And… er… you’ve got a plan to get Rayne out of there?” Dominic averted his eyes, conscious that the obvious pleasure Xav was getting from this exchange was becoming contagious. 

“A few of Coelho’s chosen have been invited to the Master’s lair tomorrow afternoon to bid for covering rights to his new pet,” Elian rumbled hungrily. He nuzzled Xavier’s collarbone and pulled up the snug vest the boy was wearing to his pits, exposing the dancer’s smooth, well-toned chest and abdominal muscles. His cool hands caressed the boy’s skin and he pinched Xavier’s erect nipples firmly between forefinger and thumb. “Such an angel!” he crooned. 

“Cover…?” Dominic coughed and blinked at him.

“The face of an innocent does not become you, Lord Warren. You know what the word means.” Elian folded himself more possessively around Xavier and looked seriously at the older man. “Lagrado enjoys humiliating his male toys but he prefers the females in his bed. However he is not unaware that there are jaded sodomites among his Peers who would give a great deal for the novelty, not to mention the pleasure, of fucking Jabez Everman’s first acknowledged Fledgling for nearly 100 years. Given the noses Wylde has put out of joint since he was Turned, I would imagine quite a few among the Vampire Masters of San Francisco would be keen to see his standard lowered. I consider myself honoured to be invited to bid for him. From what I have seen of Wylde thus far, he is a pretty little creature. And dangerous too, which makes riding him all the more of a challenge.” He turned his head, kissing Xavier’s ear seductively and whispered; “I’m sure you can tell me all about that later, sweetling.”

Xavier closed his eyes for a second as a fleetingly dismayed expression crossed his features. He already knew how Rayne was being treated. That he was going to be sold off to the highest bidder shouldn’t have bothered him anymore than the rest, but it did. The fact that Elian sounded as though he would have enjoyed winning the breeding rights to Rayne Wylde without their added incentive made him feel queasy. 

He quickly blocked out the prickle of anger that wanted to rise up. He couldn’t afford to get angry. Not yet. He pushed the worry and the anger away, leaving room only for the way his body responded to the Vampire’s touch. With a little bit of a start he realised that he wanted Elian to bite him… he was craving it. He lifted his arm, bringing a hand up to caress the back of Elian’s head and when the Vampire’s long, cool hand slid between his thighs again Xavier rolled his hips into the touch, a soft little moan sighing from his lips.

His Vampiric keeper curled around him more intimately and from the grazing sensation of sharp teeth against his neck he knew that Elian was just as eager to taste him as he was to be bitten. 

Dominic seemed to sense it too for he was edging towards the window, suddenly anxious. He murmured; “You have something to offer Lagrado in return, I take it? Something that will ensure that you make the winning bid?”

Elian chuckled languidly. He was kissing Xavier’s throat again and his fingers were toying with the fastening of the younger man’s tight pants.

“Why don’t you let me worry about that, Lord Warren?” he suggested. “If you want my advice, you should let my driver take you back to your cosy hideout in the hills and get a good night’s sleep. Or if you prefer I could have one of my people book you a room in one of the hotels I own. I am sure we could arrange adequate entertainment for you.”

From the expression on his face, Dominic knew a polite dismissal when he heard one. He gathered himself and made a move towards the door. 

“I’ll… I’ll just go back to the others, I think. Thank you for the kind offer but it’s been a long day and I’m still a little bit jet-lagged.” He hesitated, still visibly concerned. “Are you okay, Xav? I mean… if I go?”

Xavier flashed him a look that clearly said it was a little late for such tender concerns now. He doubted getting cold feet would avail him much. 

“I’ll be fine, go ahead.” 

He sincerely hoped the moment that Dominic was dropped off they all had the sense to change location. Xavier didn’t wait for his escort to leave before he turned in Elian’s caressing embrace though, and slid his own arms around the vampire’s neck. He nuzzled along Elian’s firm jaw and kissed his lips tender-sweet.

“Sweet Lady, watch over him and keep him safe,” Dom whispered casting his eyes upward as he turned the door handle and was immediately confronted by the huge Vampire bodyguard who had escorted them up from the car. 

“Sleep well, Lord Warren,” rumbled a voice that he felt in his bones rather than heard. He did not look back. The sound of rustling clothing and low, urgent moans from the room behind him told him that Yiannis was already unwrapping his gift.


The shirt was already gone, and his pants were halfway down his thighs. Xavier was a little less hasty and had only finished undoing the buttons of Elian’s expensive, cream-coloured shirt. His warm hands slid inside and over the Vampire’s smoothly muscled torso. Hot kisses trailed after his fingertips along Elian’s collarbone and down his chest. He pulled one nipple into his hungry mouth in a hard suck, rolling his tongue over the tiny nub. 

“Hehehh… you are eager, my little angel, aren’t you?” Elian purred, his mouth roaming greedily over the dancing boy’s soft, hot flesh. Without hesitation he reached down with one hand to free the fastening of his leathers and let them fall. Strong hands manoeuvred Xavier back towards the lounger and he dropped the young man down on it firmly, ripping off his pants and prowling over him like a big cat over prey. His tongue lashed Xavier’s heaving torso and powerful hands pushed at the smooth insides of his thighs, forcefully urging his legs wide apart.

Xavier lifted his knees submissively, at his most exposed and vulnerable. He was not fully erect but his cock was definitely interested in what was going on. His gaze wandered curiously over the Vampire’s body. Iannopoulos was nicely sculpted. Not perfectly ripped, but very fit, and the thick curved shaft that jutted from his open pants looked fit for its task as well. It was meaty and longer than the span of Xavier’s hand, he figured.

Xavier slid a hand over his own torso, a fingertip teasing lightly over his nipple. His eyes were half lidded and he fixed the Vampire with his sexiest come-hither stare. 

“Mmm-hmmmm! Such a beauty!” Elian growled huskily, letting his powerful body move languidly between Xavier’s thighs and up against his belly and torso without entering him. His long, heavy, circumcised cock rubbed back and forth between the firm peaches of his mate’s exposed backside and he possessed the boy’s throat with his lips and teeth again, definitely nipping and nibbling hungrily now. “And I was thinking that maybe I would have to force you to submit to me. You must want him back very badly, this troublesome Fledge, Wylde!” He laughed; a deep, seductive chuckle of sound against the curve of Xavier’s earlobe and licked the twin bite marks again enjoying the way that the boy wriggled and gasped when he touched them.

“He’s a friend, I wouldn’t just leave a friend with those assholes.” Xavier murmured. 

He felt Elian laugh along his skin again and shivered. “A friend. That’s precious.” 

“Would you just shut up?” Maybe not the smartest thing to say to a Vampire that had his lips on your jugular but Xavier had come here to trade and he was not going to discuss how he might or might not feel about Rayne with Elian Iannopoulos.

“You have a lot of spirit,” Elian chuckled, biting him a little harder, letting those vicious canines break the skin in the exact spots where Rayne had marked him. He drew back and licked at the blood that welled to the surface, watching Xavier shudder with a combination of anguish and need. “I always appreciate that. But here in my territory you will not tell me what I may, or may not, do or say? Do you understand me, angel?” 

His tone was not harsh but there was a warning note behind his words.

Xavier quivered and moaned as the needlepoints pricked him. His hips rolled up automatically, rubbing his suddenly very erect cock against Elian’s belly. 

“How about helpful suggestions?” Xavier exhaled huskily. 

The Vampire seemed to curl over and around him, covering Xavier’s mouth with his lips, sliding his tongue between them and giving the young man a taste of his own mortal blood as he gripped the blond’s lean hips with both hands. His powerful fingers pried Xavier’s firm cheeks apart roughly and he pressed his leaking cock-head against the exposed pucker of Xavier’s ass and bucked upward firmly into the dancer’s hot, smooth, toned body, loving the way that Xav undulated like a serpent as his passage was roughly breached and entered.

Xavier’s back arched and he gave a little pain-filled cry at the quickness of the entry. He sucked in a hard breath and released it with a whimper, his body quivering now for an entirely different reason.

“Here’s a helpful suggestion for you, child,” Elian breathed into Xavier’s open mouth. “If you want what you came here for, you’ll tell me what I want to hear. And right now I want to hear you begging me for more.”

Xavier might have complied easily enough if he’d been given a little preparation, or at least a little lube. As it was, the last thing he wanted was more of that fat tool shoved in him dry. He closed his eyes. 

“Please…” He swallowed hard and brushed his lips over Elian’s, hoping for a few seconds more to adjust. “…mm-uh… more, please. I want more,” he breathed, hoping he sounded eager enough.

“Yes you do!” his captor agreed with a lascivious smile. “You are astonishingly snug given the company you keep! But don’t you worry, I will persevere!”

Xavier tossed his head, moaning helplessly as the vampire sunk within him. He too would have thought, given as much fucking as he’d been doing lately, he wouldn’t be so damned tight.

“uuuh… fuck!” He shuddered as the head of the vampire’s long cock bumped his prostate. His own rod stiffened, little drops of precum forming despite his discomfort. Just as he was struggling to adjust, his tormentor pulled out of him and rolled them both onto the floor with Xavier on top. His fingers snaked through the young man’s soft blond hair and he writhed his hips and belly upward, forcing Xav’s mouth down onto his cock.

“Suck it! Make me wet,” he growled eagerly. “You have a long night ahead of you, so take your time and do a thorough job.”

Xavier’s soft lips wrapped around the silken head and his eyelids fluttered closed again. He braced his hands on the Vampire’s firm thighs and caught his breath for a second. After all, he had been told to take his time. 

Saliva began to pool in his mouth, hot and slippery, and he inched his lips ever so slowly down the hard cock in his mouth. His tongue laved the underside as he took him halfway and came back up, keeping his glide slow and sensual. He was not only practised, he enjoyed giving head, every bit of the taste and feel of a man’s hard cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head, bathing him in his warm wet maw, and then went down again. This time he took Elian all the way, the tight constriction of his gullet opening and yielding. Xavier’s hands kneaded Elian’s thighs softly, creeping inward to the juncture between so he could cup and caressed the large, hairless balls hanging there. He moaned softly as he nodded up and down in a smooth rhythm.

His mate rose and fell steadily under him, blessedly silent for once. His long fingers alternately gripped at Xavier’s hair or slid through it to caress the back of his neck. Elian twisted sideways beneath him, sighing with tremulous pleasure at the brush of the boy’s sweet mouth and angel’s tongue on his needy rod. He wormed beneath Xavier, his sex turning slowly between the young man’s industrious lips. A firm hand gripped the boy’s lean left calf, lifting his leg so that the Vampire’s head could get between his thighs. He lipped sensuously at the tender flesh of Xavier’s inner thighs, licking him there, trailing his tongue higher between the young man’s well-muscled legs, lapping slowly and teasingly at his balls and perineum.

Xav had a moment’s worry about sharp fangs so close to such highly sensitive areas. Funny how he’d never worried about it with Rayne. The wet tongue that laved over his sac chased those considerations away though. 

Sliding his mouth up until he held just the head between his lips Xavier wrapped his fist around Elian’s shaft and stroked him, sliding his thumb along the underside over that most sensitive bundle of nerves and feeling him jolt and twitch eagerly in response. 

The Vampire licked his slow, wet way up between Xavier’s clenching ass cheeks, prising them apart with his deft fingers to work the tip of his wriggling tongue into the dancer’s sore, stretched ring; still gaping from Elian’s rough entry minutes before. He tongued his saliva into the young man’s hot, raw passage then sucked the first two fingers of his left hand and eased them into Xavier’s ass, touching him slowly and seductively inside. 

“Mmmhhh… that feels so good, child,” he whispered, breathing the words over Xavier’s twitching sphincter as he humped his long, luscious cock a little deeper into the dancer’s suckling mouth. “You give exquisite head, my angel. Let me feel your throat around my glans before I slide it back deep into your fuckable ass and give you what you long for.”

His fingers thrust and twisted inside the boy, caressing his moist fundament, groping for the firm nub deep in his silken fuck tunnel that would make Xavier as helpless as a sex-doll and needy as a whore in his strong embrace.

Xavier swirled his tongue around once more before sliding Elian deep into his throat. His soft lips tightened around the shaft as they touched down on his smooth-shaven base. A moan quivered through his filled throat as long fingers stroked over the smooth gland inside. His cock felt like a steel pole jutting between his thighs, a thin trickle of precum wetting his head. He felt the moist tip of Elian’s tongue lick up the drops greedily, lashing quickly over the silken smooth head of Xav’s aching cock while his fingers stroked within. 

Xavier’s moans were needy little sounds, his hips pushed back, riding Elian’s fingers.

Cool lips embraced his throbbing cock head. Elian stroked steadily between his jaws, enjoying the boy’s rising passion. The gyration of his hips seemed to commute itself through Elian’s tall, spare, tightly muscled frame and soon they were squirming and thrusting with delicious abandon on the soft white rug like the sigil of two dragons swallowing each others’ tails; an unbroken chain, feeding on one another’s’ arousal. Each in turn was taking the pleasure to higher and higher peaks. 

Elian maintained control, withdrawing from Xavier’s mouth before his lust could find consummation there. His fingers slid wetly from the boy’s clenching hole and he licked Xavier greedily between his firm, smooth cheeks, adding his own wetness to the delicious human musk as he steered Xavier onto his hands and knees.

Xavier felt a stab of frustration, he knew by the feel and taste of him that Elian had been edging close. Xavier’s own rampant cock was twitching at the abandonment of Elian’s mouth. He slid a hand down his body, stroking his aching prick as the Vampire’s clever tongue wriggled in his hole again. 

The slap that landed on his ass was very loud. Xavier yelped in surprise and flinched away, more from the unexpectedness of the blow than actual hurt.

Elian slapped him again with a little chuckle. 

“You are such a bad boy, Xavier. No wonder the old man left you with me, you must be driving him crazy with lust you little tease!”

He parted the blond’s firm, golden butt cheeks with both hands and wriggled the head of his leaking prick slowly into place against Xav’s glistening hole, watching it open and close like a little mouth, gasping with need. Gripping the boy’s slender hips he pushed himself in again, deep and hard.

Xavier groaned throatily. The entry was smoother this time. Spit and spunk easing the way, along with desire. His lean body writhed under the bigger man, his fingers tightening around his cock again as he stroked, hungry now for release after being teased so thoroughly. His head dropped forward as he fell into the rhythm of being fucked hard and fast from behind. 

Elian uttered a sound that was half-laugh, half pleasurable growl as he straddled the boy more possessively, bucking deeper, increasing the urgency of his stroke within Wylde’s pretty little concubine. He curled over the sexy young dancer’s arching back and licked the nape of his neck as Xavier lowered his head. From the twitch of his shoulder and the judder of his lean frame he knew that his human mate was fisting his cock and let the boy get close before snaking his arms around Xav’s body, pulling the youngster up onto his knees. 

“No.” He whispered the word but it might as well have been a command. Watching Coelho do a similar thing to Wylde today had been arousing but this was a hundred times better. “When I want you to touch your cock,” he growled quietly in Xavier’s ear, “I will tell you.”

Xavier made a sound that was nearly a wail of disappointment. He had been very close indeed. His head was spinning with the sudden denial. 

The Vampire’s powerful hands raked down his lover’s chest and caught Xavier’s wrists in an almost painful grip, drawing both hands back behind him and holding them level with his own thrusting hips so that the blond youth was pinioned astride him, virtually sitting in his lap. Touching his lips to the sensitive bite marks once more, Elian fucked his throbbing sex all the way up into Xavier’s writhing body letting his heavy balls bump steadily against the boy’s clenching nuts before he sank his fangs into his captive’s neck.

“Ahhh!” Xavier yelped. The pain of the bite was exquisitely sharp. His whole body stiffened, and then a hot wash of the most delicious pleasure rolled over him and he was melting against Elian’s impaling body. “Ooohh…” he breathed. The flex and roll of his hips rode the Elder Vampire, grinding his sweet rounded cheeks into Elian’s bucking groin. Being restrained only added to the fire. 

He had been so close only moments before. His cock stood ramrod stiff from his body and his balls felt tight and heavy. The smallest touch would have set him off. The Vampire sucked greedily at his slender neck and another hot gush of warmth spread out over him, the long hard phallus pounded into him and Xavier came with a desperate, shuddering cry. 

He had come a couple times from Rayne’s bite without his cock being touched, still he was caught by surprise and too late to even try and control it. With no choice he let go with utter abandon, the white ropes jetting from his cock head in spurt after delicious spurt as he moaned his pleasure. He knew that the Vampire might punish him for it. The dominance and control he’d shown so far gave Xavier plenty of warning that he’d probably want to make Xavier beg before being allowed to come. He couldn’t help it though, and if Elian got upset for fucking the come out of him it was his own damn fault. 

Elian felt the boy’s snug, wet chute suck him in and squeeze his sensitive sex with enticing vigour as Wylde’s little dancer came like a fountain, riding him feverishly in the quest for his own selfish pleasure. It felt so delicious that he did not have the heart to chastise the boy. Although he did drive his twitching shaft up hard two or three more times, enjoying the suction of his young mate’s climactic passage as he injected his seed into the youth with a roar of approval.

Releasing Xavier’s arms, he sank onto the boy’s back and licked at the blood dripping from his pale, hot neck as he rolled the dancer to the floor and curled around him.

“Beautiful,” he sighed appreciatively. “I could get used to having you in my bed, Xavier Gavrilov. Perhaps I will keep you when all of this business is concluded and Wylde has returned to England.”

Xavier was floating on the high of orgasmic release and the warm buzz that came with being bitten but even so the Vampire’s words sent prickles of alarm racing through him. 

“No! You promised you’d let us go.” In his head he said the words vehemently, but they came out of his mouth rather more groggy and desperate sounding.

“I promised nothing of the sort,” Elian rumbled contentedly, rubbing his potent body stealthily against the young human in his arms. “I promised that in return for the favour of Jabez Everman and a night of incredible passion with you I would try to ensure the release of the Wylde creature from Coelho Lagrada-Diaz. I will do that. But I did not promise to release either of you, Xavier. If I decide to keep you, who is going to argue with me? Your boyfriend has been foolish enough to argue with one of our kind, I doubt he will be so foolish a second time!”

He licked the young man’s neck again and rubbed himself up more urgently between Xavier’s buttocks. His cock quickened at once, already up for more action with the pretty dancing boy.

Xavier huffed out a breath as he was vigorously entered again. A scathing denial was on the tip of his tongue, but he checked it before it got loose. He could argue their agreement now, which would only antagonise the Vampire and possibly even make him change his mind about helping at all, or he could bide his time. If Elian got Rayne free from Cole Lagrado and then tried to welsh on the rest of the deal they could figure out what to do then.

“Good boy,” his Undead mate growled hungrily in his ear taking Xav’s silence and lack of resistance as a sign of his submission. He rolled onto the young man and began to thrust into him fiercely once again. “You know which side your bread is buttered. I like that in a human slave.”

He nipped Xav again, not biting deeply but just letting him feel the pressure of those dangerous fangs on his skin, puncturing him and taking the twin beads of blood that answered the call. His cock pulsed steadily in the wetness of his mate’s well-inseminated anus as he licked and sucked on the young man’s neck.

Xavier bristled and again a hot objection rose to his mind if not to his lips at being called ‘slave’. Impetuous and sharp-tongued as he could be he was not stupid, he knew when to keep his mouth shut. His body’s reactions were not so easy to control. Angry and worried as he was he couldn’t stop the tingling response, especially when Elian drew blood and shivers coursed down him, making his traitorous cock twitch and stir once more. 

Xavier whimpered, eyes closed and legs spread as the bigger man pinned him to the floor, his bucking thrusts driving Xavier’s stiffening prick into the soft carpet underneath. He was taking it slower this time, if not less vigorously; drawing out his pleasure as he used Xavier’s tight young body. Long minutes went by and the slow and deliberate stimulation of his prostate and cock had its effect, as did the helplessness of being pinned to the floor and the occasional pin picks from those needle sharp teeth. 

Xavier couldn’t stop it any more than the first time. He felt the shiver of pleasure that coursed from his colon to his groin, the tightening tingle in his balls, and spurted his seed as Elian drove harder and faster inside him. 

“Uuuhh! Uuuuh! Oh, fuck… ohhh fuck, yes!” he panted. 

This time Elian Iannopoulos did not come in him. He rode the waves of pleasure emanating from Xavier’s trembling body, pulsing in him rhythmically until the young man’s cries of unfeigned ecstasy faded into little gasps and moans under him. The boy was so warm, and so delicious. And the night was still young. 

Smoothly the Vampire pushed himself to his feet, slipping out of Xavier’s twitching ass, still hard and glistening. Bending to run his fingers through the dancer’s unruly blond hair, he caught a handful and pulled the boy to his knees with it.

Xavier knew what was desired and obediently opened his mouth. He ran the flat of his tongue up the underside of his mate’s slippery turgid staff, tasting the bitter salty mix of come and his own musky flavour. The plum of Elian’s engorged head slid between his lips and Xavier took him down with deep sucking strokes of his soft mouth. 

“Mmmmm….” Elian rumbled hungrily, pulsing between the boy’s lips, still tugging on his fair curls. He loved the feel of the boy’s silky tresses between his fingers almost as much as the pull of Xavier’s skilful lips on his cock. “That is good boy. You are well trained!”

Xavier seethed but showed no outward indication. Just get Rayne free you fucker, he thought as he sucked hard and fast enough to hollow his cheeks. He was experienced in how to get a guy off as quickly as possible, the quicker you could turn the trick the better, and he applied himself with diligence to that task, blocking out all else for the time being. 

Elian took his time, but when the explosion came he pulled back, stroking his shaft and ejecting his seed, with a cry of satisfaction, over Xavier’s face and into his half-open mouth. He stroked the boy’s blond curls almost affectionately. 

“You are so pretty,” he crooned. “Come to my bedroom now, sweet thing. Let’s see how you like to play nasty games, shall we? I imagine the English creature has taught you plenty of intriguing perversions in his bed. And you enjoyed every moment given your devotion to him. I will enjoy extracting the details from your mind and inflicting them on Wylde tomorrow evening, once he is mine. Never fear, Xavier, I will let you watch me fucking your pretty boyfriend.”

He kissed Xavier’s mouth and licked his semen-covered face lasciviously.

Xavier rose slowly but his mind was already rebelling. He would not let the Vampire in his head. He could keep him out the way Dominic had showed him. He would not give him even one intimate little detail. He repeated and strengthened his resolve over and over as he followed Elian into the bedroom and was swiftly pushed down and spread out over the bed. Elian Iannopoulos could have his body, but not his mind. Never that!

He managed to keep this resolve over the next few hours as the handsome Vampire fucked him as if he would never tire, and never be satisfied enough. Fortunately Elian seemed both amused and intrigued that Xavier could keep him out. Even when Xavier was brought to another shuddering orgasm, he did not let the shield slip, would not let Elian penetrate into his thoughts and emotions the same way he penetrated his lean warm body. Unfortunately, although his cock seemed inexhaustible Elian’s patience was not. 

So far this night he had only bitten deeply the once, drinking a satisfying gout without taking too much. The rest were all little nips and nicks, a few drops licked from his skin. Now he flipped Xavier to his back and grabbed a fist full of silk blond curls, pulling his head back to stretch his neck in a long line. He let Xavier see the wickedly sharp extended canines and he hissed menacingly before he struck. He bit him deep and savagely with a low growl of satisfaction as fresh hot blood flooded up into his mouth.

Xavier gave one terrified scream, his hands clawing futilely at Elian’s naked back. The pain of the teeth sinking into him was nothing compared to the mental battering ram that broke apart his inexperienced shielding and ripped those things that he had so determinedly tried to keep from the Vampire out of his memories. The scream died to a desolate sound that was very close to a sob. In his short mortal life he had been forced into sexual situations many times, but he had never felt more violated then he did now with Elian Iannopoulos raping his unguarded mind.

Elian seemed almost disappointed in him when he finally rose from gorging on Xavier’s blood and emotions. He spent himself in the boy one final time, uttering a low growl of lust and satiation as he sank down, curling around the shuddering, weeping creature beneath him.

Beyond the tall, arched windows of his elegant yet not ostentatious bedroom the inky darkness of the night sky was slowly melting into a cool, pearl grey, whispering of the coming dawn. The Vampire rolled off him and stretched his long, lean limbs with a lasting sigh. 

“Wylde’s cerebral control is intermittent and it is not strong,” he murmured huskily as if this thought had been preying on his mind even during the night of seemingly endless passion. “He did not teach you that little trick, child. If you stay with me, I can show you how to close your mind to all but the very strongest of probes and keep your shields intact.” He stroked Xavier’s hair, observing the young male as he lay curled up like a wounded animal, trying hard not to cry out loud, his face buried in his arms. “It would please me to take you from him. Truly he is not worthy of you, Xavier. But you should rest now. Tonight when I bring your pathetic mate to you he will need your remaining blood. I saw the hunger in his eyes this afternoon as he cowered at Lagrado’s feet. They have starved him and forced him to heal himself over and over until he can barely think of anything else but blood. It will be interesting to see if he can keep himself from ripping out your throat.”


Rayne Wylde was tired and still in very real pain when they came for him the following morning. Barely able to stand, he was taken to a stark, white-tiled chamber where he was washed inside and out and his body powdered and oiled. Clothing was provided although he quickly figured, examining the tiny pair of black, clingy shorts and the open fronted black mesh shirt, that nakedness would be just as easy for his tormentors to deal with. 

Finally, clad in the revealing garb and a pair of knee-high, flat-soled, lace-up black boots he studied his reflection and thought that he resembled nothing so much as an undersized wrestler. If there was a competition to find the world’s puniest wrestling star then he was it. He would have laughed if it hadn’t hurt so much.

He was taken to a different chamber once he was prepared; a smaller audience room than the one where he had been humiliated yesterday. There was a long, open-ended leather sofa and a couple of deep, comfortable looking chairs at one end and a polished wooden desk at the other. Cole Lagrado was sitting behind the desk and three other Vampires occupied the chairs and the lounger. They all looked with interest and no small amount of lust at the semi-clad Fledgling.

“Very pretty,” the one on the sofa said appreciatively. 

Rayne looked him over, keeping his face devoid of expression. He could tell straight away that this was an old, old Vampire. His aura was deep and full of shimmering shadows. Perhaps he was older even than Lagrado, but he maintained a polite deference… no, not deference but he was pacific in the presence of the more dominant Vampire. From his appearance he had probably only been in his twenties or early thirties when he was Turned and his attire was casual; an open necked shirt and dove grey jacket over black leather pants and boots. His pale hair was short around his ears and the nape of his neck but a little longer on top and he was clean-shaven and quite smart yet Rayne could imagine that he was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

He cast his eyes over the other two, who were both younger vampires. One, who looked about 19 under his lick of butter-coloured hair, was actually nearer two hundred years old. He was a bit scrawny but there was a keen, almost maniacal look in his pale blue eyes that Rayne found disturbing. His mode of dress was a confused mish-mash of different styles, all of them outmoded. He found himself thinking that just as not all gay men were automatically stylish, neither was it true that all Undead were effortlessly glamorous. This one was neither. In spite of his apparent youth he dressed like his grandfather and seemed as if he should be about 50 years old; pinched and tired and probably a bit mean-spirited to boot.

The third was sitting back, at ease, in the chair by the door. He wore black chinos and a dark shirt, buttoned right up under a sleeveless leather waistcoat. His dark hair was buzz-cut close to his scalp. The bearing and look were both military but something about him gave Rayne the creeps straight off. His eyes were kind of dead; emotionless. Physically he seemed to be a man in his mid to late forties but he was the youngest of the Turned; Undead for less than a century, by Rayne’s skilful calculation. The young Englishman felt a shiver of pain in his gut when the third Vampire looked at him. He was not sure how he knew it but his senses were telling him that this bastard liked it to hurt. Blood and screaming both did it for him, but he fed on fear as well. He and Cole were well matched.

“Come to me,” Lagrado said coldly. He had risen and was pointing with his crop to a spot by his right foot. At once Rayne drew his eyes away from the others and came to stand before his captor. Lagrado was looking him up and down with a small, crooked smile that said he liked the way his new plaything was decorated. 

“On your knees,” he emphasised, tapping the whip against Rayne’s thigh.

The singer bit down on his lips, maintaining his silence. After yesterday’s nightmare he just wanted to get whatever was planned for him over and done as soon as possible and with as little violence. He was not sure his body could take any more aggression. 

Awkwardly he went to his knees and Cole stroked his hair in that irritating imitation of tenderness. 

“Good little whore,” he sneered softly. “Were you an obedient slut for Steffen last night?”

Rayne swallowed a choice retort. 

“Yes Master,” he said atonally instead. 

Lagrado caressed his cheek with the whip. 

“I think he was rather disappointed in you. He was hoping you would put up a better fight.”

“I’m sorry, Master.” Rayne’s voice shook slightly. “I was tired and hungry. I’ll try harder next time.”

“I trust you shall, or it will be your human mate back in his bed tomorrow night,” Lagrado said coldly. “But we are not interested in your excuses, slut. I have a small gift for you.”

“Thank you, Master,” Rayne looked up at him incuriously, burning inside at that threat against Xav. He vowed silently that Steffen would have the boy again over a pile of his smoking ashes.

The Ancient turned back towards his desk and picked up a thick, black leather strap with a heavy silver buckle and a couple of dog tags. He showed his captive the tags. One of them was inscribed with the words ‘My Name Is Slutboy. I need to be fucked in my mouth and anus. Please beat me if I fail to satisfy.’ the other read ‘This whore is the property of Cole Lagrado. You may use him as you desire.’The smirking Ancient let him read them then pushed Rayne’s head forward and stroked the tumble of hair away from the nape to put the collar around his neck. He fastened it tightly. Rayne huffed softly, catching his breath. 

“Now you can be in no doubt of your place, whore,” his keeper told him, tugging steadily on his hair. “What do you say to me?”

“Thank you, Master,” Rayne responded in a voice that was little more than a husky whisper. 

When he lifted his head the pair sitting in the armchairs were grinning at his continued humiliation. The Vamp on the sofa however was watching him with something akin to concern. A little frown creased his brow. Rayne looked away, not caring what he thought or wanted to see.

“Kiss my boots, you worthless slut,” Cole said dismissively. 

Another little quiver of resentment shuddered through Rayne Wylde as he bent slowly and painfully down to the ground. He touched his lips to the soft leather of his Master’s boots and struggled to shut down the towering inferno of rage inside him. He forced himself to focus on the memory of Xavier’s dirty, frightened face, the way it had been when he found the boy in the cell that was now his own prison.

Cole pushed him away with his boot. 

“You disgust me!” he hissed in bitter recrimination. “Go to my Peers, to your Elders and Betters and grovel for them. They have come to sample your sweet delights so you had best not disappoint them or I will have you stripped and whipped for their entertainment instead.” He clapped his hands together to get the attention of the others. “Gentlemen, you have been selected today in repayment for your services to me in the past! I will permit you to sample my new slut before you are offered the chance to bid for a night of unlimited amusement with him. The highest bidder gets to use my little bitch all night, wherever and however he desires it. I will leave it to you, my friends, as to how you ensure his full compliance. He is not to been killed or left permanently marked but otherwise you may handle him as is your wont.”

“Master?” Rayne looked up at him, eyes wide with alarm. “Please! Did I do something wrong?”

“Be quiet, wretch. Learn your place!” Cole snapped at him. “It is my prerogative as your keeper to rent your worthless body to my associates and friends for their pleasure. If you please them, Slutboy, you please me. Do you understand?”

Rayne felt the floor lurch under him. He thought that he would retch but held it at bay. 

“Yes Master,” he forced out, swallowing bile. It would be horrible but he could take it. He had done so as a mortal, it should be easier now. It didn’t feel that way though.

Cole stroked his hair again, almost gently.

“Did you truly believe that you would have the pleasure of servicing me alone, Slutboy?” he whispered. “I should have thought that your collar tags explained thoroughly what your duties were to be.”

“Yes Master,” Rayne nodded, quivering at the idea that Lagrado would just sell him to anyone who wanted him; Bastards like Steffen and the military-looking Vampire, who just liked causing pain and seeing their victims struggle and scream. And then he felt angry at the thought that his captor would do the same with any human slave, boys and girls who could not fight back or heal the damage done to their bodies as he could.

“Go to them and let them sample the pleasures of your sweet, dirty mouth before they bid for you,” Lagrado said as casually as if he was asking Rayne to polish their shoes. “Gentlemen, you have fifteen minutes apiece with the whore. Enjoy!”

In the end Rayne was far more entertaining than Cole had hoped he would be. He had mastered the art of shutting out bad things many years before he was Turned. He knelt before the three Elders and took them silently in his mouth one after the other, giving them what they wanted. The scrawny one, whom Cole addressed as Corcoran, was easy enough. He was small by Vampiric standards and from the way he stiffened as Rayne’s hands freed him from his pants, he liked the feel of a young man’s mouth on his cock. Once Rayne was sucking and nodding steadily on him he was like modelling clay in the hands of a craftsman. His spill tasted stale and musty though, as if he never bothered to rouse himself to the hunt or even to start his heartbeat. He would be lazy and possibly easy to manipulate but also spiteful and cruel to anyone in his care.

He took the Old One next, the one on the sofa, whose solemn, light grey eyes never left his face as he worked on the obscenely beautiful shaft of meat between the Ancient’s thighs. He was the only one to introduce himself formally before the act took place. 

“My name is Elian Iannopoulos,” he breathed. “You are so very beautiful, Rayne Wylde. I was not prepared for you to be so beautiful.”

Rayne blinked at him for a moment. He had presumed that they all attended the circus of his humiliation yesterday. Maybe Elian had not been paying attention. His manner was just languid enough to suggest that such a trivial piece of nonsense was beneath him. Rayne bent his head and unzipped him when no command was forthcoming. He stroked the handsome Elder’s rigid, nine inch cock with his lips and tongue, wrapping his fingers around it and fisting it gently before sliding it into his mouth. It felt good there and he nodded down deep on it, losing himself in the task as Elian stroked his hair and face and whispered eager words of encouragement to him. 

“Ohhh… you are so good!” he exhaled when the deed was done and Rayne was choking down the thick, rich flow of his cum.

“Thank you Master,” he murmured at last as Elian’s cool hand slid inside the neckline of his mesh shirt, caressing him appreciatively.

When the Ancient one gently pushed him away, he went on his hands and knees, a shade reluctantly, to the third of the Elders. The crop-haired fellow rose to his feet, unzipping his own pants and pulling out a cock that Clay would have been envious of. 

“Hope ya’ll haven’t worn his jaw out,” he chuckled in a gruff, Texan-accented voice.

“I think you’ll enjoy him, Marshall,” Elian laughed; a curiously melodious sound. He stretched out on the sofa to watch, his fly still unfastened, as Rayne began to kiss the stiffening cock in front of him, touching his lips tenderly to the youngest Vampire’s huge bone. His tongue worked around the fat mushroom head, lapping at his slit then a rough hand gripped his hair and Marshal grunted; “Open your mouth, whore. I wanna fuck ya’ll not marry ya, ya li’l fairy!”

He pushed his sex into the singer’s mouth and began to buck urgently. Rayne put his hands against the creature’s thighs for balance but they were slapped away roughly. 

“Don’t touch me, faggot boy! I’m warning ya. If I want ya to touch I’ll tell ya’ll how and where.”

Rayne’s hands slid down to his thighs at once and he moved his knees a little further apart to brace himself as the one they called Marshall tugged on his hair, pulling his head back so that he could fuck his sex into Rayne’s throat. The Englishman gagged on his cock a couple of times, unable to control the rate at which his mate was entering him. Marshall did not seem to care. In fact it seemed to excite him more watching the slender Englishman choke on his erection. His cock lurched quickly in Rayne’s mouth and he pulled it out and ejaculated on the singer’s face.

“Ya’ll is someways older than I normally like ’em,” he said casually. “But yer a purty l’il thing, I’ll say. Ya’ll keep y’self nice and slim and clean. I like that. I bet your boy-pussy is good an’ tight, yeah?”

Privately, Rayne thought that after what Steffen had done to him the last couple of nights it was unlikely but he just murmured; “Yes, Master.”

“Ya’ll call me Boss, faggot boy,” Marshall said, tugging at his hair. “Sure is getting me hard agin seeing you wearing my splooge on your purty face like a medal. Say ‘I wanna suck on yuh big cock again, Boss’. Go on, say it!”

“Marshall!” Elian exclaimed almost incredulously. 

“What’s up old man? Just cus it takes ya’ll forever to unload in the bitch, if I c’n git it up again he c’n take it, yuh?”

The older Vamp looked a question at Cole Lagrado who was watching almost disinterestedly from his position, leaning on the desk. The Master Vampire shrugged now and looked at his Rolex. 

“He’s still your ride for ten minutes, Marshall,” he said impassively. “Do whatever you want to him.”

Rayne fumed a little at that, but Marshall already had him by the hair again and was forcing that impressive shaft into his mouth. He sucked and swallowed it hard this time, getting it down a little better. His assailant quickly picked up a rhythm and fucked his throat rough and fast. Rayne kept his eyes closed this time, gulping and drooling around that big cock, almost light-headed from the lack of oxygen even though he did not need it.

Marshall did not shield when he was aroused. Rayne was already aware that he had been thinking of something else during the first oral rape. The second attack took a little longer and this time he got disturbing flashes of Marshall’s thoughts. The bastard was thinking about a pregnant college girl who was tied to his bed back at his apartment. He was thinking about how he had stripped and raped her teenage boyfriend in front of her, then positioned the boy’s cock in her pussy before sliding his own back up the boy’s ass and fucking them both. He had bled the father of her unborn baby to death in front of her and fed the body to his hounds, but was keeping the girl for his own pleasure. It felt so good to bite her full breasts and suck her milk along with the blood as his cock pumped her pussy and ass. She was ungagged, he loved listening to her screaming as he did her. Whilst he stroked his cock in and out of Rayne’s mouth he hummed to himself, deliberating how he would thrust his fist up her cunt when she was about ready to drop and rip the child from her womb. Maybe he would eat it while she watched and screamed. 

Rayne’s jaw clenched and he could not help himself. He bit the bastard’s cock hard, wanting to rip it off with his teeth. Above him he heard Marshall howling in agony and there was a sudden flurry of activity as the others saw blood and realised what he had done. He opened his mouth to catch his breath and the rapist’s punch knocked him halfway across the room. 

“L’il fucker!” Marshall was screaming, his face almost scarlet with fury and pain. “Yeaaaarrggghhh! Jeeeeesus!! Give the fag bastard to me, Cole. I’m gonna teach that l’il fairy bitch a lesson he ain’t gonna forget in a long time!”

Corcoran was looking admiringly at the damage to Marshall’s impressive dick (which had wilted seriously since its encounter with Rayne’s teeth). It was already healing but Marshall was making a meal of it. Cole had not moved from the desk but was glaring at Rayne as the one called Elian helped him to his knees.

“Are you all right?” the pale haired Ancient asked quietly and Rayne looked at him, surprised to see a twinkle of amusement in his grey eyes. He had zipped his fly defensively though.

The singer nodded, licking the trickles of blood from his lips. “Yeah, better for that… Master,” he added quickly.

Elian caressed his cheek and pulled him to his feet. “I like you. You’ve got spirit,” he whispered, patting Rayne on the arse approvingly.

“Bring him to me, Yiannis,” Cole said in a frosty tone. 

“Spike the l’il bitch!” Marshall was ranting furiously. “Burn his faggot ass!”

“Oh Marshall! You wanted to fuck his faggot ass a few minutes ago. Pull yourself together man,” Elian laughed bitterly. He seemed unperturbed by his fellow Vampire’s anguished rage.

Rayne came to Lagrado a little unwillingly, rubbing the stickiness of his victim’s blood and semen off his face. He held the Master Vampire’s furious glare defiantly, dreading the punishment. 

I’m sorry, Xavier. I’m so sorry! he thought disconsolately, praying that PJ had got his young mate far enough from San Francisco for safety. 

“What was that about?” Cole demanded, his hand moving faster than a striking cobra. He slapped Rayne’s face hard, then gripped the collar around his neck before he could flinch away. “What do you think you were doing, you little fool?”

“He asked for it, Master,” Rayne panted, as Cole pushed him to his knees. 

The insolence earned him a harder blow and he moaned a little, reeling from the force of it. 

“Marshall is asking for your True Death as punishment for the injuries you inflicted, Slut. Shall I grant his wish?” Lagrado asked. He did not raise his voice but somehow that cold, low tone was worse than had he ranted and raged. “Shall I take you to the place of burning, high in the hills where no one but us will hear your screams? After today’s little display it would give me enormous pleasure to see you impaled upon a six foot metal spike in the desert, writhing in agony before the paraffin is sprayed over your flesh and we set you alight.”

“Coelho!” Elian exclaimed, sounding shocked by this threat. “Please, he is just a boy. Young and impulsive! He is right, Marshall should have shielded his thoughts. We all shared them.”

Lagrado ignored him. He was staring at Rayne as if the hurt had been done to him personally. The Englishman shuddered helplessly. The threat was serious enough. It would kill him, he knew. If they let the fire burn to its conclusion, he would die. It would also take hours and he would feel the pain for every moment until he crumbled mercifully to ashes. He held his tongue, refusing to plead. The glare he fixed on Lagrado was heartfelt and promised a dire and painful vengeance should the opportunity ever arise.

“Give him to me!” Marshall raged, still clutching his wounded parts, but now slumped back in the chair. “Let me have the punishin’ of that l’il fagbitch!”

Cole straightened, his expression harsh and icy. “You forget your place, Marshall,” he stated angrily.

For a moment they were all silent, even Marshall. Then the Master Vampire said; “He is mine to punish as I see fit.”

“His collar gives me the right to beat on him if he don’t give me satisfaction!” the injured party argued petulantly. 

“He gave you satisfaction twice over, Marshall Withers. Your satisfaction still decorates his face and hair.” Cole’s dark eyes narrowed as he stared at the frustrated Elder. “Now his punishment is down to me. I could defer the bidding on his body and declare that he belongs to Marshall until he has paid with his blood for the injury he caused.” 

Lagrado glanced at Elian who shrugged and said; “Unfair on the rest of us, Coelho. It is an injury that is almost healed already. Not as if he actually bit it off!”

“Yiannis!” Marshall complained bitterly. 

“Don’t be such a baby!” Elian retorted. “You let yourself get nipped in the nuts by a mere Fledgling and you expect us to feel sorry for you? The boy is right, youdid ask for it. You saw yesterday how tender his young heart is towards the suffering of mortals, yet you baited him with it. Were he older and stronger it would have served you right if he ripped out your manhood and swallowed it!”

“Wish I had!” Rayne muttered under his breath. 

“Silence, Slut!” Cole ordered without turning to look at him. “I did not request your opinion.”

“Let us bid for him, Coelho,” Elian coaxed, his voice so soothing that Rayne found himself wondering what history these two had. The others seemed in awe of Cole Lagrado but Elian was his own man; respectful yet not afraid.

He found himself hoping that the Ancient would win the bidding war. If he was to be sold off to another Vampire then Elian Iannopoulos seemed infinitely more appealing than the other two. He crossed his fingers and bent his head, not wanting to watch the expression on Cole’s face. The Master could still overrule them and sign his death warrant. He had not forgotten the look of feverish ecstasy in Lagrado’s eyes as he spoke of spiking and burning. 

“Very well,” Lagrado said gravely at long last. “It is fair, as you pointed out. You may proceed with your bids and I will consider them.”

Marshall rose stiffly from his seat, his hand still cupping his balls as he growled; “Lagrado, I have a pair of very fine healthy college girls for ya’ll. Blonde cheerleader bitches, very fit an’ young with big, round bouncing titties. They’s jist burstin’ with hot blood; good for sexin’ or feedin’, or just for the chase. Or if ya’ll prefer, ya could keep them whores and breed them. I know how ya’ll love to watch their teen bellies swell and listen to their little screams as them dhamphir spawn start tearin’ and bitin’ their way out of their mommas’ sweet l’il pussies.”

Rayne put his hand over his mouth, feeling physically sick. Even Elian looked mildly disgusted and shook his head. The blond, Corcoran was hard in his pants though. Cole merely raised an eyebrow. 

“Tempting,” he responded. “Do you have these whores in your keeping now?”

“I can have them in your bloodstock portfolio by nightfall, Sir,” Marshall promised with a lewd grin. He tucked himself away tentatively and zipped his fly still wincing at the pain. He glowered at Rayne Wylde as he did so.

“A mouthwatering offer,” Cole concluded with a chuckle. “Does anyone wish to raise Marshall’s bid? Yiannis? Corcoran?”

The scrawny blond, Corcoran was rubbing himself as he wheedled; “I bid a full month’s takings from my strip club, X-Calibur and the use of a pair of my boy strippers for the night. Any pair you choose, Master Lagrado.”

Cole paced the room between them seeming to think about this. 

“And if my taste is not for boys this night?” he enquired, still clearly dwelling on the blonde cheerleaders Marshall had offered him.

“I have a young girl at one of the clubs. She is just fifteen, being groomed for the streets, but as yet no customer has used her and my men there prefer the boys.” Corcoran smiled coldly. “If I get to use the English slut for two moons and the twenty eight nights between, she is yours to keep.”

“Is she virgin?” Cole asked him. 

“I believe so, Master.” Corcoran said in an oily tone. 

Rayne shuddered again. He liked the idea of being the blond’s slave for a month even less than the thought of a night of pain with the sadist, Marshall. He looked imploringly at Elian now, even as Cole turned to smile at his peer invitingly. 


The handsome Ancient, who had returned to the sofa as they bargained, stretched and yawned as if the proposals bored him. He sat forward now, looking up keenly at Cole Lagrado. 

“The concept of fucking the Everman’s bitch is tempting,” he said as that melting gaze roamed hungrily over Rayne’s body, undressing him without touching. “I have heard many rumours of his abilities in bed. Delicious, exciting rumours. And if he can take Everman’s cock without complaint he is a fine catch indeed.”

He rose and came to stand before Rayne, stroking his hair as Cole had done, possessively. Rayne turned his face, nuzzling Elian’s hand. Of the three options this one was the obvious favourite. He could almost imagine yielding himself to this handsome devil. Until… in the moment of flesh brushing softly on flesh, Elian let him share an intimate fragment of memory – a tease – no more. Rayne felt the spike of Xavier’s reluctant desire as the boy lay naked and splayed beneath this man, giving his young body willingly in Elian’s bed. He was rocked by the memory of sweet, hot blood and Xavier’s cries of helpless ecstasy as he was fucked to orgasm, the first of many.

Fury rose in him like a wildfire as Elian’s hand lifted from his cheek and just as quickly the memory was gone. Rayne’s heart raced. The echo was a fresh one, so fresh that he could still taste the salt sweat of Xav’s naked body and smell the briny tang of the boy’s hot cum. Elian had fucked him during the past 12 hours, which meant that he was probably still in the city. Rayne closed his eyes, dreading what the trade-off would be. He would try to kill this bastard with his bare hands if Xavier was hurt.

“What do you bid for his sweet body in your bed, Yiannis?” Cole taunted. “I know that you want him.”

“I do.” Elian was looking at Rayne with heat in his keen grey eyes. “I want him, Cole. I will have him, and in return I will give you Lord Dominic Warren.”

Cole’s gaze was flat and hard; professionalism warring with a fierce excitement that made his cock rise. 

“NO!” Rayne’s eyes went wide with horror. Cole slapped him back down as he tried to get to his feet, submission cast aside. 

“Be quiet!” he barked. “The decision is not yours to make. Remember your place, bitch!”

Rayne collapsed onto his knees, trembling uncontrollably. He could not stem the tears that ran down his face. 

“The notorious English Vampire Hunter?” Cole mused, turning the words over in his mouth. “He is here in San Francisco? How is that I do not know of this, Elian?”

“Warren is very good,” the handsome Ancient chuckled, clearly amused by his compatriot’s irritation. “He approached me directly with a gift last night. He wants the Everman’s Fledgling.”

Cole looked incredulously at Rayne and shook his head. 

“Where is he now?”

“Patience, Coelho,” Elian breathed. “First things first! I take my pleasure with Everman’s delicious little bitch tonight, and then I will give you Warren.”

“You would ask me to wait?” Cole was almost quivering with frustration. “What kind of talk is this Yiannis? I thought we were friends?”

“We are friends, Coelho. Be patient,” Elian purred. “Do you doubt my word of honour after all these centuries, brother in blood?”

“I have never doubted you, Yiannis,” Cole said warily in a way that suggested he had certainly thought about it a few times. He was so eager though that Rayne could scent it. “Where is Warren?”

“I do not know,” the pale haired Elder replied simply. “But he will return to me if he believes that I have Wylde. And then I will have the sorcerer bound and brought to you in chains. I pledge this.”

“NO!” Rayne screamed at him again. “I won’t do it! I will not serve you, not even if you send me to hell!”

Cole turned smoothly towards him and Elian Iannopoulos looked on impassively as the Master Vampire kicked and punched his insubordinate slut to the ground, cursing him bitterly in his own tongue. He was blinded by his hunger for the infamous English Vampire Hunter. Dominic Warren would die a slow, painful death at Coelho’s hands and his own honour for this act of treachery against the insolent Fledgling would be appeased.

“You will serve me,” Elian told Rayne Wylde coolly now as he lay sobbing on the floor at the Ancient’s feet. “Because I still have something that you want. He lies bound and naked on my bed, aching with the pleasure of my insatiable lust for him last night. He cried out again and again for the rough joy of my sex thrusting within him and my fangs in his flesh because he believes in his trusting heart that his submission will win you your freedom.”

Cole laughed viciously as he realised what his companion was talking about. “You have his boy-whore? Delicious little fool! You two deserve one another.” 

As he spat on Rayne the younger Vampire coiled and went for Lagrado, fangs bared, snarling like an animal as the blood hunger came down on him. Without a doubt Cole would kill him for the act of insubordination but he did not care. Maybe Dom could get Xavier out of this mess, but only so long as he remained a free man. If Rayne died there could be no trade. 

He never sank his fangs in though. 

Strong hands gripped his elbow and his collar, dragging him off Cole Lagrado. Elian’s powerful arms snaked around his thrashing body, pinning him and restraining him effortlessly.

“Stupid! Stupid child!” he panted in Rayne’s ear. “Do you think you can stop this? Cole will give you to me outright in order to get his hands on Warren. Do you really want to see your pleasure boy again before you die? Think!”

Rayne seethed with impotent rage in his arms, blowing like a winded racehorse. He still struggled relentlessly.

“You treacherous bastard!” he panted. “I won’t let you do this!”

“You can’t stop it, child,” Elian taunted him silkily. “Lord Warren knew that the price of your freedom would be his own life when he brought your dancing boy to me and bribed me with the promise of your young slut’s blood and his naked submissive body.” He chuckled at Rayne’s incredulous glare. “Oh yes… what do you think of your fine English friend now? Is he more deserving of his fate, do you believe?”

Rayne closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth. He would not break down and weep in front of these bastards. Never! But he could feel his heart breaking slowly. Truly he could trust no one. 

“Hahah! You are a clever one, Yiannis,” Cole laughed vehemently. “Such a snake! Take the insolent whore. He is yours! He was more trouble than his worth to me anyway.”

“You will have Warren here in your playroom by midnight, brother,” Elian said confidently. “I swear it upon my own blood. Now, do you have some hobbles and a leash and muzzle for my new pet?”

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