It was hard for Xavier Gavrilov to imagine that just a few weeks had passed since he was dancing to Whipsnade’s song Dark Paths on the stage in Switchbacks, in San Francisco and he had never even met their notoriously enigmatic singer, Rayne Wylde. So much had happened to him in that short window of time. He had been seduced and fucked deliciously hard more times than he could count by the beautiful singer; then abducted and attacked by vampires, discovered that Rayne was also a vampire, fallen head over heels for him anyway and become embroiled in subsequent running battles with the Undead. He had also been befriended, in fact practically adopted, by a notorious American Irish porn director, Patrick McNamara, and his glamorous entourage and obtained a passport under the auspices of being related to an English nobleman named Dominic Warren, a friend of Rayne’s. Using that passport, he had flown out to Italy with his new friends and spent several bewilderingly busy weeks living it up at the mountain villa of an ex-porn star, now a famous European racing driver, named Aldo.

There he had learned that Aldo and his lover, Rayne had a long and turbulent history and that the handsome older Italian man was still in love with Rayne. He’d also had to deal with the — not entirely unwanted- amorous attentions of Paddy McNamara’s travelling chef and P.A., Valentino Chavez and more disturbingly those of a famously demanding fashion photographer who spent a week taking Xavier’s picture at his Neapolitan studio and also at his flat. He had also been stalked and courted by a very sweet, young French vampire named Nicholas whom he might have fallen for under different circumstances.

Whilst in Italy he thought that he had lost Rayne completely when, following on from a violent row, the beautiful vampire had stormed out on him, intending to return to London with Lord Warren. Xav had been tormented by nightmares after losing Rayne, the first he had endured since leaving the USA, which came to a head when he woke, screaming, from a horrific dream in which he had felt a metal stake pierce the body of his lover, killing him almost instantly. That had been the catalyst for a sequence of unbelievable events that ultimately saw Rayne return to him in Naples, though the gorgeous English vampire was a very different creature when he fell back into Xavier’s arms.

They had been inseparable ever since but it had only been a matter of time before his new mate felt the desire to return home. Xavier had known it was coming but dreaded it all the same, so it had been a shock and an amazing relief when Rayne asked him to come along.

It had been a turbulent couple of months for Xavier, all things considered. Consequently he had spent a good portion of the rail journey back to Rayne’s home sleeping, with Rayne’s protective arms around him. Now, looking out through the huge picture window, on a train that was hurling him across central Europe – two more first time experiences to add to the list; the wonderful, two deck train and the flying tour of a continent he’d only ever seen in magazines and on TV – he was beginning to wonder if this wasn’t all a dream after all and someone would soon pinch him and wake him up.

Rayne was on the move, he got restless in confined spaces, even when they were as comfortable as those on the TGV. And Dominic had ordered lunch, which was currently spread out across the table top between them; three courses, salmon and sweet cakes and a cheese board and champagne. Xavier didn’t know where to start eating first, which was also a novelty for him.

His undead lover liked to watch him eat but he also got a little bit jealous, only able to look at people who could still enjoy food putting it away. He’d gone off for a cigarette when they stopped in Nimes and now Xav was just a shade anxious that he had, for whatever reason, not got back on the train before it went on its way. Rayne had already run out on him once since they got to Europe and that episode almost had disastrous consequences. Now he worried when they were apart. And he also worried that this was wrong, in all kinds of ways.

Xavier had never been a dependent before. He wasn’t inclined to be clingy and normally, if someone started to give him the signs that they needed space, he was the first to walk. But Rayne affected him like no one he’d ever known. It wasn’t just the bites Rayne had given him, he was almost sure of it.

And that was another thing. His lover was a vampire; Undead; indestructible, even… maybe? For a little while when Rayne went missing, Xavier had panicked, convinced that he felt his soul-mate die. Dominic Warren, the English vampire expert who was Rayne’s good friend, had told him that he believed it. Rayne haddied, just for a few hours; and then something brought him back. By Rayne’s account, that something had been the link he had to Xavier through the bites on his neck and the blood they had shared; his into Rayne and Rayne’s into him.

That was just a little bit too freaky for Xavier to think about, even now. Rayne had walked out on him, but as he lay helpless, dying, in Paris, he had reached out to Xavier, hundreds of miles away in Italy and somehow their connection had given him something to hold on to. It still made no sense.

Other things were bugging Xavier’s ass too. He was feeling things, sensing things that he had no right to know. And he could see vampires. That couldn’t be right, could it? Of course, everyone could see them, but not everyone knew what it was that they were seeing. Xavier did; which was how he came to be having the conversation that he had with Dominic over lunch. Lord Warren, amongst his other talents, was High Priest of a Witches’ coven back in England and like Xavier he had the gift of seeing vampires and the supernatural for what they really were. He also had a reputation among the Undead as a vampire hunter of some renown.

“As soon as I set eyes on him, on Nicholas, I knew it,” Xav declared, still chewing a mouthful of something so delicious that he hardly knew whether to talk or just eat. “I knew he was… he was one of them, a vampire. I could just feel it, like a finger down my back. I could feel that he was… not alive. Like with Rayne. Except that I’ve been so close to Rayne that it almost feels normal now. I know other people don’t give me that… shiver. But I’m not sleeping with most of them. I just thought it was that… and then I realised, when I saw him, Nicholas, I mean… I realised that it was because he was a vampire.”

“You sensed it with Elian in Frisco too,” Lord Warren reminded him calmly, sipping his champagne between bites of his smoked salmon fritters. “I knew even before then that you were a Sensitive.”

“Not the same!” Xavier chewed and swallowed then reached for his tall, elegant glass and washed down the mouthful. “I knew that Elian was a vampire before I met him.”

Dominic tilted the champagne flute towards him in acknowledgement. “Yes, but you were still able to shut him out of your mind with very little training. Do you realise how long it takes some people to master such a skill? Even I was practising for years before I could do it without having to meditate first.”

“You think I’m some kind of natural psychic?” Xav blinked at him.

“I think that you had latent abilities,” Lord Warren corrected him. “But I also think that the vampire marks Rayne gave to you enhanced those gifts. When my friend, Cameron marked me in my twenties it made a massive difference to my arcane abilities.”

Xavier pulled a face at that. He wasn’t sure if it was better that the gifts were his own or something that Rayne could give, and maybe just as easily take away. Dominic seemed to almost read his mind because he added; “You know, the skills Cameron Eldridge gave to me are still mine. They didn’t stop when he… passed.”

He hesitated and took a sip from the glass, looking out of the window at the vast river that was rolling alongside the railway tracks. When he looked back at Xavier it was with a rueful little smile. Dom was a handsome man despite the fact that he had to be in his sixties, at least, given some of his tales. His loose, thick ,silver curls still had the sheen of golden blond in them that was quite natural and though there were plenty of little laughter lines around his moss-green eyes and his generous mouth he did not have the seamed and wizened features of a man old enough to be Xavier’s grandfather.

“He died?” the blond youth queried awkwardly. “I thought he was a vampire?”

“It doesn’t make one immune, darling.” Dominic’s smile faded and he set down his glass with a little sigh. “It was a long time ago. We move on.”

Xavier wasn’t sure if he should say any more, or maybe try to change the subject. It obviously still hurt Dominic to think of him. Even without the sad, slightly wistful expression on his face Xavier could sense, like a tingle in the back of his head, how Dominic felt right now.

“What happened…?” he asked, biting the bullet, and then quickly added, “If you don’t want to talk about it though, it’s okay.”

“As I said, it was a long time ago,” Dominic’s smile did not quite reach his eyes. “He killed himself, Xavier. Rayne asks me at least once a year how the hell he managed to do it. I still haven’t been able to explain in a way that makes sense to him. But he used magic. He was a powerful mage, much better than I am.”

He shook his head slowly. “Yes, I still miss him,” he added in answer to the question that wasn’t asked.

Xavier was acutely uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation now. Not because he didn’t understand suicide or death, or because he empathised with Dominic, but because he didn’t want to think about Rayne trying to get that information out of him. A few long moments went by, then Xavier gently brought the conversation back around to the present.

“So…I’m stuck like this then?” he said grimly and then, thinking of something else; “Why do you think the shielding stopped working for me? I mean, I was doing all right and then all of a sudden I was getting all this emotional stuff from everyone whether I wanted it or not.”

And in the back of his head he was worried that it would happen again. He had believed he was going crazy when his head began to get over-run with the random thoughts and emotions of his companions. Without Dominic’s support and Rayne’s return he believed that he would have gone completely mad by now.

“It got harder to deal with whilst Rayne was in Paris, didn’t it?” Dominic mused, whilst Xavier nodded gravely.

“Does that mean every time he leaves me alone my head will be full of other people’s shit and I can’t do anything about it?” he wanted to know.

The older man shook his head gravely. “It shouldn’t work like that, Xavier. I think that the situation was worse for you when he was away because you were actually reaching out for him. You were open to anything and everything at that time, just in case he tried to reach you. And after he got back you just weren’t shutting them out properly.” He gestured in Xavier’s direction with his fork then speared a piece of asparagus casually. “We can teach you how to handle that. Rayne was just as bad, when he was first Turned. In fact, sod that, he was a lotworse!”

He laughed quietly, lightening the mood a touch.

Xavier’s expression said he wasn’t convinced. Part of that was because he wasn’t a vampire, so he didn’t know what made Dominic think he could be as strong as one, and the other was that he had just had his normally unshakeable confidence badly rattled.

“What if I can’t, Dom?” he asked in a plaintive tone, idly playing with the piece of bread he wasn’t eating. Dominic looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, his expression softening.

“Xavier, when we were in San Francisco I sat you down on a bench, touched your forehead and told you to concentrate. I didn’t really expect anything, but in five seconds you shut out all the background noise around us.” He shook his head slightly. “For some, that little trick takes months of practice and intent focus, and some never are able to do that.

“Then, I told you to practice before we went to meet Yannis, but I only thought to keep you occupied with something to distract you because you were so worried. I never once thought that within a single day you would be able to successfully block a centuries old vampire from your mind for hours on end. I don’t think you grasp how impressive that was. In a matter of weeks, with only haphazard practice, you were able to feel Rayne’s emotional state, though he was hundreds of miles away,” Dominic continued. “You have natural ability and you have strength, Xavier, you only lack training and discipline. You can do this.”

Xavier still looked slightly doubtful, but he picked up a piece of cheese and ate it with the bread and shrugged, which Dominic took as a sign that he was at least willing to try.

“There is something else I need to tell you, before he comes back.” Dominic glanced up nervously towards the end of the carriage where Rayne had last been sighted, vanishing in search of a nicotine fix. “He mentioned visiting Manchester to sort out some business. He… ah… he may be a little out of sorts when he comes home.”

Xavier felt a hint of dread touch him unexpectedly. Of course, he had to ask; “Why?”

Again, Dominic glanced towards the corridor at the head of the stairwell. He put down his fork and leaned forward, studying Xavier’s face intently.

“When Rayne initially left for the States I believed that he had no intention of returning to England,” the older man said in a low tone. “It came as some surprise to me that he chose to return with you voluntarily. His last relationship here ended rather… tragically. I did offer to wind up his affairs in Manchester for him but he wanted matters left as they were. I believe that he is not yet fully resigned to the situation.”

He sat back, shaking his head as if the memory left a dark shadow on him too.

Xavier looked back at Dominic for a few silent moments. Questions were piling up behind his deep blue eyes, but instead of asking them he looked down and then out of the window at the countryside flickering by. Topmost in his head was to wonder what had happened in this relationship that had gone so badly that Rayne would rather have left permanently than deal with it and secondly, what had changed that he thought he could take care of whatever needed taking care of now?

He wanted very badly to scratch those little mental itches and ask Dom, but he held back. Through the connection he had with Rayne, there had been a lot of little glimpses into each other’s heads and pasts. On a couple of occasions, with effort and blood, Rayne had been able to push some actual thoughts and words into his head, very briefly. But their link wasn’t telepathy, they couldn’t read each other’s minds. There were probably a lot of things Rayne hadn’t told him and kept him shielded from. He knew that Rayne was much older than him, though he did not look more than twenty five. Of course it was only to be expected that his lover had been with others before him.

Xavier didn’t feel slighted, and he didn’t push Dominic for answers either. Some might have seen this as submissive acceptance, but in truth it was a respect for boundaries. That respect extended to not getting into his partner’s business without him knowing about it. If he wanted to know, he should ask Rayne, not Dominic, and if Rayne didn’t want to tell him… well, then he didn’t want to tell him.

He cleared his throat slightly.

“All right.”.

“All right?” Dominic rolled the words around in his mouth for a moment, then nodded again. About a hundred different responses had scrolled through his head when he decided to tell Xavier the truth but passive acceptance had not been one of them. He was beginning to wonder just how much Rayne had shared with Xavier already. “Well then… if you’re okay with that, I just… well, you know that I know… so if you…”

He stopped and cleared his throat, then smiled awkwardly. “Well… you know where I am, is what I’m saying, I suppose.”

Xavier was looking back at him now with solemn eyes, but the corners of his lips were curled just slightly, giving him a mischievous look.

“That I do,” he agreed, popping another morsel into his mouth. He hadn’t meant to flummox Dominic, but it was kind of a revelation that the usually suave-talking Lord Warren could occasionally be set off balance enough to stumble around for what to say. “And Dom, thanks… for the warning.”

Their confidential chat was disrupted in any case by the return of the prodigal vamp, who looked much happier for his nicotine fix. He bent to give Xavier a quick kiss as he slid back into his seat.

“Jesus, are you two still feeding your fuckin’ faces?” he laughed with mock disgust.

“I was hungry.” Xav said, unconsciously drawing the last word out a bit, and completely unrepentant at the accusation of gluttony. Xavier’s love of eating well and often was a firmly established fact. Part of that stemmed from leaner times; points in his past when he really had been starving, as was his favourite exclamation whenever his belly was empty. But mostly it was just a healthy appetite and a natural tendency to expend a lot of energy; despite having spent several weeks mostly lounging poolside and with a wonderful chef in the house that liked to keep him stuffed he was still sleek and toned. His lean body tended to run to thin if he didn’t keep his calorie intake up.

Xavier was finished with the meal anyway; he had been picking at morsels these last few minutes just to keep Dominic company while they talked. He brightened in Rayne’s presence, some of the unacknowledged worry in him draining away. Leaning towards the beautiful, dark-haired vampire he brushed his lips over the soft skin just below his ear, pressing warmly there for a moment. “I’m done now though.”

“Mmmm… good…” Rayne purred against the lobe of his ear, making him shiver. “Because I’m fuckin’ ravenous.”

He licked Xavier’s neck rather more than just affectionately. Dominic cleared his throat and unfurled a copy of the Times pretending to read it avidly.

Xavier’s low, silky little chuckle was like pure, warm honey, and it let Rayne know he was up for whatever his lover wanted, whether here or elsewhere. Usually when Rayne fed from him it was while they were writhing naked somewhere, either as a trigger to a spectacular climax or the icing on one. It could also be a prelude though, a teasing appetiser, and they both enjoyed the thrilling risk of intimate acts performed surreptitiously in public places.

The train was not full, but nor was it completely empty. The booth opposite their own was not occupied but there was a businessman in the double seat beyond it and a young couple in the next table seat. An old fellow was reading the newspaper in the seat closest to the stairwell paying them no heed as Rayne pulled Xav into his arms and pressed his cold mouth hungrily to the younger man’s lips, kissing him long and hard.

His hand slid down to Xavier’s waist and wriggled under the hem of his shirt, caressing the firm lines of his bare belly beneath. In collaboration, Xavier laved Rayne’s tongue in lazy seduction with his own, falling easily into the kiss with responsive warmth. His skin tingled where Rayne caressed him, little sparks igniting inside him as his cock thickened in the tight confines of his jeans. His own hand began to travel in slow caresses up and down the inside of Rayne’s thigh as he returned the kiss with growing heat.

Immune to the restrictions of their location, Rayne began to peel open his lover’s shirt one button at a time, kissing his slow way down Xavier’s neckline, into the hollow of his collarbone and lower, down his slowly revealed sternum, parting the folds of material carefully as if he was unwrapping porcelain. He kissed and licked Xavier’s bared chest, running the tip of his tongue delicately around his mate’s stiffening nipples, sucking and nibbling on them as his fingers opened the rest of the shirt buttons.

Xavier slouched back in the seat, his body tilted to allow Rayne a clean line of access down his front. He pulled in a quick breath as his lover’s cool lips closed over the sensitive peak of his nipple and squirmed ever so slightly as his dick tried to expand further. Finally he had to reach down and discreetly rearrange things to a more comfortable angle. Meanwhile, mostly concealed by the table, his other hand crept up Rayne’s thigh and was now gently massaging and caressing the prominent bulge at the fly of his jeans. His fingertip traced circles around the denim-wrapped head, feeling the slight moisture of his lover’s arousal through the flexible cloth and making his mate exhale a little sigh of pleasure across his belly.

Rayne’s mouth was sliding down over his abs now, his tongue exploring the delicious flavour of his lover’s skin. His hand preceded it and moments after Xavier reached down to manoeuvre himself, Rayne pressed down on his abdomen and let his fingers slip under the waistband of the young mortal’s tight pants. His hand slid under the head of Xavier’s cock, moving lower until his middle fingers were splayed either side of his root. He began to stroke up and down gently over the mound of Xavier’s crotch as he kissed the boy’s rolling stomach hungrily.

His own groin was bucking urgently against Xavier’s fondling hand as they contorted around one another. Dominic twitched down a corner of the newspaper and cleared his throat pointedly.

“That really isn’t advisable on a full stomach.”

Xavier’s expression was dreamy, he bit his bottom lip as he tried not to groan aloud at Rayne’s deft caresses. He looked up when Dominic spoke, his pupils slightly dilated with desire. “You just like to pretend you’re so proper.” he said with a grin, imitating Dominic’s cut crystal accent perfectly. “We’re not going swimming, Dom… an’ besides…” He cut off, sucking in a little gasp as Rayne squeezed him and sent a hot flash of pleasure racing through him. “…no one’s gonna see anything, are they?” he finished breathlessly. He was referring to the little shimmer he’d caught out of the corner of his eye, like a curtain surrounding them, but if you tried to look at it directly there was nothing there. Dominic had done some kind of hocus pocus to obscure them, Xav was pretty sure of it.

“You…” Lord Warren remarked, pointing one long finger in Xavier’s direction, “…are so bloody sharp you’re going to cut yourself one day, young man.”

“Lucky, he’s got me around to lick it all up when he does,” Rayne exhaled, coming up from a detailed exploration of Xavier’s navel and undulating treasure trail. “Speaking of which…”

He deftly popped the button on Xav’s jeans and his fingers tugged down the zipper smoothly so that his lips could continue on their downward passage. Dominic made a little gasping sound that might have been exasperation and might have been something else entirely, and retreated behind his newspaper again, although the broadsheet did quiver in his hands from time to time. Rayne’s cool lips found Xavier naked behind his zipper, to his great delight.

“Ohhh…” Xav exhaled as his lover’s lush lips touched the sensitive crown of his cock. His fingers curled lightly on the edge of the table, trying to stay still and not draw too much attention despite any mystical protection Dom might have afforded them. His other hand slipped into Rayne’s pants, warm fingers wrapping around the vampire’s erection and stroking him slowly.

“Ooohhh yeah!” Rayne whispered almost inaudibly, his breath coming suddenly faster and harder in the hollow of Xav’s bucking pelvis.

Slim, cool fingers wormed under him, easing him free of the denim and Rayne’s warm mouth engulfed his shaft, the hard little stud in his tongue stroking slowly up and down the throbbing vein that ran to his balls. Dominic abandoned all pretence of trying to read the paper in his hands lowered it slowly as he watched the two beautiful young men making out uninhibitedly in the seat across the table.

“Uhhh…Rayne…” Xavier purred his name as his lover went down on him. His cock was throbbing with need between the singer’s lips and he moaned low in his throat as he worked the smooth bead of his tongue ring over him. His hand slid off the table and into the sable locks nodding in his crotch, caressing along his scalp encouragingly. “Oh, that feels so-o-o-o good.”

Rayne’s dark hair caressed his abdominals as he slowly moved his head back and forth, drawing Xavier this way and that in the sweet suction of his mouth. His fingers curled beneath Xav’s balls, rubbing in a steady circle on the continuation of his shaft, deep between his legs. He was thrusting in his lover’s hand, spilling a slow ooze of wetness on Xavier’s palm as he writhed across the twin seats. For those few, delicious moments no one else mattered but his hot, horny lover. They might have been the only two people in the world.

Xavier flexed in tiny little thrusts, still trying to keep his movements to a minimum. His breath started to come in ragged pants as Rayne nodded up and down in a steady sensual rhythm and pressed into that sweet spot behind his balls. His fist moved faster on Rayne’s hard cock, moving with slippery ease now up and down over his glans repeatedly, almost in tandem with Rayne’s mouth on his own erection.

“Uhhh, oh, god… oh, so good, so good…” he whimpered, biting his lips to keep any more throaty moans from escaping. Rayne went faster, applying more suction and Xavier squeezed his eyes closed, his cock swelling even harder between his soft lips as he skated closer and closer to the edge.

“Rayne…mm-uh, ohfuckmm…” His head tipped back on the benchseat, his lean toned body going taut as his hips thrust up slightly. “Uh, I’m cumming!” he whispered hoarsely.

“Uhhh… mmmmmm, yuuuhhh,” Rayne nodded his approval, angling so that the head of Xavier’s throbbing dick was rubbing against the roof of his mouth, almost far enough back to slip into his throat, and his tongue stud could play over the sensitive ridges of his frenulum whilst he was firmly stroking the base of his lover’s shaft between his thumb and first two fingers.

He swallowed the first burst of milky fluid greedily as Xavier’s thrusting cock lurched between his lips.

“Sweet Goddess!” Dominic exhaled softly, with a little shake of his head. He was fiercely aroused and barely struggling to disguise it, his jeans unzipped and his erect cock in his pumping hand under the folded newspaper as he watched Rayne blatantly sucking Xavier off. The blond’s hand was in Rayne’s pants, working him vigorously as Rayne slurped and nodded in his crotch. Dom had seen it happen plenty of times whilst they were all lounging in various states of undress around Aldo’s pool but watching it on public transport in the middle of the afternoon was something else entirely. “Come on, ladies!” he coaxed in a whisper, “I don’t know how long I can keep this spell up.”

Xavier shuddered through a last spasm and Rayne came up off him panting and licking his lips, his eyes huge and dark and glittering with barely restrained heat. Xav didn’t waste a second, knowing that look, knowing he was close, he immediately switched their position, tugging Rayne’s pants open quickly and swallowing his plum coloured head in his hot mouth without missing a stroke of his pumping fist.

Rayne slumped bonelessly in his seat, propped against the window like a mannequin, those searing eyes fixed on Lord Warren. Dominic held his gaze, filled up with the metaphysical heat he was sharing, working himself hard beneath the shield of his respectable Times and allowing himself a moment of silent envy for the two beautiful young men sitting opposite. Xavier’s blond head bobbed rapidly in his mate’s lap and Dom could hear him sucking and gulping as Rayne’s fingers prowled through his tousled curls, pressing him down over and over. Gradually his own head fell back against the seat behind him and his ebony hair spilled over the pale blue upholstery as those unblinking eyes closed and his lips parted in a soundless moan.

He was writhing like a serpent, his dark shirt and pants open, exposing the pale ripples of his smooth, lean body as it surged and bucked. He was a turbulent sea being channelled and sucked into the silent whirlpool of Xavier’s hot, wet mouth.

“Sweet Lady!” Dominic panted, invoking his pagan Goddess in a husky murmur. He could feel the energy they were creating prickling against his skin. It rode him like he was a part of their illicit coupling, joined yet apart from them. As Rayne began to peak, Dominic felt his own balls swell and tighten with desire and he twisted to one side, burying his face against the rough material of the headrest and fisting the lurching shaft of his cock until he spattered the sports pages with a hot shower of his seed.

“Fuck!” Rayne swore grittily, under his breath, pressing down hard on Xavier’s head so that he could feel the heat of his lover’s mouth against his urgently bucking mound. Xav’s chin was grinding against his jolting balls as the answering explosion shook him. “Fuckin’… ohhhh!”

Xavier swallowed greedily, fondling Rayne’s balls as they gave up their load into his mouth until his lover slumped back on the seat, spent. He let his lips caress softly over Rayne’s twitching shaft as he came back up and tucked his lover’s cock back into his pants before quickly putting his own clothes in order. He was grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he smoothed his mussed curls with a casual rake of his fingers. “That was fun!”

Dominic was still huffing softly, staring at them both with a look somewhere between astonishment and amusement in his moss-green eyes. Several times he moved his hand to adjust the position of the folded paper in his lap but in the end he just left it there, laughing breathlessly to himself and shaking his head.

Rayne’s fangs were still fully extended as he sprawled comfortably in the corner by the window, one hand gently caressing Xavier’s arm and shoulder. He pulled the blond boy closer to him, close enough to snatch a kiss from his lips.

The scintillating ‘curtain’ Xavier had seen out of the corner of his eye had dissolved as Dominic was showing his enthusiasm for the sports section, but no one in the rail car was paying much attention to anything but their own musings and conversations anyway. Xavier met Rayne’s mouth with a tender passion, his soft lips parting at Rayne’s seeking tongue and mingling their shared taste of salty pleasure.

Dom wriggled himself back into his jeans with a little sigh and tugged up the zipper, depositing the slightly wilted newspaper on the table as he levered himself to his feet.

“I think I need to stretch my legs,” he remarked with a little smile, giving the boys some alone time.

Rayne grinned at him as he slid out from behind the table. He picked up the discarded Times and licked the back page lasciviously. Across the aisle one of their fellow travellers raised an eyebrow at that, noticing them for the first time. The vampire winked at her and carried on lapping at the photo of some ecstatic looking footballer, on his knees and drenched with rather more than just the sweat of the game.

“You will get newsprint on your nose,” Lord Warren warned him sagely.

“Worth it!” Rayne said with his mouth full. “You bastards have been eating for an hour! I’m fuckin’ starving here!”

Xavier looked at Rayne with a soft low chuckle, his eyes half closed and looking very sexy as he watch Rayne lap the newspaper. “You want to grab a bite here or somewhere else?” he asked with a completely innocent expression.

Tossing the paper aside, Rayne curled around him again, burying his face in the warm curve of his lover’s neck. He wrapped his arms around Xavier and snuggled close, ignoring the furtive glances of the couple across the aisle from them.

“Much as I’d love to suck on you some more,” he murmured seductively, “you need a rest after the way I laid into you at Aldo’s. I hate to admit defeat but I want you fit and well when we get home. I’ve got other plans for you, Miz Gavrilov.”

Although he felt a small thread of disappointment, Xav did see the sense in what Rayne said. He felt fine enough now, but he knew when Rayne drank from him too much he sometimes got light-headed or tired easily. Besides, the way Rayne put it, and the way he licked the curve of his ear, set up a throb of anticipation that overrode any disappointment. He sighed happily and tangled his arms around Rayne.

“What do you got in mind…?” Xav asked, his breath crossing over the curves of Rayne’s ear in a warm caress.

Before Rayne got a chance to answer though, the woman that had been casting disapproving glances their way made her move, marching over to them with a mask of mixed anger and disgust on her pinched features. “You perverts are going to hell! There are decent people here that don’t want to see such disgusting displays!”

Rayne’s passion-darkened gaze bled slowly back to ice green as his head tilted to face her. Ever so briefly he let his tongue flicker across his full lips and still quite protuberant fangs.

“The decent people had the decency not to look,” he told her in a dangerously quiet voice. “We’re not doing anybody any harm, princess.”

“God says what you’re doing is a sin!” the woman shot back as her face flushed another shade darker.

Xavier watched her with a somewhat curious half-bored expression, wondering if actual steam might come out her ears like a cartoon character. He leaned his elbow on the table and propped his chin in the open, upturned palm.

“Jesus save me… from your followers!” he muttered as the other hand made a sloppy, irreverent genuflection with an exaggeratedly limp wrist.

Rayne made a point of sliding his arm around Xavier’s shoulders and licking his ear before murmuring; “Well when He pops round for a sherbert I’ll have to ask Him exactly what He means by that. But, til then…”

He wriggled his fingers at her in a brief little wave of dismissal.

She was closer to Xavier and now she leaned forward and pointed a sharp-taloned finger in his face. “You are a sinner and you’re going to hell!” she screeched again.

Xav thought it rather ironic that she had missed what they were doing in plain sight not ten minutes earlier and it was only the sight of them cuddling a bit that brought on this zealot fit. When she didn’t back off though he started to get pissed.

“Lady, get your fuckin finger outa my face and fuck off!”

She gasped liked he’d suggested she go fornicate with Satan and drew back her hand to slap his face. Rayne was on his feet faster than either of them could blink. The look in his eyes was caustic but he moved like silk, very smooth and very strong, catching both of her hands before she could land a blow. He leaned in close and Xavier, sitting inches from him felt the air shimmer almost the way it had when Dominic wove his spell of distraction around them. This felt edgy though, a little prickle of hungry eagerness sown through it.

Rayne held her with his eyes, not saying a word as he raised one of her wrists to his lips and exposed his fangs.

Xavier stopped breathing, not sure what Rayne was doing but instinctively staying still and silent so as not to distract him. He felt the tiny hairs on the nape of his neck suddenly stand on end, and just when he thought he couldn’t stand it anymore and was about to whisper Rayne’s name, the woman pulled her hands out of his and turned, walking stiffly back to her seat to sit and stare out the opposite window.

Xavier let his breath out slowly. “Stupid cow!” he muttered under his breath.

Rayne slumped back into his seat by the window, still staring broodingly at the woman who had accosted them.

“What?” Xav demanded, sensing some hostility and not quite understanding it.

“Now she’s freaked out and she doesn’t know why,” the vampire exhaled, shaking his head irritably. “And I’m still fuckin’ hungry. Go find me someone to eat!”

He managed a sidelong glance at his lover that somehow conveyed that he was not really angry, just a little bit frustrated. Xavier arched a brow at him, but he looked slightly amused.

“You want me to get you someone to eat?” he snorted softly. “I wouldn’t think you’d have a problem finding someone yourself but…” He glanced around the car casually and unobtrusively pointed out the businessman with his head in his laptop. “I could get him,” he said, and then wrinkled his nose slightly. “He’s kinda old though.”

Rayne’s lips twitched but he murmured; “Well, you scared my last meal off. Mind you, I bet she’d have tasted bitter! Maybe if we both fucked her it would sweeten the jealous bitch up a bit!”

Xavier chuckled and shook his head. “Eww! You’re better off with Mr. Laptop. I bet he’s watching porn anyway.”

As Xav was planning his seduction, said gentlemen looked up as if he sensed he was being stared at. Xavier didn’t look away when he caught his eye, he just gave a slow smile and the guy quickly looked back down at the screen, a little flush on his cheeks visible even from that distance. Xavier turned and gave Rayne a slightly sly look, raising a questioning brow.

“I wouldn’t have cruised him but blood’s blood,” the vampire said archly. “You’re the one who’ll be distracting him, anyway.”

The look in his eyes was a definite challenge now. The man was risking another tentative glance and Rayne slid his arms around Xavier, kissing his ear as he murmured into it, but gazing very intently at the stranger. This time the man with the laptop did not avert his eyes so quickly.

Xavier gave Rayne and soft kiss and rose, wandering over to Mr. Laptop. “Pardon me, do you know what time it is?”

“Oh, sure, it’s half past four,” the man said, checking his watch.

Xav was relieved he spoke English, that might have been a glitch if he didn’t. Not impossible, but more of a challenge anyway. Flashing his most charming smile, Xavier said; “Thanks,” while making it obvious that he was glancing down at the other man’s hands. His smile widened just a little. No ring, but a faint band of lighter skin around his left ring finger. Xav’s eyes came back up and held his gaze for a moment or two before he slid into the seat opposite him.

“I’m not bothering you am I? Keeping you from work?” he asked indicating the laptop, and then held out his hand before he could answer. “I’m Xavier, by the way.”
The man shook Xavier’s hand .”Um, Ben…and no, you’re not bothering me. I suppose I could use a break,” he said, closing the computer.

“So, are you travelling to Paris, or going further?” Xav asked.

“I have a few days’ stop-over in Paris. How about you?” Ben asked, just a tad eagerly. Now that the young man was sitting across from him he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off him.

“No, we’re just changing trains and going on to London.” Xav said, noting the slight look of disappointment on Ben’s face. “You’re on a strictly business trip then?” he asked with a coy little smile.

Ben swallowed, his eyes wandering over Xavier. “Well, not strictly. How about you, are you on holiday?”

Xav nodded, smiling and leaning in a bit, his chin resting on the back of his hand as he looked at Ben with those sexy eyes. “Yeah, we’ve come up all the way from Naples. It’s the first time I’ve been in Europe. It’s been a blast.”

That was all true but the tone Xav used and the hint of excitement he let creep into his voice made him sound younger and much more inexperienced then he was. He dissembled easily, the hustle very subtle despite the speed Xav was manoeuvring him. Ben was practically drooling and he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes off the blond lad’s soft lips.

Xav had the hook in place, and now he set it, dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper that he knew Rayne could hear anyway. “Hey Ben, my boyfriend thinks you look yummy…but he’s kinda shy.”

“Um, really?”

Xavier’s grin was positively feral. “Oh yeah.”

Rayne, who had been pretending to watch the scenery pass by as he listened in, now artlessly shrugged himself out of his seat and leaned across the aisle, draping a hand over Xavier’s shoulder as he murmured; “I’m gonna take a slash, yeah?”

His lips touched Xav’s and before he broke the contact his eyes slid to meet the incendiary hunger of his lover’s new companion. He licked his lips, taking his time, then straightened and casually strolled towards the end of the carriage where the lav was situated.

Xavier’s eyes were on Ben, whose eyes were definitely watching Rayne walk away. He tore his gaze away from Rayne’s ass long enough to look at Xavier again. “Are you…? Should I…?”

“Wait just a couple minutes, ‘kay? Then follow me,” Xav murmured conspiratorially, and then slipped out of the seat heading the way Rayne had just gone. He was laughing under his breath as he slid into the stall with Rayne. “Never gonna fit three in here,” he said. “You might have to distract him yourself.” He made no move to leave though, twining his arms around Rayne and kissing him with a slow simmering hunger.

“Are you telling me you don’t want to share?” Rayne studied him shrewdly, his hands coming up to cup Xavier’s face before pulling his mouth closer for a deeper kiss. “Because… if you just want to fuck I guess I can wait to eat until we get to London. Your new friend is going to think you’re one hell of a cockteaser though!”

He laughed huskily, his face gently rubbing up against Xav’s cheek.

Xavier knew Rayne was mostly teasing, but there were hints of something more serious under the surface. No, Xav didn’t particularly want to share Rayne right now, but both Rayne and Dominic had been telling him, or trying to tell him, for a while now that Rayne needed to feed from more than just him. He pointed this out to Rayne now; “I thought you were hungry?”

“I thought you were bringing lunch.” Rayne managed to say it lightly enough but there was just a little edge to his casual retort. He softened it with a kiss on the nose but it was there none the less.

“He’s coming,” Xavier said. “Or he will be anyway.” As soon as Xavier said it there was a light tap on the door. “That would be dinner now.” He kissed Rayne softly and then pulled a bit away from him, not that there was anywhere to really go in the tight little cubical.

Xavier opened the door and Ben was standing there, looking equally excited and nervous. In order to accommodate him, Rayne moved to sit on the back of the cistern box with his feet on the loo seat, and Xavier pulled Ben in by his tie, the door closing and locking behind him.

The hint of nervous uncertainty seemed to drop away from Ben when he crossed the threshold, his hands having no trouble finding their way to Xavier’s hips and sliding around to cup his ass. Now he had a bit of an air about him of a man that couldn’t believe his luck.

“God, you’re a gorgeous lad,” he murmured, his lips groping for Xavier’s.

Xavier let Ben kiss him, and he wasn’t all that bad really. He had slouched a bit when he was sitting, but he was actually quite tall. Although he wasn’t perfectly fit he wasn’t really heavy either and he had most of his cropped, salt and pepper hair. His mouth tasted of some kind of tangy breath mint. After a moment or two Xavier broke the kiss and gave him a nudge, turning him to sit on the seat of the toilet so his back was between Rayne’s knees.

“Allo Charlie,” Rayne’s fingers snaked through his hair and he pulled the man’s head back so that he could look down into those wide, slightly wary eyes again. His smile flashed rather more dog tooth than any man ought to have and his long, cold fingers stroked down into the neck of Ben’s shirt. “He is a bonny little thing, isn’ he? Got a nice mouth on him too. Clever tongue, if you get my meaning.”

He deftly loosened Ben’s tie and his fingers began to unbutton the man’s shirt quickly. His meal ticket murmured; “Umm… my name’s not Charlie.”

“Don’t care what your name is, Charlie,” Rayne whispered in his ear, humming softly to himself as he bared Ben’s chest. “Muy non importanto, si?”

He licked Ben’s earlobe, breathing him in greedily. He smelled lovely and toasty, like fresh bread and milky coffee and a thousand other homely things. A wife and kids, a well-paid job, a quiet life. Poor fucker!

Xavier slid down into Ben’s lap, straddling his thighs. He kissed the opposite side of his throat, working up one side while Rayne was working down the other. His fingers deftly tugged open his belt and were working on his fly while Ben’s hot slightly moist hands roamed over him eagerly. When Xav lifted his head for a moment so did Rayne and their lips met in a heated kiss.

Ben watched the two beautiful boys ravenously tongue-kissing an inch from his face and again couldn’t believe his luck. He had stolen a few looks at them out in the dining car while they were busy cuddling up on the seat together and he never in a million years would have believed either of them would have given him the time of day much less be peeling his clothes off and letting him watch them making out. He let out a soft groan as Xavier’s fingers found his stiff prick inside his boxers and wrapped around, skilfully stroking him.

“Oh yeah, that’s it honey, that’s it,” he murmured hoarsely.

Rayne broke the kiss and dipped forward, bending almost double to kiss Ben’s neck, then his shoulder, pulling the shirt roughly back and down his arms. His hands caressed the man’s body restlessly but he kept his clothes on for the time being, as did Xavier.

“Stand up, Charlie,” he purred huskily. “Show us that manly body, yeah.”

Xavier moved fluidly, letting Ben stand as he slid down to the floor in front of him, tugging his slacks and underwear down his thighs as he went. A nice size cock sprang out from his descending pants, pointing levelly at Xavier’s soft mouth. He had a thick dark bush around his equipment, but he smelled clean, soap and water mixed with musky arousal. The tip of Xav’s tongue darted out to lick seductively over the head and Ben reached down to push his fingers into those soft looking blond curls, rubbing the head of his cock back and forth over those plush lips.

“Mmm, your mouth is so pretty…like a girl’s mouth,” he murmured down at Xav.

Xavier’s long lashes lifted and summer blue eyes looked up at him; his lips parted, glistening wetly and he blew a cool stream of air across Ben’s hard dick. “I’m much better than a girl,” he promised in a softly husky voice, closing his warm wet mouth over the smooth plump head and nodding down slowly on his throbbing shaft until Ben’s pre-cum was leaking like a stream over his lapping tongue.

“Oooh, fuckin’… ah, shit!” Ben’s fingers tightened in Xavier’s hair, tugging him forward roughly. “You ain’t kidding, honey!” he panted, pushing deeper into the sweet wet heat engulfing him.

Rayne remained perched on the tank, his booted feet resting on the toilet seat as he snaked an arm around Ben’s shoulders, drawing the man firmly back against his knees. He licked and kissed Ben’s neck some more, sliding his hands down the broad expanse of his chest and playing a little roughly with his nipples.

“How’d you like that, Charlie boy?” he purred in Ben’s ear. “Isn’t he fuckin’ amazing? He could suck you off all day. He just loves cock and by the looks of it you’ve got a nice one.”

“Oh yeah, he’s good,” Ben enthused. “Such a good little cocksucker.”

He wasn’t letting Xavier do much of the work though. He had a hold on his head, fingers tangled tight in his hair and pressed to the back of his skull as he bucked his hips rapidly, pumping his erect cock into Xavier’s open mouth.

Xavier usually liked to use a bit more finesse, but Ben wasn’t allowing it and the best he could do was just relax his jaw and concentrate on not gagging as the older man fucked his face quick and hard. Xavier was not Rayne though, he needed to breathe, and when Ben ground his pelvis into his face, shoving his cock down his throat and holding it there, Xav had to push him back after a few moments to catch his breath. Ben gave him just a couple seconds before he resumed bucking his hips, groaning in ecstasy.

“Oh, there’s a good little tart. C’mon now, you can take it,” he panted. “Daddy’s gonna fill your dirty little mouth with cum any second now!”

Rayne bristled a little and his fangs extended automatically. Now he stroked his hand back up slowly over Ben’s face, and through his hair. His fingers tightened at the last minute and he yanked the stranger’s head right back with a little snarl, making muscles pop sharply in Ben’s neck and shoulders so that the man yelped with pain and surprise. Rayne was stronger than he looked.

“Oi! No call for that,” the vampire warned vehemently. “He’s a good boy but I’m the only one that gets to call him a tart, all right? You wanna get nasty with him you ask him very, very nicely. Are we perfectly clear about that?”

Still holding Ben tightly by the hair he nodded the man’s head for him forcefully.

Ben let out a garbled sound somewhere between the edge of pleasure and pain, but his hips were still jerking rapidly, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to get there. “Aaarrrgg, all right, all right…whatever, I’ll be nice,” he huffed and then moaned again. “Just don’t stop, Xavier…oh, god yeah…Please! Eat my cum!”

“Good lad, Charlie,” Rayne chuckled warmly. His fingers remained tangled in Ben’s greying hair and he pulled the man’s head back against his shoulder to sink his fangs slowly into Ben’s neck. His meal ticket’s pulse was racing hard enough that the hot blood spurted into Rayne’s mouth and he gulped it down greedily.

The combination of a fresh, hot feeder and the sight of his gorgeous mate on his knees giving head in front of him sent Rayne’s left hand scurrying for the buttons of his fly and he released his stiffening prick with a little moan of relief, fisting it rapidly as he sucked and licked harder at Ben’s neck.

Ben gave another startled yelp, but he was so close… and then a curious thing happened. A pulse of warmth ran up from his throbbing prick, racing up his body as a twin warmth spread down from his neck and they both ignited in his centre. The explosion went pounding through him with every beat of his heart and pulse of his balls as they suddenly unloaded spurt after spurt of thick creamy semen in the red hot suction of Xavier’s sucking mouth.

“UUUUHHH!! Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!” he yelped.

Ben’s bones suddenly went to water and his knees gave out, sitting him back down hard on the seat of the commode and pulling his long prick wetly from between Xavier’s lips. Xavier slumped back against the wall, his chest heaving a bit and his eyes huge and dark with a lust that hadn’t been present until Rayne bit their companion.

“Did I say you could sit down, Charlie?” Rayne asked somewhat irritably, immune to the effect he and Xav were having. He slithered down off the tank so that he was crouched behind the breathless, helpless Ben, gently licking his neck until the last of the scarlet spill was lapped up and his bite was beginning to heal.

“Fuck, did you break the skin?” Ben asked, still panting as he reached up to touch his neck. “Naughty little bitch…I hope you didn’t leave a mark!” He looked down at Xavier, who was still sprawled on the floor and looking remarkably delicious himself. “Worth it though…that was fantastic, best blow job I’ve ever got. You want to turn around an’ get your pants down honey?”

“I don’t think so,” Xav said evenly.

Rayne tugged Ben’s head around again and kissed him roughly.

“You’re a sweetheart, don’t push it,” he whispered into the other man’s open mouth. “Tasty though.”

“You can’t blame me for trying,” Ben murmured back with a weak chuckle. “Not every day a bloke like me gets a chance with two gorgeous young lads.”

Xavier was getting up from the floor and he looked a question at Rayne, wondering if he was done or going back for seconds?

“Whew!” Ben interrupted Xavier’s thoughts as he sagged back a little. “Must have been even better’n I thought…” Ben said, sounding just a little slurred, like he was exhausted. “I feel light headed.”

Xavier was pretty sure that had more to do with Rayne than him, but refrained from saying so. Feeling a little more sympathetic than he had a moment before, Xavier patted his shoulder.

“Go take a nap…and order yourself a steak done rare, you’ll feel better.”

“They do a nice hot chocolate up at the buffet car too,” Rayne suggested, ruffling his hair. “Ask ’em sweet enough they might put a drop of rum in it.”

Ben peered up at him curiously. “You didn’t join in,” he observed. “You just get off on watching then? Or are you gonna do him now?”

Rayne’s eyes slid to meet Xavier’s face. His lover was still licking his lips and the idea was not unalluring.

“Not my call,” he said lightly.

Xavier’s eyes held Rayne’s and although he had a bit of a smirk on his lips those pretty blue orbs still smouldered with heat. “Thought you wanted to wait til we got to London?” he teased lightly, but the look on his face and the bulge in his crotch said he wouldn’t mind revising that plan either.

“Can I watch?” Ben was looking from one to the other, keen to see the sexy blond get his pants down, though he was still feeling a bit groggy and he could not explain why. “Who goes on top? Or do you do each other?”

He had not put his cock away yet and was stroking it now excitedly.

“Hmmm… I dunno about that,” Rayne drawled lazily, pretending to think about it.

Xavier gave a little shrug. “You can watch…but you have to let my boyfriend bite you again if he wants to.”

The prospect of watching the two beauties (and maybe sneaking in a feel here and there) was too much to resist, Ben would have agreed to just about any kinky thing they wanted. “Sure, whatever sweetheart.”

“Trade me places then,” Xav said, wriggling out of his jeans. Ben’s jaw nearly hit the floor as the hot blond exposed his sexy, golden thighs and pert backside, then turned to flash his erect dick and firm, shaved balls. He had an unbroken tan and Ben was already fantasising about spending day after day on some nude beach watching the little slut getting that glorious colour on his naked body.

It took a little manoeuvring but Ben was soon standing in front of the sink and Xavier was sitting on Rayne’s lap facing him. His arms snaked around Rayne and his lips found his in a passionate kiss, and he pretty much put Ben right out of his head.

“You never cease to amaze me,” Rayne murmured huskily as they kissed and Xav reached down to guide the rigid cock protruding from his lover’s open fly back between his legs. Rayne tilted his head to glance over Xavier’s shoulder at their horny companion whilst the blond was caressing him. “Ben, be a cherub and get down behind him, give him a good licking. He loves a nice rough tongue up his hole. Get him good and wet for me, sweetheart.”

Xavier completely ignored this directive, his concentration taken up with lipping Rayne’s earlobe and nibbling down the side of his throat while he stroked gentle but firm fingers up and down Rayne’s erection. He teased over the head, circling around the slit with the pad of his thumb while he kissed and sucked lightly at the tender skin of his throat.

Ben dropped down to his knees as soon as Rayne invited him to, cupping the pert golden globes of Xav’s sexy little bum in his hands with a horny groan. He had never licked a boy’s anus before but he couldn’t wait to taste this beautiful blond slut’s arsehole, or to watch in close up as the dark haired lad entered and fucked him.

“Such a sexy boy,” he murmured as he bent down and kissed the dimple at the top of Xavier’s crack, working his tongue down in between those golden cheeks.

Xavier’s fingers tightened fractionally around Rayne’s shaft, his hand stroking slightly faster, his lips vibrating a little purr along his skin.

“Mmmhhh… yes! I get such a good vibe off you when you’re turned on,” Rayne growled hungrily. He was nuzzling Xavier’s cheek tenderly, quivering with pleasure at the gentle ministrations of his lover’s lips and hands. The rhythmic rocking and swaying of the moving train just pressed them against one another more vigorously. Rayne’s tongue slipped between Xavier’s lips again as his wandering hands eased beneath the blond’s close-fitting top and explored his lean, toned body restlessly.

Ben’s tongue was wriggling urgently in Xav’s cleft, probing and teasing him at the same time.

Xavier’s hips rolled fluidly, as if he was dancing in place, the head of his cock butting up against Rayne’s and sending little tingles up and down his spine. Ben was rimming him as eagerly as he’d gone about fucking his face, his wet tongue wriggling inside him while he moaned lustily. Xav had to admit he was getting more than just a little turned on.

The hand that wasn’t busy stroking Rayne’s cock slid up his back, fingers splayed and caressing while he kissed and licked his way back up his neck to his ear.

“Ahh, fuck me Ray…please,” he whispered in his ear.

Rayne was grinning at him enthusiastically, loving how aroused his sexy young mate could get. Firmly now he wriggled Xav’s snug top up baring his toned, sun-kissed torso and started to lick and bite his nipples. His fingers were curled around Xavier’s cock and his own, gently rubbing them together and caressing the swollen head of Xav’s boner with his thumb. Ben’s tongue went into overdrive, sweeping wetly up and down his crack. He sucked a finger unbidden and wriggled it into Xavier’s tight anus, vigorously working it in and out and licking up and down, around it, loving the way those firm, smooth balls jumped every time he licked them.

“Ahhh sweetheart,” Rayne purred as his lover writhed and thrust in his lap. “You are ready aren’t you? You look so fuckin’ delicious. Take that top off for me, get your sweet body naked.”

Xavier caught the edge of his shirt and pulled it off over his head. Most people experienced a sort of vulnerability when they were naked with the others around them clothed (even partially) but Xavier just felt less restricted. He rose up a little, letting Rayne angle his cock between his legs. Ben’s finger slipped wetly from his hole and he used it to guide the vampire’s smooth, cum-slick cock head up into the deep dimple of his tight ring, nudging and probing at him gently. Ben spat some more lube on the blond’s flexing entrance, squeezing his perfect globes firmly and prying them wide apart, staring greedily as Xavier’s ring opened up and Rayne slipped that thick, hard cock inside. Xavier’s sexy little groan was total unadulterated pleasure, his eyes closed and head tipped back as he pushed down on Rayne further, trying to get that gorgeous cock as deep in his anus as he could.
“Ohh, yeah…” he breathed as the black haired boy gripped his slim hips and began to fuck him eagerly.

Ben groaned too, his fist wanking hard and fast on his meat, eyes glued to the union of their bodies. He licked at Rayne’s cock where it pumped in and out of Xavier’s sweetly accommodating hole making the vampire growl with pure lust.

“You got a right big cock for a skinny lad, don’t you?” Ben huffed excitedly as he rubbed his own hard, leaking penis. “No wonder your boy wants it up his hole so much!” He kissed and caressed his way up Xavier’s sleek back. “You like that big cock pounding your arsehole, don’t you princess.”

“Mmmmyeah…” Xav agreed, riding Rayne with slow smooth rolls of his hips, grinding down on him. He felt Ben press up behind him, rubbing his dick on his ass suggestively and Xavier’s body stiffened. “Don’t get any ideas back there,” he warned

Rayne, who was still practically fully clothed apart from the open fly of his black jeans, now noted the look of frustration on Ben’s face and took pity on him.

“Are you up for it again already, sweetheart? Just look at you!” he laughed huskily, his voice dropping almost an octave as Xavier slid down on him and began to grind rhythmically in his lap. “Come a little closer and give me a taste then.”

Ben was more than happy with that idea and stood quickly. A little too quickly. He felt slightly dizzy again, but it went away. He put one hand on the wall just in case, and stroked his cock with the other, rubbing the plump head over Rayne’s pouty bottom lip.

Xavier meanwhile licked his way down Rayne’s neck and into the collar of his shirt while he undid the buttons to bare his chest. There were still faint scars there, but they were faded to the point that unless you knew they were there you almost couldn’t see them. Xav bent his head to suck and tease a nipple while he rode smoothly up and down on Rayne’s cock.

Rayne leaned back against the cistern and let his soft, cool lips part around Ben’s luscious bulb, sucking it in gently and teasing beneath his cock head with the little stud in his tongue. He lifted his left hand to curl around the base of the other man’s shaft and the long fingers of his right slid down around Xavier, slowly milking his beautiful hot rod as the blond gyrated naked against his thrusting groin.

A little moan of delight and desire rose in his throat and quivered through his limbs, trembling in Ben’s aching balls and fluttering like a rapid heartbeat in Xavier’s ass.

Xavier’s eyes watched with glittering desire as Ben thrust between Rayne’s lips, his fingers sliding into his sleek sable hair. He bucked a little faster on Rayne’s rod, pushing his cock into the cool grip of his lover’s stroking fingers and sliding up and down harder on his rigid pole, a few little breathless huffs coming to his lips with his excitement. His lover looked so-o-o damn sexy with his lips wrapped around a thick cock.

Between them, Rayne half turned, pushing upward with one hip so that he was able to face Ben and nod down on the rigid length he was offering, his fingers cupping the man’s balls and milking them hard as he swallowed Ben’s thrusting cock. His hips were bucking furiously upward driving his own twitching erection vigorously into Xavier. He pulled his head back, gasping un-necessarily, more for show and to quicken his own pulse than for any other reason. His hand moved to Xavier’s blond curls and he kissed his lover deep and hard on the lips then pushed the younger man’s mouth towards Ben’s glistening dick.

“Keep him warm Xav, I am gonna explode right up you, any fuckin’ minute!” he exhaled, his voice heavy with longing as he edged closer. “Oh Jesus! I want you both in my mouth when you… mmmhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

His hands moved to Xavier’s lean hips and he drove himself up off the seat, his back arching and slim thighs straining. His prick lurched, tugging back against the curve of his lover’s passage and he cried out incoherently as he felt himself begin to shoot gout after gout of thick, slippery spunk whilst pulsing furiously inside Xavier’s fabulously hot channel.

Xavier’s whole body was on fire as he sucked down Ben’s cock and felt Rayne’s volcanic eruption deep inside. He had one hand on Ben’s prick and one on his own, pumping furiously on both as his lover pulsed again and again, Rayne’s moans of pleasure shivered down his back like a caress and the moment he was done he stood because he couldn’t hold off any longer and he knew just what Rayne wanted.

He pulled his mouth off Ben with a wet smack as he rose and Rayne slid to his knees on the floor, his face turned up towards their cocks, mouth open submissively, shirt and pants undone, showing off his lean, milky body and the half hard dick glistening wetly, fresh from Xavier’s arse and dripping semen onto the black denim of his jeans. They both stroked hard and fast over Rayne’s pale pretty face and open mouth. Xav’s lean body went taut, the muscles of his abdomen standing out sharply as his balls clenched and he was there.

“Uhhh! Ohmyfuckin…oh…!” he moaned as his hot creamy cum spattered Rayne’s lips and tongue and his sexy vampire lover began to lick and suck his spurting wand.

Ben was panting like he’d just sprinted a mile and he was right after Xav. He grunted as he gripped the boy’s soft black hair in one hand, drowning the pretty little cumslut’s tongue with his sperm, watching the lad suck his throbbing cock into that crème filled mouth, guzzling it down better than any whore he’d ever paid for.

Rayne groaned with delight as the two horny guys fed him their manna, shamelessly turning his head back and forth to lick and suck every last drop from both of them. When he opened his eyes again they were almost black with pleasure, quite startling against his pale skin. His tongue flickered across his lips over and over, savouring the mixture of their flavours.

“Sweet fucking christ!” he exhaled at last. “That… that was totally awesome. Thank you! Both of you!”

Xav chuckled low in his throat in complete agreement and bent to kiss the tip of his nose and then his lips. His own eyes were glowing with happy satisfaction.

Ben slumped back against the wall, panting and grinning. “That was something else!”

Xavier found his various pieces of scattered clothing and shimmied back into them.

“Can I look you up sometime?” Ben asked. “I travel a lot, I’m in London every month or so.”

Xav gave his head a rueful shake but said nothing.

Rayne glanced at his lover inquiringly. Xavier could tell without even trying that he was deliberating the pros of having a regular snack partner with the cons of someone else ultimately getting their hooks into him.

“We move around quite a bit,” he said at last, with a non-committal smile. Then, seeing how Ben looked so deflated he murmured; “I could give you my PA’s number I guess. If we’re in town he’ll sort you out a hotel room for a couple of hours and maybe I could meet you there.”

He reached into a pocket for his cellphone.

Xavier was a little bemused that Rayne had gone from not wanting to even know the guy’s name to giving him a contact number. Ben must have tasted pretty good, he chuckled inwardly.

His clothes smoothed and straightened, and looking like he’d done nothing more strenuous than taken a little stroll, Xav popped the latch on the door while Rayne gave Ben the number. He stepped out of the cubicle without checking first, since there was nothing more obvious than a head sticking out of a restroom doorway, and let the door close behind him. There was no one around anyway.

Moments later Rayne caught up with him and slid an arm around his waist, planting a quick, fond kiss on his cheek. There was a slight flush of colour in his face and a contented gleam in his eyes that had been absent before.

“Dunno if I ever tell you this, but you are fuckin’ amazing,” he murmured, a smile curving the softness of his lips.

Xavier almost mirrored Rayne, slipping his arm around his waist, a tender somewhat surprised smile twitching at his own lips as he kissed his lover’s cheek. Usually Rayne only said things like that while they were writhing naked, fucking each other’s brains out. He could tell Rayne was in a far less irritable mood now that he’d got a good feed in him and it made Xav more happy and relaxed as well. He didn’t think about how tuned in he was to his lover’s mood, it just felt very natural.

“You’re pretty fan-tab-ulous yourself,” he murmured, briefly nuzzling his ear.

The dinner things were cleared away and Lord Warren was curled up with a book at their table when they returned to the carriage. He glanced up briefly, then looked again a little harder.

“You two seem very pleased with yourselves,” he remarked, trying and failing to keep the smile out of his voice. “I wonder what could have happened to cheer you up.”

He was just returning his attention to the page in front of him as the young lovers snuggled back into their seats and began to swap tongues again, when Ben also returned from the same end of the car, looking far too smug for his own good. The businessman had shed his jacket and loosened his tie and the glance he spilled over Rayne and Xavier was positively incendiary. Even if his aura didn’t scream that he had just shared more than a coffee with the boys, Dominic would have figured it out just from that lustful look.

Xavier gave Dominic an amused look. “Well, we had our dinner, it was only fair.”

“Bright Lady!” His Lordship exhaled, chuckling quietly to himself as he closed the book and focussed instead on the scenery flashing by outside.

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