The cab ride to the airport and shuffling through the boarding process was a bit of a hassle and took far longer than either Rayne or Xavier had patience for. Xav had dug out a pair of sunglasses before they left the apartment that didn’t really do much to hide his battered condition. Rayne too kept his shades on throughout the checking procedure but the three young women on the desk still briefly huddled and exchanged whispers after he had shown them his boarding card, and they attracted more than a few passing glances as they made their way down to the gate.

Although the flight itself was little more than half an hour, by the time they were on the ground again Xavier was already tired and hurting and they still needed to push through the Manchester evening rush hour. Rayne was solicitous of his lover, refusing to let Xavier carry any but the lightest of bags as he hurtled their baggage trolley through the EU channel and out into the arrivals hall. He kept an arm around Xavier’s shoulders though and asked him frequently if he was okay.

Outside the air was cooler but no less smoggy than London and Rayne parked Xav on a bench with the bags and kissed him on the forehead before zipping off to find the cab he had booked back in the Capital. Which was also an excuse to grab a cigarette and calm his own frayed nerves. Rayne was better on planes than Dominic Warren but he still did not enjoy the process.

The pick-up area was drab and dirty, and totally chaotic. Xavier had never really felt anxious in London, apart from the night when he was attacked, but the atmosphere here was high in tension. A few businessmen shoved their way irritably through a throng of harried looking travellers, many with screaming children in tow. There were young men lounging around, drinking from cans of cut-price pilsner, throwing empty fast food cartons at one another and shouting. A huge party of large and definitely under-dressed women with pink, sore-looking arms and legs, jostled for a minibus and an argument broke out between two of them and the driver who accused them of being drunk and refused to let them on board.

Maybe it was just their way and not intended to be threatening but Xavier felt uncomfortable. Coupled with that, he was hurting so badly now that he was only taking short, shallow breaths to keep from letting his ribs expand too much, and his head ached too. He wanted a drink, and to lie down for a while in the quiet darkness and was massively relieved when Rayne came jogging back to him, crooking his finger and grabbing the handle of the cart.

“Fucking mental!” he shouted, to be heard over the sudden rumble of a souped up exhaust system on a beaten up looking VW Golf. “C’mon! Let’s get out of here, yeah?”

A dark saloon car had pulled up on the inside of the turning circle, unable to get into the taxi rank for the bawling women and the rhythmically pulsating Golf. A lean, indo-gangetic man with a slim moustache jumped out of the car and helped to throw their bags into the boot as if he had no desire to stay here longer than necessary.

Xavier couldn’t blame him.

And then they were cocooned in the back of the car and pulling away, the noise and the smell of engine fuel and dodgy take-aways left behind. Rayne snuggled up to him and pulled him close, kissing his hair.

“You all right, sweetheart?” he asked again, voice husky from the nicotine smoke. “Not far to go now.”

“I’m ok,” Xavier answered woodenly, as if it were a rehearsed line. He was holding his side though, and he’d lost all colour in his face as he continued to breathe shallowly and not move too much.

Before they even got out of the city the cab ride was turning into an ordeal for him. Every stop, every minor lurch, made him wince. It wasn’t long before he was gritting his teeth, a focused stare on his face, and his thoughts were almost wholly on the pain pills in his bag.

I should have taken a couple before we left… No, I can live without them.

Back and forth went the inner argument.


“What!” Xavier snapped.

His expression crumpled as soon as the sharp word was out of his mouth and he was immediately contrite in the face of his lover’s startled look. Rayne was only worried about him, he knew, even through the hurting.

“I’m sorry…” he said with a little sigh and bit his bottom lip. “I’m sorry.”

Between the shooting pains and the bedlam going on in his head from soaking up all the random chaos of emotions at the airport he was holding his shit together by only a thin thread. Rayne looked at him with eyes gone almost black, the green melted dark like moonlit leaves, edged with frost. His expression was the only thing which softened the impact of that gaze. There was nothing but love and concern in those shadowy eyes.

“If you say the word, I’m turning this cab around and taking you to A&E, sweetheart. You do not look well, and you do not feel well,” he said quietly. “If you didn’t reckon you were up to this you should have said something this morning. It would have been okay. We could have stalled for a few days. I’m just… I don’t want you backsliding on me now, Xav. Not here.” There was the edge of a plea in his voice but he swallowed it down. “It’s not so far now to Dominic’s place. Gabe’s a Healer and a good one, whatever else he might be. He can help, but if you want a proper Doctor, I get that too. I know you don’t like hospitals but I don’t want you to be in more pain than you need be.”

“I can make it. I’ll be okay,” Xavier said more softly, his voice a little breathy as he tried to get a handle on the pain. There was underlying steel in those softly spoken words that rarely showed in the easy going young man. He slipped his hand into Rayne’s though, curling trembling fingers lightly around his.

“I felt better this morning. I didn’t realise how much the trip would take out of me,” Xav explained, still in that soft voice. “It’s just pain, it’ll go away.”

Rayne did not exactly look happy but he said no more. Xavier did his best to try and get comfortable, first leaning back, then putting his head on Rayne’s shoulder and finally he ended up curling up on the seat using Rayne’s thigh for a pillow. He didn’t sleep, but he closed his eyes and concentrated on just taking one slow breath at a time. Rayne’s cool fingers stroked through his hair gently and that more than anything helped.

He must have dozed a little because the next thing he knew he was blinking his eyes open as they were winding up a crunching gravel drive. It was starting to get dark outside the car.

“Where are we?” he asked in a husky voice.

“We’re nearly there, sweetheart.” Rayne bent over him and whispered the words tenderly into his ear.

The taxi driver was complaining in an undertone; “Ruddy hell, mate. How long is your pal’s driveway anyhow?”

Then the car peeled out of the shadows of the tree lined avenue and turned a corner, coming over a low rise. Xavier sat up in time to see that below them, set against the last light of the day and bathed in luminescence by strategically poised spotlights, was a building that could only really be described as a castle. The word, ‘house’ didn’t do it justice. It had a turret for starters, and the stonework was golden in the lamplight. More light glowed warmly from the arched windows that would not have looked out of place in a country church.

It took Xavier a moment to connect that what he was seeing was indeed their destination, “Are you kidding me? Dom really lives in a castle?”

As they pulled up on a wide, gravelled turning circle, in front of a short flight of steps, leading up to the broad, arched front door, even the cabbie sounded impressed. He murmured; “Now that’s worth the trip out here!”

As they climbed out of the car and he got their bags from the back, Rayne made sure that the trip out there had definitely been worth his while, giving him enough of a tip to put a smile back on his face for the rest of the night. As their driver got back into the car and started the engine, the front door slid open, silhouetting a tall figure darkly against the golden light from the hallway beyond.

The vampire hesitated for a moment, looking up at the man standing in the doorway. He was even taller than Dominic, and lean in spite of his broad shoulders, with a cascade of long, black hair that tumbled down his back, past his waist. Dark eyes surveyed them quietly out of an angular, handsome face that split suddenly in a smile that – even if Xavier hadn’t been listening to Matty’s talk earlier – he would have thought of as ‘wolfish’.

“Dom told you we were coming, yeah?” Rayne said to him uncertainly.

“‘s right,” the fellow on the doorstep nodded, looking from the vampire to his companion at once. “The chavvi’s hurting. You wanna get ‘im inside, ‘fore he falls down.”

It wasn’t a question.

Xavier, despite the considerable pain he was in, had been unobtrusively checking him out. He was curious for several reasons. One, this was Dominic’s live-in and that was interesting enough by itself, two he was a werewolf and that was even more interesting, and three he was gorgeous.

He followed Rayne slowly up the steps, feeling a hundred years old but determinedly walking on his own. Even though their host seemed friendly enough Xav felt an odd mix of defensive anxiety churning inside him as he looked at the other man. It took him a second to realize it wasn’t his own emotion, he was picking up on it from Rayne, but that didn’t clear his confusion. Until he hit on an idea. He knew vampires were extraordinarily strong from personal experience but, were werewolves stronger? It would maybe explain both Rayne’s hint of anxiety and Matty’s apparent enthusiasm. He filed the idea away, meaning to ask Rayne about it later.

As they approached the threshold Rayne entered without pause, confirming that he had indeed been a guest here before, but Xavier hesitated just under the arched doorway. He looked to one side and slowly up as if simply admiring the shape of the archway as he walked through it, but he had actually caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye. It was a bit of shimmering just on the periphery of his vision, like a migraine without the nausea, and he felt an odd, not-quite-physical tingle along his skin as he entered. He dismissed it almost without a thought as some of Dominic’s ‘hocus-pocus’ stuff. What he didn’t realise was how unusual it was for a mortal, especially an untrained mortal, to have noticed the ward at all. He also didn’t realise that, had he had any bad intentions toward those inside, his passage through that doorway would have been far less pleasant.

Even if he had realised any of those things he was not in any condition to overly contemplate them. His vision was starting to get a little grey around the edges and it had nothing to do with anything magical. He looked as pale as ashes and had to reach out and grab for Rayne’s arm when he just about tripped over his own feet.

The vampire turned but their host was faster. He was to the left and slightly behind Xavier having stopped to secure the door after they came through. As the young man’s knees turned to water he ducked and swept Xav up in his arms as easily as lifting a rolled duvet.

“Gotcha babes,” he said in a mellow tone, exuding quiet confidence that wrapped Xavier like a warm blanket. “Don’t you worry. Everything’s gonna be fine now.”

A little colour crept into Xavier’s cheeks other than the dark purple on the one side. He’d managed to hold it together all the way out here, only to walk through the door and nearly fall on his face.

” ‘m okay…” he murmured. “Sorry. You can put me down. I can walk.” He protested in vain , all of his contentions were blithely ignored.

“Tell you whatnot,” the tall, handsome, sun-bronzed fellow suggested, looking him boldly in the eye as he carried him through the hall like a new bride. “Why don’t I just take you through to the library and pop you down somewhere a bit more comfortable than the hall runner? Then you can get your land legs back nice an’ slow, like.”

His gaze, up close, was the colour of wet slate; a dark, shimmering grey, just a little lighter than his pupils. There were flecks of silver and gold in the irises, like a dog’s eyes. Gold loop earrings glinted all down the curves of his ears through the coal black fall of his hair. Two symmetrical white streaks ran through the ebony from his temples. His broad, generous mouth smiled easily but like Matty’s smile, it had elongated canines that glistened wetly in the muted golden glow of the hall lights.

He wore a white shirt of some heavy cloth, open to the sternum, exposing a multitude of chains and pendants on cords around his neck. It also exposed the thick black hair of his chest, which was straight and smooth like a hound’s pelt, right up to his collarbones. The hair looked soft enough to stroke.

“Yeah,” Rayne interjected, recovering some of his equilibrium. He had looked slightly stunned when Xav nearly went down but now he was reassured that his lover was still conscious and stubbornly refusing to admit he was sick, he was able to be sarcastic. “Cos Gabe likes to curl up on the mat by the door of an evening. You don’t wanna cramp his style, sweetheart.”

Xavier, still embarrassed at nearly passing out in the foyer and having to be carried like some fainting débutante, shut his mouth and just looked at Rayne, not knowing what to say to that comment. Apparently no answer was required of him either as Gabe was already moving towards an internal doorway off the main hall with an insouciance that suggested it was not the first time he had been on the receiving end of Rayne’s tongue.

Xav was set down carefully on one of a pair of long, sleek leather loungers set either side of a low rectangular table topped with a sheet of smoky glass. Even huddled up inside the pain Xavier couldn’t help looking around with wide eyes. The room was like a cross between a modern art gallery and a late Victorian library. Pale maple cabinets and bookshelves lined the walls from the parquet floor, twenty feet up to the elaborate ceilings. Two tall candles stood in shielded sconces on the mantelpiece of a stone hearth that looked big enough to cook a cow. A whole one! More candles burned in the hollow of the fireplace, to either side of which stood a white marble statuette of three lily flowers.

There was a reading table under a lamp shaped like a bell-flower, the pale wood sloping upward and an adjustable chair set before it. Like the shelves it was delicately carved in curling patterns and letters. In one corner near the foot of a winding spiral staircase leading up to a balcony with more shelves, up above the windows, a lectern, such as one might find in a church, held a heavy volume bound in purple velvet and marked with a jewelled band of emerald satin. Nothing in the room seemed out of place though.

Xavier felt a bit like he’d been transported to a movie set.

Although there was no fire, the room was comfortably warm. The tall windows beyond the staircase were screened with internal wooden shutters and all the light came from the lamps and the candles.

“I take it her ladyship’s been held up?” Rayne said, heading for one of the cabinets, which unfolded to reveal a mirror-backed bar.

“She’s on her way, you’ve probably beat her by a few hours.” Gabriel sat down on the opposite sofa to the one Xavier was lying on. Though he answered Rayne’s question his eyes never moved from Xav.

Rayne poured himself a shot of vodka and looked over at his lover more solicitously. “Do you want a drink?”

“I’d rather have a couple pain pills,” Xavier answered hoarsely, which told Rayne exactly how badly off he was right now, if he was asking for the painkillers rather than trying to tough it out.

Gabriel moved over to the edge of the lounger beside him with a lupine grin.

“I’ll get you something better than that,” he promised, cupping Xavier’s face gently in a warm hand.

Xavier did not pull away, just looked at him with a slightly unfocused and wary stare. He was not sure what the other man was offering but his mind immediately jumped on what it wanted most. The thing he knew would erase all pain and let him fall into a blissful sleep. He hardly ever had those thoughts anymore, but when they hit it was like a wave that could bring him to his knees crying and nothing but a will of pure steel could bring him back from giving in to the seductive lure.

His mouth went suddenly dry and he swallowed as those odd slate gray eyes looked back into his own. He could not force words out of his mouth because he was afraid what he would hear himself saying.

Gabriel must have saw that hint of fear because his grin softened and became more reassuring. “You know I’m a healer, yeah? I can help you feel better, if you’ll let me.”

A small quiver went through Xavier but he wasn’t sure if it was relief or disappointment as he realised Gabriel was not offering any sort of illicit drugs to ease the pain.

“Now, the energy I’m gonna give you will go where it’s needed, but it works best if I know where you’re hurtin’ the most.” Gabriel said, still holding Xavier’s chin gently and looking into those big blue eyes filled with pain and fear.

Through that gentle touch, Xavier realised he was sharing some of his host’s feelings and emotions, the way he did with Rayne through the bond. Gabriel must have a powerful aura because the senses Xav was reading in him were so clear. Even battered and bruised Gabe could see he was proper pretty under the purplish swelling on his cheek and jaw. Xavier almost blushed again at the realisation that the wolf was discreetly checking him out.

He looked very vulnerable and the wolf could have slotted him into the category of easy prey, but Gabriel was not a mindless beast and neither was his wolf. Gabriel the man often took his time to make up his mind about a person, but Gabe the wolf usually made up his mind much faster, and his wolf was already feeling protective of the boy, despite the smell of blood and death on him. All of this Xavier picked up in a flash from just a few seconds’ contact with his skin. When Gabriel moved his hand away he felt empty and light headed for a moment.

“I-I just want…want to be able to breathe for a few minutes without it feeling like there’s a knife in my side,” he answered now, as candidly as possible.

“Take your shirt off,” Gabriel said without a pause.

There was not a hint of suggestiveness in that command. When Xavier faltered all the same, he tempered that instruction; “I just wanna see how bad the damage is. Someone gave you a good thrashin’, hmm?”

Xavier needed to sit up to take the shirt off, which he did while pulling the small buttons free. The dark red silk slipped off his shoulders and pooled around his hips and he moved his arm back a bit so the vivid black and purple bruises that were heavier on his right side were exposed. He’d gotten used to the appearance of the injuries but they still looked bad.

“I got jumped,” Xavier explained distractedly. “I wasn’t about to take on all three of them but I got chased down a blind alley. I almost made it over the fence but I wasn’t fast enough.”

“Cowardly bastards!” Gabe remarked grimly. His eyes wandered over the patchwork of bruises critically. Then he knelt by the lounger and glanced up at Xavier. “Do you mind if I touch? I’ll try not to hurt you, mate.”


Xav was surprised he asked first, and he didn’t miss the fact that he said only that he would try not to hurt him. He realised he must have his defences way up and he tried to relax a little, giving Gabe a small nod to go ahead. Rayne gave the other man a look that said if he did hurt Xav he was going to get his head ripped off. Gabriel cheerfully ignored it.

His long, sun-browned fingers were very warm after the cool vampiric touch Xavier was used to feeling on his skin. Gabriel closed his eyes as he pressed lightly on his patient’s flat stomach and the swell of his ribcage. Then he laid his hand there flat. Xavier could feel a tingling warmth spread through his skin from the places where Gabe’s hands moved over him.

After several minutes Xav relaxed even more, sagging back on the couch as the tension eased. It was not like movie magic, where all of a sudden he was all better, but he did feel something. The pain was lessening and he could draw breath a little easier now. Gabriel’s hand on his skin felt so warm it was like having a heating pad held there. The tall stranger opened his eyes at last and a smile tugged at his mouth as he looked at Xavier very directly.

“Take your pants off,” he said, without any hesitation.

Xavier moved his hand toward the button on his trousers.

Rayne was on his feet at once, eyes blazing. “Stop that!”

Xavier started, a little stunned to realise he’d been doing as he was told automatically. He was also surprised that it took a bit of effort for him to tear his eyes away from Gabriel’s. He blinked in confusion, thinking for a moment that Gabe had used some kind of mind tricks, like vampires used, but almost as quickly dismissed the idea. It hadn’t felt the same as when a vampire got into his head. No, this was something else, something he was far more familiar with actually. Dominance, plain and simple. Gabriel expected to be obeyed when he issued a command, and Xav had followed it without even thinking.

Looking back up at Gabriel he arched one slim brow, lightly teasing him; “I’m here five whole minutes and already you wanna get in my pants?”

Gabe winked at him as he eased up to sit on the edge of the lounger, his hand wandering to Rayne’s arm, stroking soothingly up and down from the vampire’s skinny wrist, though he did not take his eyes off Xavier. Rayne shook him off with a little snort of disgust and folded his arms across his chest.

“Now, you’re the one that intro-dee-uced that idea,” Gabriel remarked playfully. “I was just wonderin’ how far down those bruises went and if you’re still peein’ red?”

Xav dropped his eyes again, wondering how Gabe knew about that. He was also wondering why Rayne was suddenly so hostile. He didn’t think Gabriel was seriously flirting, and he did feel a little better but his lover had been on the defensive since they arrived here.

“Um, I guess, yeah.” Xavier answered reluctantly. He didn’t like admitting how hurt he really was. That was stupid though, they had come here in part for Gabe to help heal him, and he probably needed to know how badly he was injured if he was going to be able to do that.

Gabriel glanced once at Rayne, who was still bristling and hovering protectively over his mate, then looked back at Xavier.

“I take it the doc you saw wasn’t worried about your kidney?” he asked in a tone that suggested he thought just the opposite.

Xav’s shoulders lifted slightly in a little shrug. “Yeah, I guess he was. They didn’t want to let me leave the hospital but I didn’t want to stay.”

All three were silent for a moment. Rayne looked like he was going through some sort of inner war in which he wanted to protect his mate from the very same person that could help him. Gabe’s face remained serene except for the slight downward draw of his brows which gave away his worry. At last Xav came to a decision and with a small sigh he popped the button of his fly and carefully shifted so he could slide the snug fitting trousers down, letting Gabriel see that the bruises did indeed travel past the waistband. He rolled onto his less injured side when Gabe made a little motion with his hand, facing the back of the couch and exposing his backside and the concentration of mottled bruising in the small of his back where he’d been punched and kicked repeatedly.

Gabriel’s hands moved gently over him once more. Ignoring the way Rayne glowered at him he laid one hand low on Xavier’s back and eased the other down between his thighs. Under other circumstances it might have been a sensual experience but here it was simply fraught with tension. Even so, Xavier felt that sizzle of energy more purposefully as Gabriel cupped his balls, handling him like he was a piece of fine china.

Despite the tension in the room Gabriel’s hands were just as soothing as they had been on his ribs and Xavier felt his muscles start to relax under the spreading warmth that emanated from them. He closed his eyes, moaning softly. It was not an entirely erotic sensation, it wasn’t pleasure he was feeling, but relief. The stabbing pain of his ribs had seemed more immediate than the deep ache lower down but now that the ache in his loins was easing off it was almost enough to make him weep.

“Should ‘ave brought him ‘ere sooner,” Gabriel said quietly.

Xav glanced over his shoulder to see that Gabriel’s eyes had shifted to Rayne’s tense, angry face. His lover bristled with defensive rage.

“He was too fuckin’ ill to move sooner,” Rayne said testily.

Xavier wasn’t sure why Rayne was so pissed off, but it obviously had something to do with Gabriel. The man hadn’t hurt him, his soothing hands actually felt good, so Xav was confused by Rayne’s reaction.

“I was, I could hardly get out of bed yesterday,” he added in Rayne’s defence. “I thought I was better this morning, but the trip took more out of me than I thought it would.” He paused, looking over at Rayne and noticing he was struggling not to bare his fangs in a little snarl. He still wasn’t sure what had his lover so wound up but it was making him anxious.

“I think I’ll be okay now,” he said gently disengaging Gabriel’s hands from him, then gingerly straightening and pulling his clothes back on. “Thanks, I don’t think I even need a pill.”

Rayne could feel Xavier’s rising confusion and anxiety. Even though he knew the healing Gabriel was doing would be good for Xavier he couldn’t suppress the possessive desire to get his mate away from the mutt and he felt clouded, as he always did coming here. The magic was a part of it but Gabriel Arden made his hackles rise and though he tried to shield it down he could not help the automatic hostility that surged in him whenever he was near to the wolf. He found himself bristling like a little cat, forced to defend his territory. Which was ridiculous because Gabe was a great big teddy bear of a guy most of the time. Just, when the moon waxed full, he let his wolf have its head and then there was no stopping him, vampire or not.

Rayne’s lips drew back from a fanged snarl now and Gabriel backed off at once, although there was no fear in his eyes just a steady, calculating look.

“Easy, tiger,” he said quietly, holding his hands up. “No need to get stroppy, mate.”

“I’m not your mate,” Rayne told him in a voice that felt short of air. “I’m gonna take Xav up and get him in a hot bath and put him to bed, yeah?”

“Whatever you think, Dead Boy.” Gabe’s smile was a little tight as he rose to his feet. “It’s nice to be meeting you, Xavier. Hope you sleep well.”

“Thanks,” Xavier murmured. His eyes kept darting towards Rayne as if he wanted to ask what was wrong with him but he didn’t say another word.

Xav got up, noticing as he did that he was moving and breathing a little easier now. He had a feeling he’d be moving a lot better if he’d let Gabriel finish what he’d been doing. Rayne helped him up the stairs and only then did Xavier ask in a low voice; “Are you alright?”

Rayne’s mouth found his and kissed him hungrily.

“I am now,” he said, with a bitter little smile. “I don’t get off on him groping you like that when you only just fell through the door.” He looked down with a sudden boyish stubbornness that made his lover think of Clint. “And I didn’t like the way you looked at him, either.”

Xavier just stared at him incredulously for a moment. Rayne had shared him over coffee with his ex-boyfriend this morning and he was jealous now? Over a curious look?

“You are a total nut case, you know that?” he said affectionately and returned his kiss. “I wasn’t looking at him,” he said. “I mean, yeah I looked at him but not like a look-look, just a look.”

Rayne eyed him speculatively but didn’t argue the point. He took Xavier’s hand and led him into the comfortable bedroom just off the imposing staircase from the hall, which was where he normally crashed when he stayed with Dominic. The colour-scheme was neutral; soft creams and shades of green with lots of older bedroom furniture in dark, polished wood. A big, sash window, with dark verdant velvet drapes that hung to the sage coloured carpet, looked out over the woodlands and gardens. It had a low, deep, cushion-strewn window seat.

The wooden-framed bed was big enough for three, with lots of plump pillows and a kingsize duvet in soft, crisp, egyptian cotton. A small door to the left led into a little en-suite bathroom, tiled from floor to ceiling in the same cool, mint green as the bedcovers.

Rayne sat his lover down gently on the edge of the bed and sat beside him, taking both of his hands possessively.

“I know what Matty said this morning,” he murmured softly. “And I know Dominic loves the crazy mutt, but he’s… it’s difficult, Xavier. He is not like us. Vampires, yeah, we’re technically passed and dead and gone but we used to be human. Most of us remember what that was like. Gabriel was never human, Xav. He was born half animal, and he’ll die that way. And it freaks me out a little bit. I’m sorry if that upsets you but I can’t help the way he makes me feel. Maybe I shouldn’t have dragged you up here, we could have found a healer in London if you didn’t want the white coats fussing over you.”

Xavier’s thumb caressed softly over the back of Rayne’s hand circling over the top of each knuckle in turn. “He didn’t hurt me, Rayne, and I do actually feel a bit better now. I mean, I don’t blame you for being a little freaked out, if that’s how you feel about him then…well, that’s just how you feel. It doesn’t upset me.” He kissed him lightly, touching the tip of his nose to Rayne’s. “Just relax, babe. I’ll be okay. Didn’t you say something about a bath?” he asked, changing the subject. “Want to climb in with me?”

The little vampire smiled rather more easily at that invitation. It did not take them long to spill out of their travelling clothes and into the deep, hot, foaming water. Some thoughtful soul had left herbs and bath salts on the lip of the tub which filled their nostrils with delicious scent and also soothed some of the pain from Xavier’s bruised muscles.

Rayne sank down beneath the surface with Xavier astride him, then came back up again, shaking the water from his inky hair like a dog. His hands curled gently around Xavier’s slim hips, caressing him with a care for his injuries. The hot water felt wonderful after the tension of their journey.

“God, this makes it all worthwhile,” the vampire groaned contentedly.

Xavier smiled at him and turned slowly so he was sitting between Rayne’s spread legs and leaning back against him. He felt drowsy now that the fraught atmosphere of the day had been dispersed and the heat of the water and Rayne’s limbs were wrapped around him. He was happy to just lay here and float, gently stroking his hands up and down his lover’s splayed thighs.

Rayne kissed his wet hair and slipped a gentle hand beneath his chin to keep his head above water as they soaked in peaceful silence. He was aroused, as he always got in such close proximity to his naked lover, but conscious of Xavier’s exhaustion, rubbing himself slowly and steadily between his mate’s hot, wet cheeks.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered huskily. “I’m sorry I’ve behaved like a complete wanker the last few days. It’s not your fault.”

Xav turned his head so he could kiss Rayne’s lips. Ray returned the kiss tenderly, making him smile as their lips parted.

“What do you mean? You’ve been fine,” he said, a sleepy timbre to his voice. He lifted one hand to stroke Rayne’s cheek and smiled at him. “I’m the one that’s sorry, for making you worry and putting you through all this trouble.”

“You’re no trouble,” Rayne assured him in a mellow tone. “Okay, if you are, you always make up for it.”

He kissed Xavier on the nose and cuddled close to him. Even with the proximity of Gabriel Arden, there was something about Dominic’s house that made him relax and he was suddenly happier that they had decided to come here. The distance from London gave him some peace of mind, that they were not going to be disturbed. This far from home they could put the worries of the real world aside for a few days. It was what they both needed right now, even if a resident werewolf was the price they had to pay for that freedom.

Xavier’s hand slid down his cheek to cup his chin lightly and he kissed him again, long and slow this time. He was still sore and his eyes were heavy but he felt himself stir anyway, his perpetually horny body having not yet caught on to the idea that it would probably be better to rest.

“Mmmm… you are very fuckable, right now,” Rayne whispered teasingly into his mouth as they broke the kiss again. “Very inconsiderate of you to get crocked so that I can’t make you scream with pleasure all night.”

“I don’t scream,” Xav protested with a lopsided grin.

“I beg to differ,” Rayne chuckled in his ear. He rubbed himself lazily against Xavier, loving the way that the water and his lover’s hot, naked body caressed his sensitive cock in different ways. “Even when it’s not hurting, you can make me half deaf by the time you’ve come. But you are hurt, and tired… though you’re still totally gorgeous for all that.”

He licked Xavier’s neck and nibbled seductively at his earlobe whilst his fingers pinched and teased his mate’s erect nipples. Xavier gave a small sigh, his skin tightening and tingling wherever Rayne touched him. He wriggled his hips, his squirming body teasing Rayne’s cock where it lay along the crease of his sexy arse. The edge of his teeth skimmed over Xavier’s sleek, wet skin and he tweaked his nipple more tightly. Xav arched into his touch with a little gasp that inflamed his loins.

“Mmm… you are turning me on like crazy…” Xav exhaled.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” Rayne purred, nuzzling him seductively. His hand slid between Xavier’s thighs, caressing the stiffening cock that was rising along his belly. “Do you want to stay in the water and turn into a screwed prune or should we go to bed, do you think?”

Xav’s amusement at the ‘screwed prune’ comment sounded suspiciously like a giggle. That made him even hotter.

“C’mon, lets get out.”

Xav stood carefully, the water sheeting down his body as he rose, and grabbed the fluffy towels on the bar, handing one to Rayne. They dried off as they headed toward the bed. The clean herbal scent of the bath water clung faintly to their skin and mingled with the crisp clean cotton of the sheets as they pulled back the duvet and fell into the firm yet yielding embrace of the mattress together. Neither was in a hurry, a comfortable languid sensuality enveloping them both as their lips met and they caressed and stroked one another.The vampire sprawled on his back and Xavier’s fingers slid into Rayne’s damp hair as he leaned over him, kissing slowly, with a simmering passion.

“You are so hot, you know that?” he murmured as his lips trailed along his lover’s jaw. “I’m so glad you found me.”

Rayne breathed in the delicious, sweet, slightly herbal scent of him, face buried in Xavier’s tousled curls.

“No regrets then?” he whispered, running his fingers gradually up and down his lover’s naked back as they lay, sandwiched together in their comfortable nest, like a proper pair of lovebirds.

Xavier’s low chuckle tickled along the side of Rayne’s throat where he nuzzled him.

“Lots of them, but not a single one about you.”

Rayne’s hand had crept up his back and over his shoulder to trace along his jawline and Xav caught one finger as it came close to his lips and drew it into his mouth. Closing his eyes he swirled his tongue around and sucked on the digit suggestively. Rayne rolled him over gently onto his back and worked his fingers in and out of Xavier’s mouth as he kissed and licked a slow, wet trail down his lover’s chest, swiping his tongue in a smooth line over one pert nipple then flicking the tip against the stiff little bud with a grin. Xav was so warm and he smelled so scrumptious, a sultry mixture of bathtub herbs and spices blending with his natural vanilla pheromones.

“I am so glad,” he purred. “You’re making my mouth water, sweetheart. I wanna swallow you whole.”

Rayne realised with an odd little aftershock that he meant it, too. Years of seduction made the right words trip easily off his tongue but they were rarely accompanied by genuine, lasting feelings. Xavier had been with him now, on and off, for over two months. And it still felt great.

‘Must be getting soft in your old age!’ his conscience niggled.

Xavier pulled slowly off Rayne’s fingers before the vampire got too much farther down his body.

“Swing around so I can have a taste of you too,” he invited and smiled when Rayne shifted obligingly.

Xav nuzzled into Rayne’s hip and had just licked a wet line inward toward his goal when there was a light knock on the bedroom door. He stopped rather reluctantly, his weary sigh a balmy breeze over Rayne’s balls that made his lover squirm with frustration.

“Fuck off, we don’t need any!” Rayne exhaled forcefully, resting his head against Xavier’s warm, silky thigh with a groan of need.

“What do you think I am, room service?” a familiar, amused and rather cultured voice remarked and the door opened a crack. “Are you decent?”

“Take a guess!” the vampire suggested irritably.

Xavier lifted his head enough to prop his chin on Rayne’s hip, looking over the top of him. He had to grin at the way that Rayne’s answer did not deter Dominic from poking his head around the door anyway. Warm light spilled in from the hallway beyond their friend and bathed the two nude entwined bodies on the bed in shades of gold and amber.

“Hi Dom,” Xav greeted him, a mite less surlier than Rayne had. He felt too mellow to get irritated right now, still a little buzzed from whatever it was that Gabriel had done to him, and a nice warm bath, and the slow seductive heat Rayne had been building in him.

“Hello darling,” Dominic said warmly, ever the genial host; “Did you eat yet?”

Xavier’s small smile turned rather more lecherous. “I was about to.”

Dominic held his hands up but he was smiling as he murmured; “I see you’ve made yourselves at home. I’ll leave you to it. Gabe is making supper though, so when you’ve eaten, if you’d still like to eat…?”

“I thought you weren’t coming back until late,” Rayne sighed, rolling to face the door, one hand still caressing Xavier’s lean flank.

“I decided it was intolerable of me to invite you to my house then be an absent host. What can I say?” Lord Warren leaned in the doorway beaming at them. “You do look so pretty curled up there like naughty kittens.”

“I love you, but… fuck off, Dom,” the vampire said amiably.

“You’re such a charmer!”

“I mean it now.” Rayne curled back around Xavier and began to kiss and lick his naked belly.

The door closed on Dominic’s chuckle and Xavier happily sank back down, his fingers wasting no time in curling around Rayne’s cock and stroking him gently while his lips and tongue teased over the plump crown. His long pink tongue licked a circle around him and flicked back and forth over the slit. His own cock hadn’t wilted a bit from their interruption.


Rayne whined with pleasure and a long shudder of hunger coursed through him as he took Xavier’s hot, firm nuts in his mouth, sucking slow and hard on his sac, his breath a small inferno in his lover’s slowly thrusting groin. The wet fingers that had been sliding in and out of Xavier’s mouth moments ago now rubbed in determined circles around his fluttering ring.

“Jesus, I want to fuck you so hard!” Rayne panted, with his mouth full.

Xavier responded with a low groan and slid his top leg up so his knee was bent and pointing at the ceiling to give Rayne better access. His warm wet mouth plunged down on Rayne’s prick as he fondled his lover’s heavy balls. Slowly his hips rolled as Rayne pressed gentle fingers more firmly against him and he shivered and groaned again as they pushed past the resistance of his ring, easing inside. His lean hips rocked with those thrusting fingers, the tight sheath of his anus sucking at them greedily.

As Rayne’s tongue skated up the column of his hard cock, he pressed his fingers in further, feeling for that sweet spot deep inside his mate. Many men would have felt embarrassed at the idea of fucking so wantonly in a friend’s house but he was not so easily cowed. Xavier looked and smelled and felt so beautiful this evening that he could not think of anything else but being close to him, rubbing and touching him, sinking deep inside him.

And he knew Dominic would not mind. The horny old goat was probably getting off on the idea of it!

In fact, the husky, tenor cry that came echoing back to them minutes later from somewhere else in the cavernous house, told him that Lord Warren was more than happy to have his two young companions screwing like crazy under his roof. And that consequently he had wasted no time getting his randy, horse-hung boyfriend naked and inside him.

Rayne groaned with delight and swallowed Xavier’s cock head, nodding down on it slow and enjoying the plump, meaty mouthful before he let it stroke against the roof of his mouth, pressing deeper into him. Fiercely he pumped his fingers in and out of Xavier’s searingly moist channel. Thrusting eagerly between the blond boy’s lips he edged higher, aided by the lusty screams and grunts coming from somewhere below them – clearly their hosts hadn’t even bothered to come up to bed – as Gabe Arden fucked the living daylights out of his recently absent mate.

He was not sure whether he pitied Lord Warren or envied him. It was about three days off the full moon and Gabriel was always bigger and more muscular in every respect when it was his time of the month. Insatiable too; Rayne did not have to wonder how it would feel. He shivered at the memory of Gabe’s long, thick bone inside him, pumping him savagely.

Xav wasn’t sure if it was the shiver or something else but he sensed the shift in Rayne’s mood. Since they had slipped into the bath together they had been rather relaxed and languid but now he felt the sexual tension was suddenly heightened. Rayne’s cock seemed to stiffen even more between his lips and Xav nodded down on him eagerly, alternating between long smooth strokes and shorter intense sucking motions that made his lover groan and sent pleasant shivers down his own hard shaft.

A little growl of need bubbled up in Rayne’s throat and he pulled off Xavier’s cock. He grinned at the way Xav moaned with longing as he disengaged. His lover’s big blue eyes looked dark with desire, his lips slick with spit and precum, and still parted and gasping like he was angry with Rayne for taking away his lolly.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m gonna give you what you want,” he promised as he nested the pillows and eased his beautiful lover down firmly but gently on them, belly first, his buttocks raised temptingly, so that Rayne could mount the younger man.

Xav did not resist, rolling over onto his stomach carefully, his hips already squirming and wriggling against the soft pillows whilst Rayne reached over to the bedside table.

There was lube in the side drawer, and sex toys, Rayne noted with a smile. Trust Dominic to know his guests wouldn’t be offended by finding them there. Selecting a bottle he poured a good glug of scented oil between his mate’s perky cheeks, rubbing it slowly into that seductive dimple with his fingers then slicking it eagerly over his proud swollen dick.

Xavier hollowed his back, lifting his hips and pushing down onto Rayne’s invading fingers invitingly. He stretched his arms out above his head, still moving slowly and carefully, although he wasn’t in any pain. Whether it was Gabriel’s healing touch or his own release of sexual endorphins he was actually feeling good, and very, very horny.

“Mmmmm-uuhhh, I want you so much,” he murmured huskily. Rayne was only too happy to oblige and moments later Xav felt the slippery head of his cock rubbing against his ring. He spread his legs wider, pushing back impatiently, wanting him inside.

In deference to his injuries they had been taking it slow and easy and, while that had been sweeter than words could say, Xavier had caught some of his lover’s swiftly rising passion and wanted to get fucked hard now, wanted it as much as Rayne wanted to give it to him. He rolled back slightly on his knees as Rayne slid forward, pushing into the tight constriction of his passage.

“Uhhhh! Yeah… oh baby that feels s-o-o-o good!” Xav crooned as he was breached and he felt Rayne’s hands slide over his hips and flanks.

Rayne coiled around him, burying his face in the sweet, damp softness of Xavier’s hair as he bucked his hips slow and steady, the lubricant easing him in smoothly with every thrust. He ran his hands down his lover’s thighs, as they were less bruised than his torso and midriff, rocking his body against Xavier’s back and buttocks whilst he punched deeper.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you,” he growled, aware of how tightly Xav had been shielding against him since he had been beaten. Sometimes the defences slipped and he got a blast of the unbearable pain and self-deprecation that his beautiful mate had been struggling with. The last thing he wanted was to inadvertently make things worse.

“You’re not hurting me,” Xav assured him a little breathlessly as they moved together. Xavier could have been in agony and he wouldn’t have uttered a peep that might have made Rayne stop. He’d waited too long and he’d wanted him like this too much to let a little thing like pain get in the way. Ray was not hurting him though, not in a serious way, there was so much pleasure coursing through him that it offset any discomfort. All he was thinking about was the way Rayne was bucking into him, the caress of the hands that stroked his hips and thighs, the sweet vibration of his low growl at the nape of his neck.

“It feels fucking fantastic!” he moaned. He wanted to get his knees under him more but the posture probably would have hurt. Right now, with his head turned to one side and his shoulders down, hips lifted and supported by the pillows he was quite comfortable. Although, comfort wasn’t exactly his top priority at the moment.

“Uuuuuhhhh, babe, that’s it…that feels sooo…mmm-uhhh…do me harder!”

Rayne was still hesitant but he had not missed the look in Xavier’s baby blue eyes this morning when he peeled off and fucked Matt instead. Rayne could tell him all he liked that he’d have preferred to have been riding Xav but… yeah, actions spoke louder than words in that instance. And Xavier had hated it.

“Christ, you are so fucking good,” he rumbled hungrily, quickening his stroke. His hands slid to Xavier’s restless hips and he gripped as tightly as he dared, driving into his mate hard and fast, giving in to his own need. “Ohh-hhhh… yessss! Fuck, yes!”

“Mmm, yeah! Fuck me Ray!” Xav agreed breathlessly, pushing back to meet those eager thrusts. He looked back over his shoulder, his lips parted and his eyes glazed with heat. “Uhhhh, yeah! I love…uhh, when you…uhh, fuck me… like this!” he panted , groaning with each hard downstroke inside him.

Rayne was loving it too. His soul thrilled to the animal instinct Xavier’s body woke in him. The eyes that stared back at Xav were a fierce, hot, lemon and lime fire, thickly framed with black lashes, the pupils huge and dark with lust. His lips parted around a fanged gasp of ecstasy and he bent his head, touching his mouth to the nape of Xavier’s neck as they surged together like a rolling wave meeting the golden sands of the shore. Rayne’s body coursed and broke on him, over and over, pushing deeper and faster. The groans that spilled from his throat were low and earthy though.


Xav’s hands fisted tightly in the sheets, his body moving with Rayne’s in perfect rhythm, his slightly higher-pitched keening cries of pleasure a counterpoint to Rayne’s low husky groans. The feel of his lover’s cock sawing in and out, over and over, like a mechanical piston drove all thought of anything else completely from his head. The way his thighs slapped up against him with each powerful thrust of that hard tool made his head spin with lust.

They pulled apart and slammed together in a frenzy of unleashed desire and that kind of unrestrained coupling, after a period of enforced abstinence, always provoked the deepest most satisfying responses from Xavier. His lithe body was buzzing from the core of him outward, ready to burst any second. He could feel that Rayne, pressed so close to him, curling tightly around him as if he could burrow into Xavier’s skin and be one with him that way, was equally close. His lover was beyond words now, just uttering soft, breathless sounds that rushed and echoed in his ear like the crash of a peaking wave in a deserted cavern, moaning in time with his thrusts, and then Xavier was suddenly there and he couldn’t hold back the jets of pearly cum that spurted from him or the throaty ecstatic cries that rolled up from his chest.

Rayne was with him, barely seconds behind, erupting into the impossible tightness of his body with a yelp of pure astonishment. The sound ripped out of him like a high note torn from the page of a symphony and he slumped, panting furiously, against Xavier’s hot, sweat soaked, nakedness. His cock was twitching and leaking inside his lover’s hot passage as if it had a life of its own.

A floor below them, Dominic screamed, with either an empathic moment of intense lust or the pain of having his body ripped apart by Gabriel’s cock. It was hard to tell. Only the long, low satisfied moans of his partner suggested that it might be the former and not the latter.

“Uhhhh, fuck!” Rayne panted, curling around Xav on the bed, when stillness and silence finally reclaimed the house, holding him close. “That… ahhh Jesus! You are so precious!”

He kissed his mate gratefully and tenderly on the shoulders and neck.

Xav had collapsed onto the mounded pillows and he smiled now although his eyes stayed closed. He didn’t think he could make himself move if the house were on fire. He felt every sore place acutely, but it was a good kind of sore, a satisfied, just-got-my-brains-fucked-out kind of sore. He lay, with Rayne nuzzling at him, and sighed contentedly.

Rayne was still in him and they wriggled and thrust together in small lazy circling motions that sent little aftershocks of pleasure through them both. Xav finally opened his eyes and twisted a bit to kiss Rayne but a twinge in his side warned him not to bend like that just yet. Rayne stopped moving at once, as if he’d sensed that little stab of pain.

“Let me roll over.” Xav whispered, pushing down the frustration with his own limitations right now. Rayne eased off, slipping out reluctantly and Xav turned, but he didn’t let Rayne get far, pulling him back over on top of him and kissing him hungrily.

Rayne responded enthusiastically, balanced on his elbows and knees so that he could still rub up against Xavier’s sweat-slick nakedness and stroke his hands possessively over that delicious body as they kissed, but without the fear of crushing or hurting him. His hungry mouth possessed Xavier’s, covering his soft lips so that he could force his searching tongue between them, feeling the wetness of his lover’s tongue responding in the same fashion. His cock rose bolt upright in reaction to this sensual re-engagement, eager to wriggle back into the warm, cum soaked cavern it had just been forced to vacate.

As if reading all this through the medium of their conjoined lips, Xavier very kindly reached down with one cooperative hand and guided that primed, fleshy missile to its target between his open thighs. Rayne groaned with muffled pleasure as he felt his lover’s eager fingers on his equally lusty cock, and the groan became a growl as he was steered unerringly back to the site of his recent ecstatic release and the tight collar of Xavier’s sphincter slid welcomingly over the head of his throbbing bone, sucking him willingly back into that lush, hot sheath of living flesh.

Although he knew it had only been a few days since they were last able to fuck like this, it still felt almost like a lifetime. He had not realised just how much he would miss their regular, urgent couplings until Xav’s injury deprived them of that sweet, rough method of mutual release. This delicious friction was pure heaven for him after the sorrow, stress and anxiety of the last few days.

“Uhhhh… shit! Yessss!” he exhaled between his boyfriend’s soft, spit-wet lips as he obligingly thrust himself deeper into Xavier’s sweltering , satisfying body. In this position he could look into Xavier’s wide, trusting eyes, gone twilight blue with passion, as he was entering him and watch the emotion write itself across his expressive face whilst he bucked his hips and buried his pulsing prick to the hilt inside him. “That feels so fuckin ‘good. I love fucking you hard this way!”

Xav smiled against his lips, kissing him again as he caressed slowly up and down Rayne’s flexing back. The fingers of one hand combed through the silk of his inky hair and the other slid down to knead one pert cheek, liking the feel of the muscle there bunching under his hand each time Rayne drove into him.

He wondered briefly if Rayne realised this little quirk he had… but dismissed it as probably an unconscious thing. While he was always a passionate lover it seemed like whenever Xav cast an interested eye in another man’s direction Rayne had to fuck him so thoroughly it was hard to move the next day. Not that Xavier was complaining! He wondered though if it was jealousy, or if it turned his lover on, and then decided he didn’t care.

Going slowly Xavier lifted his legs, and when that didn’t cause any twinges of pain he wrapped them around the backs of Rayne’s thighs, flexing and grinding his hips down to meet his thrusts. He closed his eyes then, just letting the rhythm take him and getting caught up in the pleasure, his arms and his body tightening around Rayne.

“Mmmm-uhhh, so good!” He agreed as Rayne’s lips skated down his cheek and the sensitive skin of his throat. He tipped his head back on the pillow as a powerful surge went through him, a little gasp leaving his lips and his hips circling harder in response.

Rayne felt the bob of his Adam’s apple as Xavier gasped then swallowed hard beneath the caress of his lips. He was trying not to bite but his fangs were so fiercely extended now that it was hard to kiss him without risking a little nick to his soft skin. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the feel of having Xavier moving like that underneath him again, on the feeling of his cock, sliding like it was made of oiled silk, in and out of the lush, temperate caress of Xavier’s beautiful body. When did he get this lucky? How the hell had it happened that he was with this gorgeous, wonderful creature, that seemed to want to be with him just as much. He couldn’t quite believe his good fortune.

As Xav writhed and surged on him, driving him half crazy with desire, he let his hands slide up his lover’s back, hooking his fingers over his narrow shoulders and using the leverage to pull himself in deeper and harder. He just wanted to satisfy Xavier, to have him feel as good as Rayne was feeling right at this moment.

“Mmmhhh… tell me if it hurts,” he panted, still cautious, even though his mind was fogged with lust now.

Xav’s arms and legs tightened around him as if he was afraid Rayne would slow or stop out of fear of hurting him.

“N-uh…no, you’re not,” Xav panted back. “Don’t stop!”

A slow spear of heat drove up through Rayne’s gut at that breathless entreaty. He gripped harder and began a steady circling, grinding motion with his lean hips that buried him in Xavier until their bodies were touching from their thighs right up to the place where his lips were pressed to Xav’s throat. He could feel the thrumming of his mate’s rapid heartbeat on his tongue and wrapped around his thrusting cock. It was pure bliss.

On occasion Xav could come without even touching his cock, but on the second or third go round it usually took a little more for him to get off. Right now though the way Rayne’s hard dick was butting against his sweet spot repeatedly and the gentle friction of the silky skin of his belly brushing the underside of his shaft was going to be enough. Way more than enough actually.

He squeezed his eyes shut and stopped breathing in the few seconds before it hit him, and then it was like all his joints came unhinged and he was filled up with liquid warmth all at the same time. While no orgasm was a bad orgasm in his opinion, certain ones felt just on a whole other level, and this was one of those times. It robbed him of his strength and all but a few breathless gasps as he spurted hard between their shifting bodies.

Rayne felt Xav tighten up hard around him as he began to come and he stilled inside his mate with an effort at making him hold off for just a little longer, but when that failed and his stomach and chest were slithering, slick with Xavier’s spill against his lover’s torso, he abandoned all caution and rolled them both over so that he could thrust into Xavier hard from beneath, without worrying about sinking onto him and crushing his poor, wounded body.

“Jesus… that feels good!” he growled huskily, his hands tight on Xav’s lean thighs as he bucked rapidly between them.

Xav’s body canted forward slightly, his hands resting on the mattress just above Rayne’s shoulders, his face still slack and eyes dazed with that ultimate pleasure as he panted hard.

“Oh, fuck, that was amazing!” he groaned as he bounced with every kick of Rayne’s slim hips arrowing up between his thighs. He bit back more words that wanted to spill out, not about to make the same mistake twice and contented himself with watching Rayne’s beautiful face and slender body contorting under him as he drove hard for his own sweet release.

That was not long in coming. Rayne stared up intently into the darkening blue of his lover’s unfocused gaze, adoring every aspect of him, from the rumpled cascade of his untrimmed, sweat and bathtub dampened hair, to his angelic face and the lean, glistening beauty of that slender body crouched astride his own. He braced his heels in the bedcovers and drove upward until each stroke was driving a lustful groan from between his gritted teeth. The tips of his fangs pricked at his lower gum and drew blood but he was not even distracted by that. Finally, blissfully, he felt his abdominal muscles contract and spill fire through his clenching, rolling belly, as he reached nirvana deep inside his precious Xavier.

“Uhhh… Christ! That feels so… so amazing!” he panted when he was finally able to speak again.

Xavier folded down over him in a hot, panting heap, unable to do more than grin dazedly and snuggle up to his lover in a haze of lovely bliss.


When he finally did risk moving, every bruise felt like a fresh ache, but he would have done it again without a moment’s hesitation. A lazy, very happy smiled touched his lips as he looked at his beautiful lover and kissed him tenderly. He could have easily just closed his eyes and gone to sleep but his stomach chose that moment to remind him he hadn’t eaten since that morning with a low rumble.

“I wonder what Dom’s got in the fridge…?”

Rayne grinned at him and waved a hand in surrender. He knew that by rights he ought to feel hungry too. He hadn’t fed in nearly twenty four hours but it didn’t seem to matter for the moment.

“If there is no food in this house I will suck Gabe Arden’s dick,” he declared, pushing himself to a sitting position. The bed was impossibly comfortable and it was a wrench to get up again, but Xav was going to need food to keep his strength up if they were to have a repeat of this evening’s satisfying lovemaking any time soon.

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